de Toni-Debre-Fanconi syndrome

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デトーニ・ドゥブレ・ファンコニー症候群デトーニ・ドゥブレ・ファンコニ症候群de Toni-Debre-Fanconi症候群

Fanconi syndromeproximal renal tubular dysfunctionrenal Fanconi syndrome

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  •  Tenofovir-induced Fanconi syndrome in a patient with chronic hepatitis B monoinfection.
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  •  Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) is a nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor indicated for treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (CHB) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections. Despite the good safety profile of the drug, Fanconi syndrome is a possible adverse reacti
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  • DNA polymerase inhibitors for treating hepatitis B: a safety evaluation.
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  • INTRODUCTION: Oral nucleoside/ nucleotide analogues (NAs) are currently the mainstay of treatment for patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. They are generally safe to use. However, since their approval in the last decade and a half, the literature has reported adverse effects asso
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  • BACKGROUND: Fumaric acid esters (FAEs) are increasingly used as a systemic treatment for psoriasis, but there are still uncertainties on their suitability.OBJECTIVES: to assess the evidence on efficacy and safety of FAEs in psoriasis treatment.METHODS: A systematic literature search in 7 databases u
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  • Mitochondrial encephalomyopathies preceded by de Toni-Debre-Fanconi syndrome or focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.
  • Deletion of the mitochondrial DNA in a case of de Toni-Debre-Fanconi syndrome and Pearson syndrome.
  • 小児慢性腎疾患における血清および尿中ミオグロビンについて


Le syndrome de Fanconi (SF) (connu aussi sous le nom de syndrome réno-tubulaire de Fanconi ou syndrome de Lignac-de Toni-Debré-Fanconi, à ne pas confondre avec l’anémie de Fanconi) fait référence à un certain nombre de ...
De Toni-Fanconi-Debre syndrome symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment information for De Toni-Fanconi-Debre syndrome (Hereditary primary Fanconi disease) with alternative diagnoses, full-text book chapters, misdiagnosis ...



先読みFanconi syndrome」「デトーニ・ドゥブレ・ファンコニ症候群
リンク元de Toni-Debre-Fanconi症候群」「renal Fanconi syndrome」「デトーニ・ドゥブレ・ファンコニー症候群」「proximal renal tubular dysfunction

Fanconi syndrome」

  [★] ファンコーニ症候群


  [★] ファンコーニ症候群

de Toni-Debre-Fanconi症候群」


de Toni-Debre-Fanconi syndrome

renal Fanconi syndrome」


de Toni-Debre-Fanconi syndromeFanconi syndromeproximal renal tubular dysfunction



de Toni-Debre-Fanconi syndrome
デトーニ・ドゥブレ・ファンコニ症候群de Toni-Debre-Fanconi症候群

proximal renal tubular dysfunction」



de Toni-Debre-Fanconi syndromeFanconi syndromerenal Fanconi syndrome



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「a legal document signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to possess it; "he signed the deed"; "he kept the title to his car in the glove compartment"」
deed of conveyance, title

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「『行為』,行動 / (正式の)捺印証書,権利書 / …'を'証書を作製して譲渡する」



  • n.

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「a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease」

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「a complex of concurrent things; "every word has a syndrome of meanings"」

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「(疾患の徴候となる一群の)症徴候,症候群 / (事件・社会的状態などのパターンを示す)徴候形態」



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「go `ding dong'', like a bell」
dong, dingdong

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「a ringing sound」

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「〈鐘など〉‘を'ガンガン鳴らす / 〈鐘などが〉ガンガン鳴る / (鐘の)ガンガン鳴る音」



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「(おもに人称代名詞・固有名詞(人名),thereの後で)had, wouldの短縮形 / (疑問文でwhere,what,whenの後で)didの短縮形;Where'd he go?=Where did he go?」


  [★] 線量当量 dose equivalent

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