new drug


  1. unfamiliar; "new experiences"; "experiences new to him"; "errors of someone new to the job"
  2. having no previous example or precedent or parallel; "a time of unexampled prosperity" (同)unexampled
  3. (of crops) harvested at an early stage of development; before complete maturity; "new potatoes"; "young corn" (同)young
  4. not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered; "a new law"; "new cars"; "a new comet"; "a new friend"; "a new year"; "the New World"
  5. other than the former one(s); different; "they now have a new leaders"; "my new car is four years old but has only 15,000 miles on it"; "ready to take a new direction"
  6. unaffected by use or exposure; "it looks like new"
  7. information about recent and important events; "they awaited news of the outcome" (同)intelligence, tidings, word
  8. informal information of any kind that is not previously known to someone; "it was news to me"
  9. information reported in a newspaper or news magazine; "the news of my death was greatly exaggerated"
  10. use recreational drugs (同)do drugs
  11. administer a drug to; "They drugged the kidnapped tourist" (同)dose
  12. a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
  13. in use after medieval times; "New Eqyptian was the language of the 18th to 21st dynasties"


  1. (その状態になってまだ時間がたっていなくて)『新しい』;《名詞の前にのみ用いて》新しく発見(発明)された,新しく来た / 《名詞の前にのみ用いて》目新しい,初めて聞く,なじみのない / 《補語にのみ用いて》(人が)(…に)『まだ慣れていない』,(…を)よく知らない《『to』+『名』》 / 《補語にのみ用いて》(人が)(…から)出てきたばかりの《+『from』+『名』》 / 《名詞の前にのみ用いて》まだ着た(使った)ことがない,新品の / 新たに始まる;(肉体的・精神的に)一新した / 《おもに複合語を作って》最近(recently);新たに,新しく(newly)
  2. (新しい)『報道』,記事;(一般的に)知らせ,たより) / (耳新しい)『事件』,でき事 / 《N-》(新聞名として)…新聞
  3. 『薬』,薬品,薬剤 / 『麻薬』,麻酔剤 / 〈人〉‘に'薬(特に麻酔剤)を与える / 〈飲食物〉‘に'(麻酔薬・毒薬などの)薬を混ぜる

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English Journal

  • A screening method of oil-soluble synthetic dyes in chilli products based on multi-wavelength chromatographic fingerprints comparison.
  • Zhu Y1, Wu Y2, Zhou C2, Zhao B2, Yun W2, Huang S2, Tao P3, Tu D2, Chen S2.
  • Food chemistry.Food Chem.2016 Feb 1;192:441-51. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.07.038. Epub 2015 Jul 9.
  • A multi-wavelength HPLC fingerprint comparison method was proposed for the screening of oil-soluble synthetic dyes in chilli products. The screening was based on the fingerprint differences of normal unadulterated chilli sample with tested chilli samples. The samples were extracted with acetone and
  • PMID 26304371
  • Quantitative analysis of amoxicillin, its major metabolites and ampicillin in eggs by liquid chromatography combined with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry.
  • Sun L1, Jia L2, Xie X2, Xie K3, Wang J1, Liu J1, Cui L1, Zhang G1, Dai G1, Wang J1.
  • Food chemistry.Food Chem.2016 Feb 1;192:313-8. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.07.028. Epub 2015 Jul 8.
  • In this present study, we developed a simple, rapid and specific method for the quantitative analysis of the contents of amoxicillin (AMO), AMO metabolites and ampicillin (AMP) in eggs. This method uses a simple liquid-liquid extraction with acetonitrile followed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass
  • PMID 26304353
  • Glutamatergic and GABAergic susceptibility loci for heroin and cocaine addiction in subjects of African and European ancestry.
  • Levran O1, Peles E2, Randesi M3, Correa da Rosa J4, Ott J5, Rotrosen J6, Adelson M7, Kreek MJ3.
  • Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry.Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry.2016 Jan 4;64:118-23. doi: 10.1016/j.pnpbp.2015.08.003. Epub 2015 Aug 12.
  • BACKGROUND: Drug addiction, a leading health problem, is a chronic brain disease with a significant genetic component. Animal models and clinical studies established the involvement of glutamate and GABA neurotransmission in drug addiction. This study was designed to assess if 258 variants in 27 gen
  • PMID 26277529

Japanese Journal

  • Drug clearance pathway prediction based on semi-supervised learning
  • Keisuke Yanagisawa,Takashi Ishida,Yuichi Sugiyama,Yutaka Akiyama
  • 情報処理学会研究報告. BIO, バイオ情報学 2015-BIO-41(11), 1-6, 2015-03-13
  • … It is necessary to confirm that a new drug can be appropriately cleared from the human body. … However, checking the clearance pathway of a drug in the human body requires clinical trials, and therefore requires large cost. … Thus, computational methods for drug clearance pathway prediction have been studied. …
  • NAID 110009884016
  • Application for evaluating and visualizing the sequence conservation of ligand-binding sites
  • Nobuaki Yasuo,Masakazu Sekijima
  • 情報処理学会研究報告. BIO, バイオ情報学 2015-BIO-41(10), 1-4, 2015-03-13
  • … We developed a new application to quantitatively evaluate the sequence conservation of ligand-binding sites by integrating information pertaining to protein structures, ligand-binding sites, and amino acid sequences. … The visualization is very important for structure-based drug design (SBDD). …
  • NAID 110009884015
  • 肺高血圧症の病態生理からみた治療戦略 (特集 肺高血圧症治療の最前線)

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Before trials [edit source | edit] To legally test the drug on human subjects in the U.S., the maker must first obtain an Investigational New Drug (IND) designation from FDA. This application is based on pre-clinical data, typically from ...

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investigational new drug」

  [★] 治験薬 IND

investigational agentinvestigational drug



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number of experimentsample size
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