English Journal

  • A case of D-lactic acid encephalopathy associated with use of probiotics.
  • Munakata S, Arakawa C, Kohira R, Fujita Y, Fuchigami T, Mugishima H.SourceDepartment of Pediatrics, Nihon University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Brain & development.Brain Dev.2010 Sep;32(8):691-4. Epub 2009 Nov 14.
  • A five year old girl was admitted to the hospital for evaluation of intermittent ataxia. She had undergone serial resections of the small intestine after birth, resulting in short bowel syndrome. Lactomin was prescribed for watery diarrhea at twice the regular dose 2 weeks before the onset of neurol
  • PMID 19917522

Japanese Journal

  • 新規フェニトイン10倍散の混合性試験
  • 賀川 義之,佐々木 香織,松嶋 幹夫,稲垣 承二,小島 康生
  • 病院薬学 22(2), 149-158, 1996-04-10
  • … Next, according to clinical formulas, we designed the eight standard formulas that consisting 10% DPH with 10% phenobarbital powders, zonisamide powders, carbamazepine granules, sodium valproate granules and lactomin powders. …
  • NAID 110001799563
  • 細菌性赤痢保菌者の治療について
  • 中村 渉,菱田 元彦
  • 日本傳染病學會雜誌 31(4), 310-314, 1957
  • … The results were better compared with the alone use.<BR>3) Lactomin (a powder prepared by desiccation of frozen pure ctlture of streptococcus faecalis) was administed for adults in amount of 5gm a day and 3-4gm for young infants. …
  • NAID 130004126339

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