basilar migraine

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classic migrainecomplicated migrainefamilial hemiplegic migrainemigraine with auramigraine with prolonged aura

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  • Familial hemiplegic migraine type 1 mutations W1684R and V1696I alter G protein-mediated regulation of Ca(V)2.1 voltage-gated calcium channels.
  • Garza-López E, Sandoval A, González-Ramírez R, Gandini MA, Van den Maagdenberg A, De Waard M, Felix R.SourceDepartment of Cell Biology, Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav-IPN), Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Biochimica et biophysica acta.Biochim Biophys Acta.2012 Aug;1822(8):1238-46. Epub 2012 Apr 20.
  • Familial hemiplegic migraine type 1 (FHM-1) is a monogenic form of migraine with aura that is characterized by recurrent attacks of a typical migraine headache with transient hemiparesis during the aura phase. In a subset of patients, additional symptoms such as epilepsy and cerebellar ataxia are pa
  • PMID 22549042
  • Investigation of the role of the GABRG2 gene variant in migraine.
  • Chen T, Murrell M, Fowdar J, Roy B, Grealy R, Griffiths LR.SourceGriffith Health Institute, Genomics Research Centre, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.
  • Journal of the neurological sciences.J Neurol Sci.2012 Jul 15;318(1-2):112-4. Epub 2012 May 7.
  • Migraine is the most common neurological disorder worldwide affecting about 12% of the worldwide population. This disorder has been classed into two main types of migraine-with and without aura. While a number of factors can influence the onset of migraine, a major factor is that of genetics. The GA
  • PMID 22572707


  • 帝王切開後に可逆性脳血管攣縮症候群により脳底動脈先端症候群を来した1例
  • 渡辺 淳志,濱田 真輝,田鹿 安彦,宮崎 一秀,川畠 弘子
  • 脳卒中 37(1), 21-25, 2015
  • 要旨:症例は31 歳女性.予定帝王切開術後にメチルエルゴメトリン内服開始.分娩後5 日目に雷鳴様頭痛の後,全身痙攣が出現した.MRI,MRA にて多発性脳梗塞と脳血管狭窄を認め,可逆性脳血管攣縮症候群(RCVS)による脳底動脈先端症候群を疑いシロスタゾール,エダラボン,ベラパミルにて加療を行った.第40 病日のMRI にて脳血管狭窄は改善し,RCVS と確定診断となった.後遺症として四肢不全麻痺, …
  • NAID 130004873643
  • 幼児期のめまい・平衡障害
  • 坂田 英明,遠藤 まゆみ,加我 君孝
  • Equilibrium research 71(4), 253-263, 2012-08-01
  • … The mechanism of migraine may be involved. … For diagnosis, a detailed inquiry is conducted, and children's parents are requested to record their states during vertigo attacks using a home video camera.Benign paroxysmal torticollis has been recognized as a type of vertigo resembling migraine. …
  • NAID 10031026794
  • 片頭痛関連めまい4症例—その臨床的特徴と検討—
  • 井上 雄太,矢部 多加夫,平石 光俊
  • 耳鼻咽喉科展望 55(2), 92-98, 2012
  • 片頭痛に関連してみられるめまい症例に対し, 片頭痛関連めまいという疾患概念が提唱されているが我が国ではあまり認知されていなかった。片頭痛関連めまいは国際頭痛分類第2版に診断基準の記載がなく, いくつか診断基準が提唱されているがNeuhauserらによるものが一般的である。この度片頭痛関連めまい4症例を経験したので文献的考察と既に診断基準がある小児良性発作性めまい症, 脳底型片頭痛等との関連について …
  • NAID 130004546426


Learn about basilar migraine causes, symptoms, facts and more. ... Basilar migraine is recognized as a distinct form of migraine disorder. It is a type of migraine with aura and both have several of the same migraine symptoms.
WebMD explains basilar migraines, a form of intense headache, including symptoms, causes, diagnostic tests, and treatments. ... When someone has a basilar migraine, there is a disturbance in the brainstem or lower part of the ...


basilar-migraine : Types of Migraines - Basilar MigrainesBasilar migraine is a condition that Basilar Artery MigraineBASILAR MIGRAINE - Bing Images. The symptoms of a Basilar-type migraine

リンク元脳底型片頭痛」「脳底動脈型片頭痛」「familial hemiplegic migraine」「migraine with aura」「complicated migraine



basilar migraine
脳底動脈片頭痛 basilar artery migraineビッカースタッフ型片頭痛 Bickerstaff migraine



basilar migraine

familial hemiplegic migraine」



basilar migraineclassic migrainecomplicated migrainemigraine with auramigraine with prolonged aura

migraine with aura」


basilar migraineclassic migrainecomplicated migrainefamilial hemiplegic migrainemigraine with prolonged aura

complicated migraine」



basilar migraineclassic migrainefamilial hemiplegic migrainemigraine with auramigraine with prolonged aura




Ocimum basilicumsweet basil

WordNet   license wordnet

「any of several Old World tropical aromatic annual or perennial herbs of the genus Ocimum」

WordNet   license wordnet

「leaves of the common basil; used fresh or dried」
sweet basil

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「〈C〉メボウキ(芳香のある草) / 〈U〉バジル(メボウキの葉…香辛料)」



  • adj.
  • 基部の、脳底の、頭蓋底の
base of skullbasicraniumbasilariscerebral basecranial baseproximalproximal regionskull basestem

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「of or relating to or located at the base; "the basilar membrane of the cochlea"」


  [★] 片頭痛

WordNet   license wordnet

「a severe recurring vascular headache; occurs more frequently in women than men」
megrim, sick headache, hemicrania

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