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Complement membrane co factor pro- tein

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  • The molecular and structural bases for the association of complement C3 mutations with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.
  • Martínez-Barricarte R1, Heurich M2, López-Perrote A3, Tortajada A1, Pinto S1, López-Trascasa M4, Sánchez-Corral P5, Morgan BP2, Llorca O3, Harris CL2, Rodríguez de Córdoba S6.
  • Molecular immunology.Mol Immunol.2015 Aug;66(2):263-73. doi: 10.1016/j.molimm.2015.03.248. Epub 2015 Apr 11.
  • Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) associates with complement dysregulation caused by mutations and polymorphisms in complement activators and regulators. However, the reasons why some mutations in complement proteins predispose to aHUS are poorly understood. Here, we have investigated the fu
  • PMID 25879158
  • Oncolytic measles virus as a novel therapy for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors.
  • Deyle DR1, Escobar DZ2, Peng KW2, Babovic-Vuksanovic D3.
  • Gene.Gene.2015 Jul 1;565(1):140-5. doi: 10.1016/j.gene.2015.04.001. Epub 2015 Apr 2.
  • Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNSTs) are devastating soft tissue sarcomas that can arise sporadically or in association with neurofibromatosis type I, have a poor prognosis, and have limited treatment options. Oncolytic measles virus therapy has been demonstrated to have significant ant
  • PMID 25843626
  • Complement regulator CD46: genetic variants and disease associations.
  • Liszewski MK1, Atkinson JP2.
  • Human genomics.Hum Genomics.2015 Jun 10;9(1):7. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Membrane cofactor protein (MCP; CD46) is an ubiquitously expressed complement regulatory protein that protects host cells from injury by complement. This type-I membrane glycoprotein serves as a cofactor for the serine protease factor I to mediate inactivation of C3b and C4b deposited on host cells.
  • PMID 26054645


  • Dendritic cell subsets involved in type I IFN induction in mouse measles virus infection models
  • Takaki Hiromi,Oshiumi Hiroyuki,Matsumoto Misako,Seya Tsukasa
  • International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 53, 329-333, 2014-08
  • … Although the natural host of MV is human, mouse models expressing MV entry receptors (human CD46, CD150) and disrupting the interferon (IFN) pathways work for investigating immune responses during early MV infection in vivo. …
  • NAID 120005476101
  • Human herpesvirus-6A gQ1 and gQ2 are critical for human CD46 usage
  • Jasirwan Chyntia,Furusawa Yoshikazu,Tang Huamin [他]
  • Microbiology and immunology 58(1), 22-30, 2014-01
  • NAID 40019971058
  • 次世代型制限増殖アデノウイルスを利用した血中循環がん細胞検出法の開発 (ウイルスを利用した医療・創薬研究の新展開 : ウイルスは貴重なバイオマテリアル)
  • 櫻井 文教,藤原 俊義,水口 裕之
  • YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 133(3), 291-296, 2013
  • … The next-generation conditionally replicating Ad possesses the fiber protein derived from Ad serotype 35, leading to efficient infection in both CAR-positive and -negative tumor cells, because the fiber protein of Ad serotype 35 binds to CD46, which is expressed on almost all human cells. …
  • NAID 130003361913


CD46, CD55 の構造的特徴はともにアミノ酸60余個から成るshort consensus repeat (SCR, or Sushi domain) を構成モチーフとすることである。補体関連のSCR蛋白はその遺伝子が1q32 に gene cluster を形成し、 Regulator of 補体の ...
Philipsリニアトラッキング・メカCDM-12を使用したデジタル・サーボ構成のCDプレイヤー。 DA変換部には、新型CC DAC(TDA1545)を搭載しています。 フェードイン・アウト機能を搭載しています。 オートミュージックスキャン機能を搭載して ...



拡張検索CD46抗原」「CD46 antigen



cluster of differentiation, CD
  • 細胞の表面抗原を認識する抗体を整理した分類
Bリンパ球 CD10,CD19,CD20
Tリンパ球 CD2,CD3,CD5,CD7
幹細胞 CD34
顆粒球 CD13,CD33
単球 CD14:LPSをリガンドとし、Toll-like receptorと共役して細胞内シグナルを伝達する分子。
巨核球 CD41(GpIIb),CD42(GpIb)

CD1 CD21 CD41 CD61 CD81
CD2 CD22 CD42 CD62 CD82
CD3 CD23 CD43 CD63 CD83
CD4 CD24 CD44 CD64 CD84
CD5 CD25 CD45 CD65 CD85
CD6 CD26 CD46 CD66 CD86
CD7 CD27 CD47 CD67 CD87
CD8 CD28 CD48 CD68 CD88
CD9 CD29 CD49 CD69 CD89
CD10 CD30 CD50 CD70 CD90
CD11 CD31 CD51 CD71 CD91
CD12 CD32 CD52 CD72 CD92
CD13 CD33 CD53 CD73 CD93
CD14 CD34 CD54 CD74 CD94
CD15 CD35 CD55 CD75 CD95
CD16 CD36 CD56 CD76 CD96
CD17 CD37 CD57 CD77 CD97
CD18 CD38 CD58 CD78 CD98
CD19 CD39 CD59 CD79 CD99
CD20 CD40 CD60 CD80 CD100



CD46 antigen

CD46 antigen」



membrane cofactor protein



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