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  • Neuronal protective effect of Songling Xuemaikang capsules alone and in combination with carbamazepine on epilepsy in kainic acid-kindled rats.
  • Yang H, Zhang R, Jia C, Chen M, Yin W, Wei L, Jiao H.
  • Pharmaceutical biology. 2019 Dec;57(1)22-28.
  • Epilepsy is a common life-threatening neurological disorder that is often drug-resistant and associated with cognitive impairment. The traditional Chinese patent medicine Songling Xuemaikang capsules (SXC) is clinically used for epilepsy therapy and alleviation of cognitive impairment. This study in
  • PMID 30724642
  • Embryotoxicity of ozonated diclofenac, carbamazepine, and oxazepam in zebrafish (Danio rerio).
  • Pohl J, Ahrens L, Carlsson G, Golovko O, Norrgren L, Weiss J, Örn S.
  • Chemosphere. 2019 Jun;225()191-199.
  • Pharmaceutical residues are polluting the surface water environments worldwide. Sewage and wastewater treatment, therefore, needs to be improved in order to remove pharmaceutical residues from the effluent. One such treatment improvement is effluent ozonation. Even though ozonation has proven to be
  • PMID 30875502
  • Tamoxifen has an anti-manic effect but not protect the brain against oxidative stress in an animal model of mania induced by ouabain.
  • Dal-Pont GC, Resende WR, Bianchini G, Gava FF, Peterle BR, Trajano KS, Varela RB, Quevedo J, Valvassori SS.
  • Journal of psychiatric research. 2019 Jun;113()181-189.
  • Studies have suggested the involvement of oxidative stress in the physiopathology of bipolar disorder. Preclinical data have shown that PKC inhibitors may act as mood-stabilizing agents and protect the brain in animal models of mania. The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of Lithium (Li) o
  • PMID 30981159

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  • 中枢神経系に作用して精神機能に影響を及ぼす薬物の総称





antimanicantimanic agentantimanic drug、antimaniacal
気分安定薬 mood-stabilizing drug