1. protozoa having flagella (同)class Mastigophora, Flagellata, class Flagellata
  2. whip; "The religious fanatics flagellated themselves" (同)scourge
  3. a usually nonphotosynthetic free-living protozoan with whiplike appendages; some are pathogens of humans and other animals (同)flagellate protozoan, flagellated protozoan, mastigophoran, mastigophore
  4. having or resembling a lash or whip (as does a flagellum) (同)flagellated, whiplike, lash-like
  5. marine and freshwater green or colorless flagellate organism (同)euglenophyte, euglenid


  1. 鞭毛(べんもう)のある;鞭毛状の / …‘を'むち打つ

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English Journal

  • Antiprotozoan lead discovery by aligning dry and wet screening: prediction, synthesis, and biological assay of novel quinoxalinones.
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  • Protozoan parasites have been one of the most significant public health problems for centuries and several human infections caused by them have massive global impact. Most of the current drugs used to treat these illnesses have been used for decades and have many limitations such as the emergence of
  • PMID 24513185
  • [Immunosuppressor effect of Trypanosoma musculi (Mastigophora: Trypanosomatidae) on experimental toxoplasmosis].
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  • The immunosuppression caused by species of the gender Trypanosoma has been widely documented. The influence over experimental infections with Toxoplasma gondii is evident when using Trypanosoma lewisi, a natural parasite of white rats. We decided to test the effect of Trypanosoma musculi from mice,
  • PMID 23885603

Japanese Journal

  • Cytotoxic, radical scavenging and antimicrobial activities of sesquiterpenoids from the Tahitian liverwort Mastigophora diclados (Brid.) Nees (Mastigophoraceae)
  • 藍藻類 Microcystis aeruginosa および Planktothrix agardhii を混合した懸濁液における原生動物鞭毛虫類 Monas guttula の増殖特性
  • 日本水処理生物学会誌 = Journal [of] Japan Biological Society of Water and Waste 45(3), 137-142, 2009-09-15
  • NAID 10025587308
  • Identification of a telomere sequence type in three sponge species (Porifera) by fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis

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Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. Mastigophora - protozoa having flagella class Flagellata, class Mastigophora, Flagellata phylum Protozoa, Protozoa - in some ...

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  • adj.
  • 鞭毛虫の、ユーグレナ属の
  • n.