Clostridium butyricum



  1. spindle-shaped bacterial cell especially one swollen at the center by an endospore (同)clostridia
  2. relating to or producing butyric acid

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English Journal

  • Sodium (Na+) concentration effects on metabolic pathway and estimation of ATP use in dark fermentation hydrogen production through stoichiometric analysis.
  • Lee MJ, Kim TH, Min B, Hwang SJ.SourceDepartment of Environmental Science and Engineering, Center for Environmental Studies, Kyung Hee University, Seochon-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 446-701, Republic of Korea.
  • Journal of environmental management.J Environ Manage.2012 Oct 15;108:22-6. Epub 2012 May 26.
  • Batch experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of Na(+) concentration on hydrogen production with dark fermentation. The Na(+) concentration was varied from 0 to 8 g/L in the mixed culture using an anaerobic sludge treated by acid. The maximum hydrogen production was achieved with 1 g-N
  • PMID 22634156
  • Lipid diversity among botulinum neurotoxin-producing clostridia.
  • Guan Z, Johnston NC, Raetz CR, Johnson EA, Goldfine H.SourceDepartment of Biochemistry, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710, USA.
  • Microbiology (Reading, England).Microbiology.2012 Oct;158(Pt 10):2577-84. Epub 2012 Jul 26.
  • Clostridium botulinum has been classified into four groupings (groups I to IV) based on physiological characteristics and 16S rRNA sequencing. We have examined the lipid compositions of 11 representative strains of C. botulinum and a strain of Clostridium sporogenes by 2D-TLC and by MS. All strains
  • PMID 22837302

Japanese Journal

  • 酪酸菌Clostridium butyricum--MIYAIRI588株の欧州における飼料添加物許可の取得とその背景
  • 2Fp27 三価鉄存在下における酪酸菌の高濃度培養(発酵生理学・発酵工学,一般講演)
  • 林 紀彦,斎木 博
  • 日本生物工学会大会講演要旨集 平成21年度, 83, 2009-08-25
  • NAID 110007500533

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酪酸菌(Clostridium butyricum) とは 酪酸菌とは長年医薬品又は飼料として使われてきた微生物です。安全性についても確立されています。尚、弊社が培養に使用している菌株も同様です。 酪酸菌は増殖の際に酪酸・酢酸・プロピオン酸な ...
Looking for online definition of Clostridium butyricum in the Medical Dictionary? Clostridium butyricum explanation free. What is Clostridium butyricum? Meaning of Clostridium butyricum medical term. What does Clostridium ...

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Clostridium butyricum
  • 細菌分類学上Clostridium butyricum に属するグラム陽性、有芽胞、偏性嫌気性の桿菌
  • 酪酸、酢酸などの短鎖脂肪酸を産生する



Clostridium butyricum


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Clostridium butyricum





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