proximal RTA



  1. situated nearest to point of attachment or origin; "the proximal end of a bone"
  2. the 18th letter of the Roman alphabet (同)r


  1. (骨などが)近位の(体の中心に近いこと)
  2. resistance / 17歳以下父兄同伴映画の表示 / rook
  3. radio telephone無線電話

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English Journal

  • Kearns sayre syndrome-case report with review of literature.
  • Phadke M, Lokeshwar MR, Bhutada S, Tampi C, Saxena R, Kohli S, Shah KN.SourceDepartment of Pediatrics, Lilavati Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai, India.
  • Indian journal of pediatrics.Indian J Pediatr.2012 May;79(5):650-4. Epub 2012 Jan 10.
  • Kearns-Sayre Syndrome is form of rare mitochondrial cytopathy, first described by Thomas P. Kearns and George Pomeroy Sayre in 1958 and is characterized by progressive external opthalmoplegia, cardiac conduction block, pigmentary retinal degeneration, variable number of red ragged fibers on muscle b
  • PMID 22231766
  • Mutation Conferring Apical-Targeting Motif on AE1 Exchanger Causes Autosomal Dominant Distal RTA.
  • Fry AC, Su Y, Yiu V, Cuthbert AW, Trachtman H, Frankl FE.SourceDepartments of *Medical Genetics and.
  • Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN.J Am Soc Nephrol.2012 Apr 19. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Mutations in SLC4A1 that mislocalize its product, the chloride/bicarbonate exchanger AE1, away from its normal position on the basolateral membrane of the α-intercalated cell cause autosomal dominant distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA). We studied a family exhibiting dominant inheritance and defin
  • PMID 22518001

Japanese Journal

  • HDR Syndrome (Hypoparathyroidism, Sensorineural Deafness and Renal Disease) Accompanied by Renal Tubular Acidosis and Endocrine Abnormalities
  • Taslipinar Abdullah,Kebapcilar Levent,Kutlu Mustafa,Sahin Mustafa,Aydogdu Aydogan,Uckaya Gokhan,Azal Omer,Bolu Erol,Ibrahim Aydin Halil
  • Internal Medicine 47(11), 1003-1007, 2008
  • … Type 1 (distal) and type 2 (proximal) renal tubular acidosis (RTA) are uncommon disorders, particularly in adults. …
  • NAID 130000078657
  • 尿細管性アシドーシスを主症状とし,Sjögren症候群を合併した原発性胆汁性肝硬変症の1例
  • 石井 善智,林田 一洋,石橋 大海,長野 政則,津田 泰夫,草場 公宏,大久保 英雄,松尾 尚
  • 肝臓 26(11), 1529-1534, 1985
  • … 原発性胆汁性肝硬変症(PBC)の症例を報告する.症例は51歳女性,下肢脱力発作,躯幹筋肉痛などのRTAに基づく自覚症状が前景に現われ,SjSとPBCの症状は隠されていた.検査成績では,d & pRTAの所見,抗ミトコンドリア抗体(AMA)陽性,IgM著増(3300mg/dl)などがみられた.SjS, PBCの生検病理所見はともに初期像であった.PBCやSjSにRTAが合併した症例はみられるが,これら3者合併の報告は稀である.本症例においては,門脈域の胆 …
  • NAID 130000880446

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Proximal renal tubular acidosis (pRTA) or Type 2 Renal tubular acidosis (RTA) is a type of RTA caused by a failure of the proximal tubular cells to reabsorb filtered bicarbonate from the urine, leading to urinary bicarbonate wasting and ...
Proximal RTA (pRTA) is caused by a failure of the proximal tubular cells to reabsorb filtered bicarbonate from the urine, leading to urinary bicarbonate wasting and subsequent acidemia. The distal ...




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type 2 RTA, type II RTA, RTA type 2, RTA type II

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 -type 2 (proximal). 1744t,1755,1759,1805,1809
  • アニオンギャップが正常な高Cl性の代謝性アシドーシス
  • 近位尿細管における重炭酸イオン再吸収障害による酸血症


  • 原発性
  • 特発性、孤発性
  • 家族性
  • 続発性


  • 重炭酸が何らかの原因により再吸収されない。 → 高Cl性代謝性アシドーシス
  • リン酸、グルコース、尿酸、アミノ酸が再吸収されない。 → 低リン酸血症、腎性糖尿、低尿酸症、アミノ酸尿
水・電解質と酸塩基平衡 改訂第2版 p.151
  • 近位尿細管で重炭酸イオン(その他各種電解質も)の再吸収が低下するために血清HCO3-が低下する
  • 血清HCO3-が15mEq/l以下になると再吸収が可能となるので、proximal RTAにおいて血清HCO3-が15-17mEq/l以下になることはまれ。


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  • 2. [charged] Etiology and diagnosis of distal (type 1) and proximal (type 2) renal tubular acidosis - uptodate [1]
  • 3. [charged] Pathophysiology of renal tubular acidosis and the effect on potassium balance - uptodate [2]






  • adj.
  • 近位の、基部の
basilarbasilarisjuxtapositionproximal portionproximal regionproximallyproximatestem






  [★] 尿細管アシドーシス renal tubular acidosis