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English Journal

  • Prevalence and characterization of methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus ST398 isolates from retail foods.
  • Li G1, Wu C2, Wang X3, Meng J4.
  • International journal of food microbiology.Int J Food Microbiol.2015 Mar 2;196:94-7. doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2014.12.002. Epub 2014 Dec 11.
  • In this study, we explored the prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) ST398 in retail foods and then investigated for their virulence and antimicrobial resistance genetic background. Fourteen out of 5103 (0.27%) samples were positive for methicillin susceptible S. aureus (MSSA) ST398. Resis
  • PMID 25528727
  • The microbiological quality of ready-to-eat salads in Turkey: A focus on Salmonella spp. and Listeria monocytogenes.
  • Gurler Z1, Pamuk S1, Yildirim Y2, Ertas N3.
  • International journal of food microbiology.Int J Food Microbiol.2015 Mar 2;196:79-83. doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2014.11.021. Epub 2014 Nov 29.
  • The microbiological safety of ready-to-eat (RTE) foods is of special concern as they are not exposed to further processing before consumption. In the present study, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp. were isolated from 15(6%) and 21(8%) samples respectively out of 261 RTE foods commercialize
  • PMID 25528536
  • Possible transfer of plasmid mediated third generation cephalosporin resistance between Escherichia coli and Shigella sonnei in the human gut.
  • Rashid H1, Rahman M2.
  • Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases.Infect Genet Evol.2015 Mar;30:15-8. doi: 10.1016/j.meegid.2014.11.023. Epub 2014 Nov 26.
  • Choice of antibiotic for treatment of serious bacterial infection is rapidly diminishing by plasmid mediated transfer of antibiotic resistance. Here, we report a possible horizontal transfer of plasmid carrying third-generation-cephalosporin (TGC) resistance between Escherichia coli and Shigella son
  • PMID 25461693

Japanese Journal

  • Pharmacokinetic Variability of Amikacin After Once-Daily and Twice-Daily Dosing Regimen in Full-Term Neonates
  • Vucicevic Katarina,Rakonjac Zorica,Miljkovic Branislava [他]
  • Journal of pharmacological sciences 124(2), 138-143, 2014-02
  • NAID 40019992547
  • Device-Associated Nosocomial Infection Rates and Distribution of Antimicrobial Resistance in a Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit in Turkey
  • Tigen E. Tukenmez,Dogru A.,Koltka E.N.,Unlu C.,Gura M.
  • Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases 67(1), 5-8, 2014
  • … With respect to Pseudomonas aeruginosa, 30.9% of the strains were resistant to ciprofloxacin, 23.3% to amikacin, 43.1% to ceftazidime, 19.1% to piperacillin-tazobactam, and 34.7% to imipenem. …
  • NAID 130003399232
  • Pulmonary nocardiosis in patients with connective tissue disease: A report of two cases
  • Hagiwara Shinya,Tsuboi Hiroto,Hagiya Chihiro,Yokosawa Masahiro,Hirota Tomoya,Ebe Hiroshi,Takahashi Hiroyuki,Ogishima Hiroshi,Asashima Hiromitsu,Kondo Yuya,Umeda Naoto,Suzuki Takeshi,Hitomi Shigemi,Matsumoto Isao,Sumida Takayuki
  • Intractable & Rare Diseases Research 3(1), 25-28, 2014
  • … The patient had difficulty tolerating trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, so she was switched to and successfully treated with imipenem/cilastatin and amikacin. …
  • NAID 130003397581

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Amikacin definition, a wide-spectrum semisynthetic antibiotic, C 22 H 45 N 5 O 13 , used in the treatment of infections, especially those caused by susceptible Gram-negative bacilli. See more. Thesaurus Translate Word of the ...

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aminoglycoside antibiotic
GOO. chapter.45
  • タンパク質合成阻害による抗菌薬は静菌的なのもが多いが、アミノグリコシド系抗菌薬は「殺菌的」に作用


  • amino sugars linked to an aminocyclitol ring by glycosidic bonds (GOO.1155)
  • 名前の通りアミノ基-NH2を多数有しているため正電荷を帯びる


  • 内服不可能→外来患者に使いにくい
  • 細胞膜(内膜)の通過は膜電位ポテンシャルに依存している。ここが律速段階となる。 → 細胞内移行性悪


  • 1. 翻訳開始を阻害
  • 2. 翻訳を停止させる
  • 3. 誤ったアミノ酸を取り込ませる
  • 異常蛋白が細胞膜に挿入され、膜の透過性を変えてさらにアミノグリコシド系抗菌薬の取り込みを促す


  • 薬効は迅速。濃度依存的
  • post-antibiotic effectがある。
抗菌薬の血漿濃度がminnimum inhibitory concentration以下になっても殺菌活性が残存。殺菌活性の残存時間は濃度依存的


  • 広い


  • 腎障害:近位尿細管の壊死変性。用量依存的
  • 耳毒性:CN VIII障害。内耳の有毛細胞を破壊。用量依存的
  • 神経・筋遮断作用:(稀であるが)神経筋遮断作用(およびこれによる無呼吸)を呈する。遮断作用はネオマイシンが一番強く、カナマイシン、アミカシン、ゲンタマイシン、トブラマイシンがこれに続く。通常、胸腔内、腹腔に大量投与した時に生じるが、静脈内、筋肉内、あるいは経口投与でも起こりうる。大抵の発作(神経筋接合部が遮断される発作)は麻酔薬やその他の神経筋接合部遮断薬の投与で生じる(←どういう意味?)。重症筋無力症の患者はアミノグリコシド系抗菌薬による神経筋接合部遮断作用を受けやすい。(GOO.1164)




amikacin, AMK
硫酸アミカシン amikacin sulfate


  [★] アミカシン amikacin

amikacin sulfate」

  [★] アミカシン硫酸アミカシン