1. small flexible parasitic spirochetes having three to five wavy spirals
  2. cause of e.g. European and African relapsing fever

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English Journal

  • Within-host competition between Borrelia afzelii ospC strains in wild hosts as revealed by massively parallel amplicon sequencing.
  • Strandh M1, Råberg L2.
  • Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences.Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci.2015 Aug 19;370(1675). pii: 20140293. doi: 10.1098/rstb.2014.0293.
  • Infections frequently consist of more than one strain of a given pathogen. Experiments have shown that co-infecting strains often compete, so that the infection intensity of each strain in mixed infections is lower than in single strain infections. Such within-host competition can have important epi
  • PMID 26150659
  • Borrelia burgdorferi, the Causative Agent of Lyme Disease, Forms Drug-Tolerant Persister Cells.
  • Sharma B1, Brown AV1, Matluck NE1, Hu LT2, Lewis K3.
  • Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy.Antimicrob Agents Chemother.2015 Aug;59(8):4616-24. doi: 10.1128/AAC.00864-15. Epub 2015 May 26.
  • Borrelia burgdorferi is the causative agent of Lyme disease, which affects an estimated 300,000 people annually in the United States. When treated early, the disease usually resolves, but when left untreated, it can result in symptoms such as arthritis and encephalopathy. Treatment of the late-stage
  • PMID 26014929
  • A Short-Term Borrelia burgdorferi Infection Model Identifies Tissue Tropisms and Bloodstream Survival Conferred by Adhesion Proteins.
  • Caine JA1, Coburn J2.
  • Infection and immunity.Infect Immun.2015 Aug;83(8):3184-94. doi: 10.1128/IAI.00349-15. Epub 2015 May 26.
  • Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease in the United States, is able to persist in the joint, heart, skin, and central nervous system for the lifetime of its mammalian host. Borrelia species achieve dissemination to distal sites in part by entry into and travel within the bloodstr
  • PMID 26015482

Japanese Journal

  • B1b lymphocyte-derived antibodies control Borrelia hermsii independent of Fcα/μ receptor and in the absence of host cell contact
  • Colombo Matthew J.,Abraham David,Shibuya Akira,Alugupalli Kishore R.,渋谷 彰
  • Immunologic research 51(2-3), 249-256, 2011-12
  • … In the murine model of Borrelia hermsii infection, IgM is necessary and sufficient for the rapid clearance of bacteremia. …
  • NAID 120003752225
  • ボレリアと宿主, 媒介動物のインターフェイスにおける発現調節
  • 福長 将仁,田淵 紀彦
  • 日本細菌学雑誌 65(2), 343-353, 2010-12-24
  • … ライム病(Lyme disease)は,野ネズミやシカ,野鳥などを保菌動物とし,マダニによって媒介されるスピロヘータの一種,ボレリアBorrelia感染によって引き起こされる人獣共通感染症のひとつである。 …
  • NAID 10028050351

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Borrelia [bo-rel´e-ah] a genus of gram-negative, aerobic, spirochete bacteria that are parasites on mucous membranes and cause borreliosis and other conditions. B. burgdor´feri, transmitted by ixodid ticks, is the cause of acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans ...
世界大百科事典 第2版 - Borreliaの用語解説 - 再帰熱ともいう。ボレリア属Borreliaのスピロヘータが病原体の感染症で,シラミとノミが媒介する2型がある。世界各地に分布するが,日本にはない。

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لخلايا البكتيريا Borrelia Borrelia burgdorferi. Scanning electron collection of Borrelia burgdorferi collection of Borrelia burgdorferi Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, responsible Borrelia

拡張検索Borrelia感染症」「Borrelia infection」「Borrelia burgdorferi infection



種類 染色法 染色結果
塩基性色素 ヘマトキシリン
酸性色素 エオジン
色素 染色部位
電荷 種類 種類 電荷
塩基性色素 ヘマトキシリンアズール 好塩基性 核酸、リボソーム(rRNA)、硝子軟骨
酸性色素 エオジン 好酸性 膠原線維




Giemsa stain, Giemsa staining
Giemsa液ギムザ単染色 Giemsa単染色

  • 染色液はアズールIIとアズールII・エオジンからなる
  • アズールII:塩基性色素:青紫色:核のDNA、細胞質のDNA、アズール顆粒
  • エオジン:酸性色素:赤橙色:ヘモグロビン、好酸性顆粒


  • 血液塗沫標本のギムザ染色により検出を行う










  • adj.
  • ボレリアの



Borrelia infection

Borrelia infection」



Borrelia burgdorferi infection」

  [★] ボレリア・ブルグドルフェリ感染