butterfly shadow



  1. follow, usually without the persons knowledge; "The police are shadowing her"
  2. a dominating and pervasive presence; "he received little recognition working in the shadow of his father"
  3. shade within clear boundaries
  4. refuge from danger or observation; "he felt secure in his fathers shadow"
  5. a premonition of something adverse; "a shadow over his happiness"
  6. an inseparable companion; "the poor child was his mothers shadow"
  7. make appear small by comparison; "This years debt dwarfs that of last year" (同)overshadow, dwarf
  8. cast a shadow over (同)shade, shade off
  9. flutter like a butterfly
  10. a swimming stroke in which the arms are thrown forward together out of the water while the feet kick up and down (同)butterfly stroke
  11. diurnal insect typically having a slender body with knobbed antennae and broad colorful wings
  12. cut and spread open, as in preparation for cooking; "butterflied shrimp"
  13. herring-like food fishes that migrate from the sea to fresh water to spawn
  14. bony flesh of herring-like fish usually caught during their migration to fresh water for spawning; especially of Atlantic coast
  15. the act of following someone secretly (同)tailing


  1. 〈U〉陰,暗がり,物陰;《the shadows》夕やみ / 〈C〉(輪郭のはっきりした)『影』,人影,影法師 / 〈U〉(絵課の)陰影,暗部 / 〈C〉幻, 幻影;幽霊,亡霊 / 〈C〉(…の)かすかな影(気配)《+『of』+『名』》 / 《おもに否定文で》《a~》ごくわずか(の…)《+『of』+『名』〈抽象名詞〉》 / 〈C〉影のようにつきまとう人,尾行者,探偵 / 〈C〉《比喩的に》(悲しみ・憂うつ・不幸などの)暗影 / …‘を'影でおおう,陰にする / …‘を'尾行する / …‘に'暗い影を落とす,‘を'暗く(憂うつに)する
  2. 〈C〉『チョウ』 / (またbutterfly stroke)〈U〉(水泳で)バタフライ
  3. ニシン[の類]

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English Journal

  • Complete recovery from severe myocardial dysfunction in a patient with anorexia nervosa.
  • Ono T, Kasaoka S, Fujita M, Yamashita S, Kumagai K, Kaneda K, Tsuruta R, Maekawa T.SourceAdvanced Medical Emergency and Critical Care Center, Yamaguchi University Hospital, Japan.
  • Journal of cardiology.J Cardiol.2009 Dec;54(3):480-4. Epub 2009 Apr 9.
  • This report describes a patient who experienced cardiopulmonary arrest caused by severe hypoglycemia and malnutrition, which was successfully treated with percutaneous cardiopulmonary support (PCPS) and intra-aortic balloon pumping (IABP). A 33-year-old female with anorexia nervosa (AN) was transfer
  • PMID 19944326
  • [Idiopathic pulmonary alveolar proteinosis: report of three cases and literature review].
  • Mu XD, Nie LG, Wang GF, Que CL, Li HC.SourceDepartment of Respiratory Medicine, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing 100034, China. muxiangdong@tom.com
  • Beijing da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Peking University. Health sciences.Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao.2008 Oct 18;40(5):551-4.
  • To describe the clinical, radiological and pathological characteristics of idiopathic pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (I-PAP) and to evaluate the methods of diagnosis and treatment. Three patients were successfully diagnosed and treated in our hospital and the literature on the subject was reviewed.
  • PMID 18931723
  • [Sivelestat sodium hydrate was effective for ARDS in a patient suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis with acute exacerbation after failing to respond to high dose steroid pulse therapy].
  • Tomiyama H, Takara I, Tokumine J, Sugahara K.SourceDivision of Intensive Care Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of the Ryukyu, Okinawa 903-0215.
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  • Sivelestat sodium hydrate (ELASPOL) was effective for ARDS in a fifty-year-old female patient suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis with acute exacerbation, after failing to respond to high dose steroid pulse therapy. In ICU, the patient had bilateral lung opacities, especially of the upper lo
  • PMID 15500109

Japanese Journal

  • 「美の芸術家」の一解釈 : オーウェン・ウォーランドと無意識
  • 大場 厚志
  • 研究紀要 5, 125-136, 2000-03-31
  • … In Hawthorne s "The Artist of the Beautiful, " Owen Warland completes the butterfly which is organic as well as mechanical. … Owen comes to know that not the product, the butterfly, but the process of creation and the instinctive content matter for him. … In view of these circumstances, Hovenden and Danforth severally function as the "shadow" in Jungian theory. … The "shadow" Is what is denied by the ego, the center of consciousness, in conscious personality. …
  • NAID 110000486922

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また右肺の様に肺門側に陰影が分布した状態をbutterfly shadow(*)という。気管支の内腔が肺胞の病変によって透亮像としてみえるのがair bronchogram(※)、肺水腫、肺炎などの肺胞性病変でみとめられる。 ...
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  • 次の文を読み、39、40の問いに答えよ。
  • 58歳の男性。夜間の呼吸困難のため救急車で搬入された。
  • 現病歴: 4年前に狭心症と診断され、アスピリンと硝酸薬とを服薬していたが、半年前から中断していた。3か月前から駅の階段を昇るとき軽度の胸痛を感じていた。2日前冷汗を伴う前胸部絞扼感が数時間持続し、自宅での安静で軽快した。しかし、昨夜就寝後呼吸困難のため覚醒した。横になると呼吸困難が再発するので眠れず、午前3時に来院した。
  • 既往歴: 8年前に糖尿病を指摘された。
  • 現症: 意識は清明。身長169cm、体重75㎏。呼吸数28/分。脈拍104/分、整。血圧102/88mmHg。頸静脈の怒張を認めるが、心雑音はない。両側下肺野にcoarse cracklesを聴取する。右肋骨弓下に圧痛を認める。両側下腿に浮腫を認める。
  • 検査所見: 尿所見: 蛋白1+、糖2+。血液所見: 赤血球430万、Hb14.2g/dl、Ht42%、白血球9,500、血小板30万。血清生化学所見: 血糖150mg/dl、HbA1c8.8%(基準4.3~5.8)、総蛋白7.0g/dl、尿素窒素26mg/dl、クレアチニン1.2mg/dl、総コレステロール224mg/dl、トリグリセライド190mg/dl、総ビリルビン0.8mg/dl、AST60単位、ALT34単位、LDH620単位(基準176~353)、CK960単位(基準10~110)、Na148mEq/l、K4.6mEq/l、Cl103mEq/l。経皮的動脈血酸素飽和度(SpO2)96%(酸素3l/分投与下)。入院時の胸部エックス線写真と心電図とを次に示す。
  • この患者の病態の原因はどれか。


  • 異常Q波:I, aVL, V1-V3
  • 陰性T波:I, aVL, V2-V6
  • R波減高:V4-V6
  • ST上昇:V1-V4
  • 所見
心筋梗塞#心電図の異常波形と時間経過 PHD.105



AST 6-12時間
LDH やんわりと出てくる。
CK  (CK-MBの場合) 3-4時間

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※国試ナビ4※ 100D038]←[国試_100]→[100D040



  • 正しいもの全て選べ



alveolar proteinosispulmonary alveolar proteinosis, PAP

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  • 肺胞貯留物には肺胞マクロファージが認められ、これの機能異常によるものと考えられている。



  • 進行性の労作時呼吸困難、咳嗽(喀痰を伴わない)、疲労、体重減少、軽度発熱。初発症状は呼吸困難(55-80%の症例で見られる)。(参考1)


  • チアノーゼ、ばち指(いずれも25%の例で見られる)。
  • crackles(50%の例で見られる)


  • 胸部単純X線:両肺野対称性、中下肺野中心に浸潤影。両肺門から広がるbutterfly shadow
  • 胸部単純CT:不均等なすりガラス陰影。メロンの皮様網目状陰影crazy paving appearance

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  • 肺胞洗浄液 BAL:白濁液。

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  • DLCO低下、PaO2低下や臨床症状の悪化が見られる場合、肺胞洗浄療法
  • ステロイドは無効であり禁


  • 1. [charged] 成人における肺胞蛋白症の臨床症状および病因 - uptodate [1]
  • 2. [charged] 成人における肺胞蛋白症の診断および治療 - uptodate [2]
  • 3. [charged] 小児における肺胞蛋白症 - uptodate [3]




butterfly shadow
コウモリの翼陰影 bat wing shadow