lithium carbonate



  1. turn into a carbonate
  2. a salt or ester of carbonic acid (containing the anion CO3)
  3. treat with carbon dioxide; "Carbonated soft drinks"
  4. a soft silver-white univalent element of the alkali metal group; the lightest metal known; occurs in several minerals (同)Li, atomic number 3
  5. having carbonation (especially artificially carbonated)


  1. 炭酸塩 / …'を'炭酸塩化する,炭酸で飽和させる / …'を'炭化させる
  2. リチウム(金属元素;化学記号は『Li』)
  3. 炭酸ガスを含む

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  • Low-Temperature Fabrication of Mesoporous Solid Strong Bases by Using Multifunction of a Carbon Interlayer.
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  • Mesoporous solid strong bases are highly promising for applications as environmentally benign catalysts in various reactions. Their preparation attracts increasing attention for the demand of sustainable chemistry. In the present study, a new strategy was designed to fabricate strong basicity on mes
  • PMID 24020837
  • Synergistic interaction between caloric restriction and amphetamine in food-unrelated approach behavior of rats.
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  • Psychopharmacology.Psychopharmacology (Berl).2013 Oct 8. [Epub ahead of print]
  • RATIONALE: Approach behavior is regulated by the brain integrating information about environment and body state. Psychoactive drugs interact with this process.OBJECTIVES: We examined the extent to which caloric (i.e., food) restriction, amphetamine (AMPH) and lithium interact in potentiating locomot
  • PMID 24101157
  • The Usual Treatment of Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias.
  • Pareja JA, Alvarez M.SourceNeurological Department, University Hospital Quirón Madrid, Madrid, Spain; Neurological Department, University Hospital Fundación Alcorcón, Alcorcón, Spain.
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  • Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias include cluster headache, paroxysmal hemicrania, and short-lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache attacks with conjunctival injection, tearing, and rhinorrhea (SUNCT). Conventional pharmacological therapy can be successful in the majority of trigeminal autonomic c
  • PMID 24090529

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炭酸リチウム lithium carbonate


mood stabilizer

  • 5-HT、NEが受容体に結合
  • inositol monophosphatase, IMPase
  • wingless:ショウジョウバエ、ハネの発生に関する
  • Int-1:マウス乳癌
  • Wnt:相同遺伝子。分泌蛋白
  • 作用箇所
  • リン酸化GSK-3(不活型)-phosphatase(←Liにより抑制される)→GSK
  • GSK-3βはインスリン受容体の下流にも存在する。インスリンのGタンパク質を介したシグナルがPKA,PKC,Akt,p90RSKに伝わり、さらにGSK-3βを介して(p-ser9が介在)下流に伝わる
  • インスリンを経鼻投与すると海馬における学習や記憶力が向上するかもしれない


  • 急性リチウム中毒
  • 悪心、嘔吐、下痢、腎不全、神経筋機能不全、失行、振戦、混乱(confusion)、昏迷(deliriumてんかん発作 → may require dialysis
  • 低ナトリウム血症、NSAIDの投与 → 近位尿細管でのLi取り込み↑ → 血漿リチウム濃度上昇
  • (筋細胞)血漿リチウム濃度↑ → K+の細胞内の移動が妨げられる → 再分極の阻害 → 高カリウム血症 → 突然死
  • リチウム↑ → ADHTSHのシグナル伝達系下流に存在するadenylyl cyclaseを阻害 → 腎性尿崩症 and ( hypothyroidism and/or goiter)


  • 初期 1.5-2.5mEq/L 粗大振戦、失調、悪心、嘔吐、鎮静
  • 中度 2.5-3.5mEq/L 耳鳴り
  • 重度 3 -5 mEq/L 昏睡、血圧低下、腎障害




carboniccarbonic acid