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English Journal

  • Co-extrusion as a processing technique to manufacture a dual sustained release fixed-dose combination product.
  • Vynckier AK1, Voorspoels J2, Remon JP1, Vervaet C1.
  • The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology.J Pharm Pharmacol.2016 Jan 11. doi: 10.1111/jphp.12521. [Epub ahead of print]
  • OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to design a fixed-dose combination dosage form which provides a sustained release profile for both the freely water-soluble metformin HCl and the poorly soluble gliclazide, two antidiabetic compounds used to treat diabetes mellitus.METHODS: Hot-melt co-extrusion was used
  • PMID 26751978
  • Metabolic Interaction Potential between Clopidogrel and Sulfonylurea Antidiabetic Agents: Effects on Clopidogrel Bioactivation.
  • Shao H1, Lu J, Xu YT, Zhan Y, Chen GM, Zhang HJ.
  • Pharmacology.Pharmacology.2016;97(1-2):18-24. doi: 10.1159/000441230. Epub 2015 Nov 17.
  • BACKGROUND: Patients with diabetes have increased rates of cardiovascular events, and concomitant use of antidiabetic agents and clopidogrel may increase the risk for drug interactions. This study was undertaken to investigate the interaction potential between sulfonylurea drugs and clopidogrel, wit
  • PMID 26569597
  • Using resonance light scattering and UV/vis absorption spectroscopy to study the interaction between gliclazide and bovine serum albumin.
  • Zhang QJ1, Liu BS1, Li GX1, Han R1.
  • Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence.Luminescence.2015 Dec 14. doi: 10.1002/bio.3079. [Epub ahead of print]
  • At different temperatures (298, 310 and 318 K), the interaction between gliclazide and bovine serum albumin (BSA) was investigated using fluorescence quenching spectroscopy, resonance light scattering spectroscopy and UV/vis absorption spectroscopy. The first method studied changes in the fluorescen
  • PMID 26663583

Japanese Journal

  • 糖尿病による血管障害の発症,予防における基礎的検討(特別講演I, 第154回名古屋市立大学医学会例会)
  • 岡山 直司
  • Nagoya medical journal 51(2), 107-114, 2010-09-01
  • … The enhanced endothelial-neutrophil adhesion and the related adhesion molecule expression induced by high glucose and insulin are significantly inhibited by a sulfonyulurea, gliclazide and some kinds of stains (pravastatin, fluvastatin, and cerivastatin), but not by other sulfonylureas (glibenclamide and glimepiride), nateglinide or a biguanide, metformin. …
  • NAID 110008147001
  • Optimization of Extended Zero-order Release Gliclazide Tablets Using D-optimal Mixture Design
  • JIN Xinghua,ZHANG Yunhui,XIAO Li,ZHAO Zhenyu
  • 藥學雜誌 128(10), 1475-1483, 2008-10-01
  • … The objective of this study was to develop and optimize the gliclazide extended-release formulations by using simultaneously combination of two hydrophilic polymers: HPMC K 15M and sodium alginate as retardant. … D-Optimal mixture design was employed to evaluate the effect of HPMC (X_1), lactose (X_2), and sodium alginate (X_3) concentrations on the release rate of gliclazide from the matrices. …
  • NAID 110006935755

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スルフォニル尿酸系薬 sulfonylurea

  • -作用弱
  • -作用中
  • -作用強
  • -新薬



  • GOO.1634
  • ATP感受性KチャネルのSUR1サブユニットに結合し、チャネルを阻害する。膜が脱分極し、電位依存性Ca2+チャネルが開口する。




  • 以下の全てを満たす場合
  • 1. NIDDM
  • 2. 高度の肥満がない
  • 3. 食事療法、運動療法で満足な血糖コントロールが得られない
  • 4. 膵インスリン分解能をある程度保持 (尿中Cペプチド>20μg/day)
  • 5. 低血糖を理解し対応できる
  • 6. 妊婦ではない



  • 1. IDDM
  • 2. 重篤な感染症を繰り返す場合
  • 3. 大きな外科手術を受ける場合
  • 4. 高度の肝・腎障害がある場合
  • 5. 妊婦
  • 6. アレルギーなど副作用の発現を満たすもの