• adj.
  • 非通常性の、非慣習的な、特殊な



  1. not conventional or conformist; "unconventional life styles"
  2. not conforming to accepted rules or standards; "her unconventional dress and hair style"
  3. for a special service or occasion; "a special correspondent"; "a special adviser to the committee"; "had to get special permission for the event"
  4. a dish or meal given prominence in e.g. a restaurant
  5. a special offering (usually temporary and at a reduced price) that is featured in advertising; "they are having a special on pork chops"
  6. a television production that features a particular person or work or topic; "the last of a series of BBC specials on Iran is being shown tonight"
  7. adapted to or reserved for a particular purpose; "a special kind of paint"; "a special medication for arthritis"
  8. unorthodoxy by virtue of being unconventional
  9. originality by virtue of being unconventional
  10. in an unconventional manner; "she always behaves rather unconventionally"


  1. しきたりにとらわれない,型にはまらない
  2. 『特別な』,並はずれた,例外的な / (他と異なって)『特殊な』,特別な / (人・物事に)『独特の』,専門の / 特別な物(人) / 《米話》…の)(値引きした)サービス品,特価[品]《+『on』+『名』》 / (テレビなどの)特別番組;臨時列車

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English Journal

  • Complement system in zebrafish.
  • Zhang S1, Cui P2.
  • Developmental and comparative immunology.Dev Comp Immunol.2014 Sep;46(1):3-10. doi: 10.1016/j.dci.2014.01.010. Epub 2014 Jan 21.
  • Zebrafish is recently emerging as a model species for the study of immunology and human diseases. Complement system is the humoral backbone of the innate immune defense, and our knowledge as such in zebrafish has dramatically increased in the recent years. This review summarizes the current research
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  • Evolution of multi-well pad development and influence of well pads on environmental violations and wastewater volumes in the Marcellus shale (USA).
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  • A majority of well pads for unconventional gas wells that are drilled into the Marcellus shale (northeastern USA) consist of multiple wells (in some cases as many as 12 wells per pad), yet the influence of the evolution of well pad development on the extent of environmental violations and wastewater
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  • Finding new, effective antibiotics is a challenging research area driven by novel approaches required to tackle unconventional targets. In this review we focus on the bacterial protein secretion pathway as a target for eliminating or disarming pathogens. We discuss the latest developments in targeti
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Japanese Journal

  • Design and Analysis of a Morphing Composite Airfoil Using Unbalanced Layup and Unconventional Ply Angles
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  • アメリカの量的金融緩和政策と新たな国際信用連鎖の形成についての覚書 : BIS,IMFのSpillovers論の批判的検討
  • 大変革の時代の石油を取り巻く資源経済学 : 莫大な埋蔵量の非在来型と生産コストの安価な在来型のどちらが勝者に (特集 在来型の底力 : 技術革新と高油価で飛躍する在来型油ガス田開発)
  • アメリカの量的金融緩和政策と新たな国際信用連鎖の形成についての覚書 / BIS,IMFのSpillovers論の批判的検討

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拡張検索unconventional infectious agent



  • 特殊な、特別な











unconventional infectious agent」


  • 特殊な病原体、従来みられなかった病原体