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English Journal

  • Noninvasive high-resolution ultrasound reveals structural and functional deficits in dimethadione-exposed fetal rat hearts in utero.
  • Purssell E, Weston AD, Thomson JJ, Swanson TA, Brown NA, Ozolinš TR.SourceDepartment of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
  • Birth defects research. Part B, Developmental and reproductive toxicology.Birth Defects Res B Dev Reprod Toxicol.2011 Nov 29. doi: 10.1002/bdrb.20339. [Epub ahead of print]
  • BACKGROUND: We previously showed dimethadione (DMO), the N-demethylated metabolite of the anticonvulsant trimethadione, induces ventricular septation defects (VSD) and other heart anomalies in rat (Weston et al., 2011). Because of the relationship between cardiac structure and function, we hypothesi
  • PMID 22127902
  • Co-variation in frequency and severity of cardiovascular and skeletal defects in Sprague-Dawley rats after maternal administration of dimethadione, the N-demethylated metabolite of trimethadione.
  • Weston AD, Brown NA, Ozolinš TR.SourceDepartment of Developmental and Reprodutive Toxicology, Pfizer Global Research and Development, Groton, Connecticut, USA.
  • Birth defects research. Part B, Developmental and reproductive toxicology.Birth Defects Res B Dev Reprod Toxicol.2011 Jun;92(3):206-15. doi: 10.1002/bdrb.20302. Epub 2011 Jun 2.
  • BACKGROUND: The anticonvulsant trimethadione is a potent inducer of ventricular septation defects, both clinically and in rodents. Teratogenicity requires its N-demethylation to dimethadione, the proximate teratogen. It was previously demonstrated trimethadione only induced membranous ventricular se
  • PMID 21638752

Japanese Journal

  • <原著>石灰化膵石症および蛋白栓や粘稠膵液に対する経口膵石溶解療法の効果
  • 山本 真紀子,野田 愛司,伊吹 恵里,泉 順子,太田 美樹子,大竹 円
  • 愛知医科大学医学会雑誌 30(4), 209-221, 2002-12-15
  • … In the present study, trimethadione was given orally as a precursor of dimethadione to 37 patients with calcific pancreatitis. … The 37 patients not treated with trimethadione were selected as a control. … In conclusion, we believe that the OLT by trimethadione or bromhexine-hydro-chloride becomes a useful tool for chemical dissolution of calcific pancreatic stones or for recurrent pain relief by eliminating protein plugs and viscous pancreatic juice. …
  • NAID 110000042321
  • Embryonic Arrhythmia by Inhibition of HERG Channels: A Common Hypoxia-related Teratogenic Mechanism for Antiepileptic Drugs?
  • Epilepsia : journal of the International League against Epilepsy 43(5), 457-468, 2002-05-01
  • NAID 10010875436
  • Effect of the Macrolide Antibiotic Clarithromycin on the Metabolism of Trimethadione and Antipyrine: Strain Difference in SD and Wistar Rats
  • The Showa University Journal of Medical Sciences 11(1), 7-15, 1999
  • … Effects of both antibiotics on hepatic microsomal drugmetabolizing enzymes were estimated by antipyrine pharmacokinetics and the formation rates of 3-hydroxymethyl antipyrine (HMA), 4-hydroxyantipyrine (OHA) and norantipyrine (NORA), and by the serum ratio of dimethadione to trimethadione (DMO/TMO) . …
  • NAID 130004189968

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Trimethadione definition, a synthetic, white, crystalline powder, C 6 H 9 NO 3 , used as an anticonvulsant to control petit mal epileptic seizures. See more. Thesaurus Translate Reference Word of the Day Blog Slideshows Apps by ...

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