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English Journal

  • Contribution of M and M muscarinic receptor subtypes to convulsions in fasted mice treated with scopolamine and given food.
  • Saygı Bacanak M, Aydın B, Cabadak H, Nurten A, Gören MZ, Enginar N.
  • Behavioural brain research. 2019 May;364()423-430.
  • Treatment of fasted mice and rats with the nonselective muscarinic antagonist, scopolamine or atropine, causes convulsions after food intake. This study evaluated the effect of fasting on the expression of M and M muscarinic receptors in the brain regions, the relationship between receptor expressio
  • PMID 29158113
  • Augmentation of Endogenous Acetylcholine Uptake and Cholinergic Facilitation of Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation by Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition.
  • Masuoka T, Uwada J, Kudo M, Yoshiki H, Yamashita Y, Taniguchi T, Nishio M, Ishibashi T, Muramatsu I.
  • Neuroscience. 2019 Apr;404()39-47.
  • Hippocampal cholinergic activity enhances long-term potentiation (LTP) of synaptic transmission in intrahippocampal circuits and regulates cognitive function. We recently demonstrated intracellular distribution of functional M1-muscarinic acetylcholine receptors (mAChRs) and neuronal uptake of acety
  • PMID 30708046
  • Effects of time-of-day on inhibition of lens-induced myopia by quinpirole, pirenzepine and atropine in chicks.
  • Nickla DL, Jordan K, Yang J, Singh P.
  • Experimental eye research. 2019 Apr;181()5-14.
  • Injections of the D2 dopamine receptor agonist quinpirole or the acetylcholine muscarinic receptor antagonists pirenzepine and atropine prevent the development of negative-lens-induced myopia in chicks by inhibiting ocular growth. Because ocular growth is diurnally rhythmic, we hypothesized that the
  • PMID 30629959

Japanese Journal

  • モルヒネ誘発悪心・嘔吐,便秘に対するムスカリンM₁受容体拮抗薬の有用性
  • Pharmacology : Vasomotor Effects of Acetylcholine, Bradykinin, Noradrenaline, 5-Hydroxytryptamine, Histamine and Angiotensin Ⅱ on the Mouse Basilar Artery
  • Intracellular calcium level is an important factor influencing ion channel modulations by PLC-coupled metabotropic receptors in hippocampal neurons

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Buy Pirenzepine Dihydrochloride (CAS 29868-97-1), an mAChR M1 selective antagonist, from Santa Cruz. Purity: ≥99%, MF: C19H21N5O2 2HCl, MW: 424.3 ... Pirenzepine Dihydrochloride is an analogue of Pirenzepine.
Synopsis: Pirenzepine 1 is a ‘selective’ tantimuscarinic agent which, unlike classic anticholinergic agents, inhibits gastric acid secretion at lower doses than are required to affect gastrointestinal motility, salivary, central nervous ...

拡張検索pirenzepine hydrochloride hydrate」「pirenzepine hydrochloride



muscarinic receptor antagonist
ムスカリン受容体遮断薬抗ムスカリン様作用薬、antimuscarinic drug
  • 気道閉塞性障害
臭化ブチルスコポラミン scopolamine butylbromide
製品名:ブスコパン Buscopan
チキジウム tiquizium



塩酸ピレンゼピン pirenzepine hydrochloride
  • 抗潰瘍薬
  • 三環系の化学構造
→ 血液脳関門を通過しないので、中枢作用がない
  • 特徴
  • 消化管、尿路に対する作用が無く、散瞳、視力障害、循環器に対する作用もない (SPC.162)


  • 胃粘膜壁細胞のムスカリン受容体に選択的に作用し胃酸分泌を抑制
  • 迷走神経の胃酸分泌機能を特異的に抑制

pirenzepine hydrochloride hydrate」


pirenzepinepirenzepine hydrochloride

pirenzepine hydrochloride」


pirenzepinepirenzepine hydrochloride hydrate