Grb2 adaptor protein

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growth factor receptor-bound protein 2

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  • Non-canonical dynamic mechanisms of interaction between the p66Shc protein and Met receptor.
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  • Met receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) is known to bind to the three distinct protein isoforms encoded by the ShcA (Shc) gene. Structure-function studies have unveiled critical roles for p52Shc-dependent signalling pathways in Met-regulated biological functions. The molecular basis of the interaction be
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  • Themis1 enhances T cell receptor signaling during thymocyte development by promoting Vav1 activity and Grb2 stability.
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  • The T cell signaling protein Themis1 is essential for the positive and negative selection of thymocytes in the thymus. Although the developmental defect that results from the loss of Themis1 suggests that it enhances T cell receptor (TCR) signaling, Themis1 also recruits Src homology 2 domain-contai
  • PMID 27188442
  • Grb2 depletion under non-stimulated conditions inhibits PTEN, promotes Akt-induced tumor formation and contributes to poor prognosis in ovarian cancer.
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  • In the absence of extracellular stimulation the adaptor protein growth factor receptor-bound protein (Grb2) and the phospholipase Plcγ1 compete for the same binding site on fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2). Reducing cellular Grb2 results in upregulation of Plcγ1 and depletion of the pho
  • PMID 26212011


  • 1P195 In vitro再構成系における上皮成長因子受容体とアダプター分子間相互作用の1分子可視化解析(接着・運動・骨格・伝達・膜)))
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  • Optical Bioimaging : From Living Tissue to a Single Molecule : Single-Molecule Visualization of Cell Signaling Processes of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
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  • … Using this technique, we have studied the process of early signal transduction of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in single molecules: binding of EGF to its receptor (EGFR) on the cell surface, dimerization of EGFR induced by binding of EGF, fluctuation of the structure of EGFR clusters, activation of EGFR through tyrosine phosphorylations on its cytoplasmic domain, and recognition of activated EGFR by a cytoplasmic adaptor protein, Grb2. …
  • NAID 10012544852


HT027, SH2/SH3 adapter GRB2, abundant SRC homology, epidermal growth factor receptor-binding protein GRB2, growth factor receptor-bound protein 3, protein Ash GeneRIFs: Gene References Into Functions suppression of ...
英語をクリック → GRB2 Adaptor Protein との組み合わせでEntrez を検索 チロシン (Tyrosine); Src相同領域 (src Homology Domain); リン酸化 (Phosphorylation); セブンレスの息子 (Son of Sevenless Protein); タンパク質チロシンキナーゼ ...


 grb2 is an adaptor protein that uses a sh2Grb2 adaptor protein (Growth Factor Grb2 adaptor proteinprotein 2 also known as Grb2 is an adaptor CBL-GRB2 Interaction in Myeloid Grb2 Adaptor Protein

リンク元増殖因子受容体結合タンパク質2」「growth factor receptor-bound protein 2」「Grb2タンパク質
関連記事adapt」「protein」「adaptor protein」「adaptor



growth factor receptor-bound protein 2Grb2 adaptor protein

growth factor receptor-bound protein 2」



Grb2 adaptor protein



Grb2 adaptor protein



  • 順応する、適応する

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「make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose; "Adapt our native cuisine to the available food resources of the new country"」

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「(…に)…'を'『適応させる』,適合させる《+『名』+『to』+『名』(do『ing』)》 / (…向きに)〈小説・戯曲など〉'を'『脚色する』,翻案する,書きかえる《+『名』+『for』+『名』》 / (環境などに)適応する,順応する《+『to』+『名』》」


  [★] 蛋白質

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「any of a large group of nitrogenous organic compounds that are essential constituents of living cells; consist of polymers of amino acids; essential in the diet of animals for growth and for repair of tissues; can be obtained from meat and eggs and milk and legumes; "a diet high in protein"」

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adaptor protein」