Ascaris lumbricoides



  1. intestinal parasite of humans and pigs (同)Ascaris_lumbricoides
  2. intestinal parasite of domestic fowl (同)Ascaridia galli


  1. 回虫

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English Journal

  • Foodborne anisakiasis and allergy.
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  • Human anisakiasis, a disease caused by Anisakis spp. (Nematoda), is often associated with clinical signs that are similar to those associated with bacterial or viral gastroenteritis. With the globalisation of the seafood industry, the risk of humans acquiring anisakiasis in developed countries appea
  • PMID 24583228
  • Molecular and epidemiological data on Anisakis spp. (Nematoda: Anisakidae) in commercial fish caught off northern Sardinia (western Mediterranean Sea).
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  • Anisakiasis is a fish-borne zoonosis caused by third stage larvae of the nematode Anisakis sp. present in fish or cephalopods. This is the first contribution to the molecular identification and epidemiology of Anisakis spp. in commercial fish from the Gulf of Asinara (Sardinia, western Mediterranean
  • PMID 24630706
  • Proteomic analysis of the somatic and surface compartments from Dirofilaria immitis adult worms.
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  • Dirofilaria immitis (hearthworm) is a filarial roundworm transmitted by mosquitoes to different vertebrate hosts (dogs, cats and humans, among others), causing dirofilariosis. The adult worms reside in the pulmonary arteries affecting vessels and tissues and resulting in different pathological manif
  • PMID 24602330

Japanese Journal

  • Hyperthemia after cardiac surgery due to ascariasis in a child : report of a case
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  • Genetic Structure of Ascaris Roundworm in Japan and Patterns of Its Geographical Variation
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  • Production of Ascaris suum As14 Protein and Its Fusion Protein with Cholera Toxin B Subunit in Rice Seeds
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  • … Potentials of transgenic rice plants as a source of oral vaccines against swine roundworm are discussed.<br> …
  • NAID 130000134442

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Causes Many roundworm parasitic diseases are caused by poor sanitation and hygiene. Most roundworms or their eggs are found in the dirt and can be picked up on the hands and transferred to the mouth, or they can get into the ...
Roundworms are worms with a long round body. They vary in length from several millimetres to up to two metres. About 60 types (species) of roundworm can live in (are parasites of) humans. They usually live in the human gut.

リンク元Ascaris lumbricoides」「アスカリス属」「lumbricus」「round worm」「lumbricoides

Ascaris lumbricoides」


Ascaris lumbricoides
AscarididaAscaridoideaAscarislumbricoideslumbricusround wormroundworm
AscarisAscaris lumbricoideslumbricoideslumbricusround worm


  • 大型虫卵:肝蛭卵(150-190x75-95μm)
  • やや大型虫卵:回虫不受精卵
  • 中型虫卵:回虫卵受精卵(45-75x30-50μm)、鉤虫卵
  • やや小型虫卵:蟯虫
  • 小型虫卵:肝吸虫



AscarididaAscaridoidealumbricoideslumbricusround wormroundworm




AscarisAscaris lumbricoidesearthwormlumbricoidesLumbricus terrestrisOligochaetaround wormroundworm

round worm」



AscarisAscaris lumbricoideslumbricoideslumbricusroundworm




AscarisAscaris lumbricoideslumbricusround wormroundworm