• adj.
  • 浸潤性の、浸潤の、侵襲的な、侵襲性の、観血的な、観血の、侵入型の、侵入の



  1. relating to a technique in which the body is entered by puncture or incision
  2. marked by a tendency to spread especially into healthy tissue; "invasive cancer cells"
  3. an attack that penetrates into enemy territory (同)incursion
  4. the act (by a man) of inserting his penis into the vagina of a woman
  5. the act of entering into or through something; "the penetration of upper management by women"
  6. the depth to which something penetrates (especially the depth reached by a projectile that hits a target)
  7. clear or deep perception of a situation (同)insight
  8. the ability to make way into or through something; "the greater penetration of the new projectiles will result in greater injuries"
  9. make ones way deeper into or through; "The hikers did not manage to penetrate the dense forest"
  10. come to understand (同)fathom, bottom
  11. pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance; "The bullet penetrated her chest" (同)perforate
  12. insert the penis into the vagina or anus of; "Did the molester penetrate the child?"
  13. having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of your ends; "an aggressive businessman"; "an aggressive basketball player"; "he was aggressive and imperious; positive in his convictions"; "aggressive drivers"
  14. characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight; "aggressive acts against another country"; "a belligerent tone" (同)belligerent
  15. tending to spread quickly; "an aggressive tumor" (同)fast-growing, strong-growing
  16. pass into or through by filtering or permeating; "the substance infiltrated the material"
  17. pass through an enemy line; in a military conflict (同)pass_through
  18. enter a group or organization in order to spy on the members; "The student organization was infiltrated by a traitor" (同)penetrate
  19. cause (a liquid) to enter by penetrating the interstices
  20. a written record of a commercial transaction (同)accounting entry, ledger entry
  21. an item inserted in a written record
  22. relating to a technique that does not involve puncturing the skin or entering a body cavity
  23. heart surgery in which a coronary bypass is performed on the beating heart by the use of small instruments and cameras threaded through small incisions


  1. (戦争などが)侵略的な / (言葉などが)立ち入った,出過ぎた
  2. 貫通;貫通力,突き刺す力;(…の)浸透,(…が)入り込むこと《+『of』+『名』》 / 洞察(どうさつ)力,見抜く力,眼力
  3. …‘に'『入り込む』,‘を'『貫き通す』 / 〈液体・においなどが〉…に『しみ込む』,しみ通る / 〈思想などが〉…に浸透する / 〈真理・真相など〉‘を'見抜く,理解する / (…に)『入り込む』,『しみ込む』,浸透する《+『through(into, to)』+『名』》
  4. 侵略的な,攻撃的な / 積極的な,反対を恐れない
  5. (…に)〈液体・気体〉‘を'しみ込ませる《+『名』+『into』+『名』》;(…を)…‘に'しみ込ませる《+『名』+『with』+『名』》 / …‘に'潜入する,もぐり込む;(…に)…‘を'潜覧させる《+『名』+『into』(『in』)+『名』》 / しみ込む
  6. 〈C〉〈U〉(場所などに)『入ること』,『入場』,登場;(団体・競技などへの)参加,加入(entrance)《+『into』+『名』》 / 〈C〉《おもに米》(‥への)入り口(entrance),玄関《+『of』(『to』)+『名』》 / 〈C〉(帳簿・日記・表などの)『記載事項』,項目;(…の)『記入』《+『of』+『名』》 / 〈C〉(競技・コンテストなどの)『参加者』,参加作品《+『for』(『in』)+『名』》 / 〈C〉(辞書などの)見出し語

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English Journal

  • Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) reverts behavioral alterations and brainstem BDNF level increase induced by neuropathic pain model: Long-lasting effect.
  • Filho PR1, Vercelino R2, Cioato SG1, Medeiros LF3, Oliveira Cd1, Scarabelot VL2, Souza A4, Rozisky JR5, Quevedo Ada S4, Adachi LN1, Sanches PR6, Fregni F7, Caumo W8, Torres IL9.
  • Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry.Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry.2016 Jan 4;64:44-51. doi: 10.1016/j.pnpbp.2015.06.016. Epub 2015 Jul 7.
  • INTRODUCTION: Neuropathic pain (NP) is a chronic pain modality that usually results of damage in the somatosensory system. NP often shows insufficient response to classic analgesics and remains a challenge to medical treatment. The transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasive tec
  • PMID 26160698
  • Optical Super-Resolution Imaging of β-Amyloid Aggregation In Vitro and In Vivo: Method and Techniques.
  • Pinotsi D1, Kaminski Schierle GS, Kaminski CF.
  • Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.).Methods Mol Biol.2016;1303:125-41. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-2627-5_6.
  • Super-resolution microscopy has emerged as a powerful and non-invasive tool for the study of molecular processes both in vitro and in live cells. In particular, super-resolution microscopy has proven valuable for research studies in protein aggregation. In this chapter we present details of recent a
  • PMID 26235063
  • Investigating pipeline and state of the art blood glucose biosensors to formulate next steps.
  • Aggidis AG1, Newman JD1, Aggidis GA2.
  • Biosensors & bioelectronics.Biosens Bioelectron.2015 Dec 15;74:243-62. doi: 10.1016/j.bios.2015.05.071. Epub 2015 Jun 22.
  • Ten years on from a review in the twentieth issue of this journal, this contribution assess the direction research in the field of glucose sensing for diabetes is headed and various technologies to be seen in the future. The emphasis of this review was placed on the home blood glucose testing market
  • PMID 26143465
  • A self-referencing biosensor for real-time monitoring of physiological ATP transport in plant systems.
  • Vanegas DC1, Clark G2, Cannon AE2, Roux S2, Chaturvedi P3, McLamore ES4.
  • Biosensors & bioelectronics.Biosens Bioelectron.2015 Dec 15;74:37-44. doi: 10.1016/j.bios.2015.05.027. Epub 2015 May 29.
  • The objective of this study was to develop a self-referencing electrochemical biosensor for the direct measurement of ATP flux into the extracellular matrix by living cells/organisms. The working mechanism of the developed biosensor is based on the activity of glycerol kinase and glycerol-3-phosphat
  • PMID 26094038

Japanese Journal

  • 低侵襲脳外科手術における術野確保 : 操作性を考慮したマスタ系の製作
  • 和泉 信吾,高信 英明,鈴木 健司,三浦 宏文,藤江 正克,伊関 洋
  • 工学院大学研究報告 (113), 17-21, 2012-10-30
  • … This paper describes the development and experimental results of a master manipulator for the workspace-creationmanipulator for minimally invasive surgery. …
  • NAID 110009479147
  • 血液疾患に合併する重症感染症 (第74回日本血液学会学術集会 教育講演特集号)
  • 症例 術前化学療法によって臓器温存切除が可能となった局所進行結腸癌の1例
  • 池部 正彦,金城 直,王 歓林 [他]
  • 外科 74(10), 1124-1127, 2012-10
  • NAID 40019441925

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invasiveとは。意味や和訳。[形]1 侵入する, 侵略的な;(急速に拡がって)身体の組織を冒す.2 出すぎた, 出しゃばる.3 《医学》侵襲の:メスなどで体を傷つけて行う療法などをいう. - goo辞書は国語、英和、和英、中国語、百科事典等から ...
Invasive. 6,140 likes · 427 talking about this. ... Musician/Band Invasive's debut E.P "Extended Pain" is available for free at The band is currently recording their debut album.

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リンク元100Cases 33」「aggressive」「penetrate」「entry」「interstitial
拡張検索invasive tumor」「non-invasive assisted ventilation」「invasively

100Cases 33」


☆case33 頭痛と混乱
slurred n. 不明瞭
強直間代痙攣 tonic-clonic convulsion
 意識消失とともに全身随意筋強直痙攣が生じ(強直痙攣tonic convulsion)、次いで全身の筋の強直弛緩とが律動的に繰り返される時期(間代痙攣clonic convulsion)を経て、発作後もうろう状態を呈する一連発作
28歳、女性 黒人 南アフリカ 手術室看護師 ロンドン住在
診察 examination
やせている。55kg。38.5℃。口腔カンジダ症(oral candidiasis)。リンパ節腫脹無し。心血管呼吸器系、消化器系正常。痙攣前における神経検査では時間場所、人の見当識無し。神経局所症状無し(no focal neurological sign)。眼底両側に乳頭浮腫有り。
検査 investigation
口腔カンジダ症(oral candidiasis)
口腔カンジダ症(oral candidiasis) → 細胞免疫低下状態(DM免疫抑制AIDSなど) or 常在細菌叢の攪乱(長期抗菌薬の使用)
 ・The occurrence of thrush in a young, otherwise healthy-appearing person should prompt an investigation for underlying HIV infection.(HIM.1254)
 ・More commonly, thrush is seen as a nonspecific manifestation of severe debilitating illness.(HIM.1254)
精神症状強直間代痙攣 → 一次的、あるいは二次的な脳の疾患がありそう
頭痛 → 漠然としていて絞れないが、他の症状からして機能性頭痛ではなく症候性頭痛っぽい。
・眼底両側に乳頭浮腫 → 脳圧亢進徴候 → 原因は・・・脳腫瘍、ことにテント下腫瘍側頭葉腫瘍クモ膜下出血、脳水腫など、そのほか、眼窩内病変、低眼圧などの局所的要因、悪性高血圧、血液疾患大量出血肺気腫などの全身的要因 (vindicate本のp342も参考になる)
 ・頭痛脳圧亢進 → 頭蓋内圧占拠性病変脳炎(IMD.274)
CT所見 → ringform病変脳浮腫脳圧亢進
・低ナトリウム血症 → 脳ヘルニア続発して起こることがあるらしい。実際には下垂体トキソプラズマによる病変形成されることにより起こりうる。
パターン認識HIV + 精神症状 + てんかん発作(強直間代痙攣) + 脳圧亢進 + CT所見 = 一番ありそうなのはToxoplasma gondiiによるトキソプラズマ脳症 cerebral toxoplasosis (トキソプラズマ脳炎 toxoplasmic encephalitis)
Toxoplasma gondii
 原虫 胞子原虫
(感染予防学 080521のプリント、CASES p,92、HIM p.1305-)
 ・終宿主ネコネコ小腸上皮細胞で有性・無性生殖 糞便オーシスト排泄
病原病因 phathogenesis
 1. オーシスト経口摂取
 2. 中間宿主の生肉中のシスト経口摂取
 3. 初感染妊婦からの経胎盤感染。既感染なら胎盤感染しないらしい(HIM.1306)
 (4)移植臓器、輸血確率は低い(at low rate)(HIM.1306)
 1. 先天性トキソプラズマ症 congenital toxoplasmosis
   ①網脈絡膜炎、 ②水頭症、 ③脳内石灰化、 ④精神運動障害
 2. 後天性トキソプラズマ症 acquired toxoplasmosis
  (1) 健常者
   ・(少数例)筋肉痛、暈疼痛、腹痛、斑状丘疹状皮疹(maculopapular rash)、脳脊髄炎、混乱(HIM.1308)
   ・急性感染症状は数週間で消失 筋肉中枢神経系緩増虫体残存
   AIDSでは、トキソプラズマ脳炎が指標疾患 AIDS-defineing illness(CASES)
 (日本)アセチルスピラマイシンファンシダール(感染予防学 080521)
トキソプラズマ脳炎 toxoplasmic encephalitisトキソプラズマ脳症 cerebral toxoplasosis
 (CT,MRI)多発性両側性ring-enhancing lesion、特に灰白質-白質境界、大脳基底核脳幹小脳が冒されやすい(CASES)
このCTcerebral toxoplasmosis特徴的かは不明
 AIDSWBC(leukocyte)の数はどうなるんだろう???AIDSの初診患者ではWBCが低い人が多いらしいし()、HIVCD4+ T cellmacrophage感染して殺すから、これによってB cellは減るだろうし、CD8+ T cellも若干減少するだろうからWBCは減るんじゃないか?!好中球AIDSとは関係ない?好中球は他の感染症に反応性増加している?ちなみに、好酸球寄生虫(原虫)の感染のために増える傾向にあるらしい(HIMのどこか)。
スルファメトキサゾールトリメトプリム合剤 sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim mixture
A CD4+ T-cell count below 200 cells/μl (or a CD4+ T-cell percentage of total lymphocytes of less than 14%).
or he/she has one of the following defining illnesses:
People who are not infected with HIV may also develop these conditions; this does not mean they have AIDS. However, when an individual presents laboratory evidence against HIV infection, a diagnosis of AIDS is ruled out unless the patient has not:
HIM = Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 17th Edition
CASES = 100 Cases in Clinical Medicine Second edition
IMD = 内科診断学第2版



  • adj.
  • 攻撃的な、侵略的な。けんか好きな。(武器が)攻撃用の。攻撃の用意ができた(⇔defensive)
  • (略)活動的な(avtive)、精力的な(vigorous)。積極的な、積極的に他に働きかける
  • 自信たっぷりな、強引な、独断的な
  • (色などが)強烈な
  • (病期などが)急速に進行する
  • (腫瘍が)高悪性度の、侵襲性の




  • vt.
  • 通す、通る、貫く、貫通する。~に突入する
  • ~に入り込む、達する。~に浸透する
  • ~の心に染みこませる。徹底させる、印象づける。
  • (闇を)見通す。(ヒトの心・真意・真相・偽装などを)見抜く、洞察する


entrygo throughimpregnateimpregnationintrudeintrusioninvadeinvasioninvasiveosmosispenetrationpermeancepermeatepermeationpervasivetransmissiontransmit




  • n.




  • adj.
  • 間質性の、間質内の、侵入型の、組織内の、介在の、介在性の、中間部の、間質の
intercalaryintermediateinternuncialinterstitial tissueinterstitiuminterveneinterveninginterzonalinvasivestromastromalstromata


invasive tumor」



invasive cancerinvasive carcinoma

non-invasive assisted ventilation」

  [★] 非侵襲的陽圧換気非侵襲的補助換気



  • 観血的に