vaccinia virus

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  • Vaccinia viruses isolated from skin infection in horses produced cutaneous and systemic disease in experimentally infected rabbits.
  • Cargnelutti JF, Schmidt C, Masuda EK, Nogueira PR, Weiblen R, Flores EF.SourceSetor de Virologia, Departamento de Medicina Veterinária Preventiva, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Av. Roraima, 1000, Camobi, Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, CEP 97105-900, Brazil.
  • Research in veterinary science.Res Vet Sci.2012 Oct;93(2):1070-5. Epub 2012 Jan 14.
  • The susceptibility of rabbits to two isolates of Vaccinia virus (VACV) recovered from cutaneous disease in horses in Southern Brazil was investigated. Rabbits were inoculated in the ear skin with both VACV isolates, either in single or mixed infection. All inoculated animals presented local skin les
  • PMID 22244689
  • Preventing vaccinia virus class-I epitopes presentation by HSV-ICP47 enhances the immunogenicity of a TAP-independent cancer vaccine epitope.
  • Raafat N, Sadowski-Cron C, Mengus C, Heberer M, Spagnoli GC, Zajac P.SourceDepartment of Biomedicine, Oncology group, Institute of Surgical Research and Hospital Management, University of Basel, Switzerland; Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt.
  • International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer.Int J Cancer.2012 Sep 1;131(5):E659-69. doi: 10.1002/ijc.27362. Epub 2012 Jan 3.
  • Herpes simplex virus protein ICP47, encoded by US12 gene, strongly downregulates major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class-I antigen restricted presentation by blocking transporter associated with antigen processing (TAP) protein. To decrease viral vector antigenic immunodominance and MHC class-I
  • PMID 22116674


  • 腰部脊柱管狭窄症による難治性のしびれ、疼痛に対しプレガバリンが有効であった血液透析患者の1例
  • 大坪 茂/矢吹 恭子/石原 美和/秋葉 隆/新田 孝作
  • 東京女子医科大学雑誌 81(6), 416-418, 2011-12-25
  • 【症例】84歳女性。糖尿病性腎症により82歳時に血液透析導入。83歳時腰部下肢痛あり、レントゲンにて腰椎すべり症と診断。手術は高齢で本人希望もなく、リマポロストアルファデクス使用開始し経過観察とした。ワクシニアウイルス接種家兎炎症皮膚抽出液や抗うつ薬も使用し、仙骨部硬膜外ブロックも施行。しかし、症状増悪し入院となる。MRIにて、L3/4に高度狭窄と右側に椎間板ヘルニアを、L4/5に狭窄と右椎間孔型 …
  • NAID 110008754020
  • S14-5 Filaggrin deficiency impairs viral containment in mice cutaneously inoculated with Vaccinia virus


世界大百科事典 第2版 vaccinia virusの用語解説 - ジェンナーが〈牛痘にかかったから天然痘にかかる心配はない〉という乳搾りの娘の話からヒントを得て,種痘法を開発したことはよく知られている。種痘に用いられる牛痘 ...
ワクシニアウイルス【vaccinia virus】とは。意味や解説。ウイルスの一種で、種痘に使われた。この遺伝子に肝炎やヘルペスウイルスの遺伝子の一部を組み込んで万能ワクチンを作る試みがある。 - goo辞書は国語、英和、和英 ...


fig 1 vaccinia virus surface features a vaccinia virus m050 0964 rights managed vaccinia virusthough vaccinia virus is intimately vaccinia virus group a streptococciРубрики: удивительное

リンク元ワクシニアウイルス」「rabbitpox virus
拡張検索vaccinia virus infection



vaccinia virus, VACV
vaccinum variolae, poxvirus officinale

rabbitpox virus」


vaccinia virus

vaccinia virus infection」



  [★] ウイルス

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「a harmful or corrupting agency; "bigotry is a virus that must not be allowed to spread"; "the virus of jealousy is latent in everyone"」

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「a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer; "a true virus cannot spread to another computer without human assistance"」
computer virus

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「(virology) ultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts; many are pathogenic; a piece of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a thin coat of protein」


  [★] ワクシニアワクチニア

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「a local infection induced in humans by inoculation with the virus causing cowpox in order to confer resistance to smallpox; normally lasts three weeks and leaves a pitted scar」
vaccina, variola vaccine, variola vaccinia, variola vaccina

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「牛痘(=cowpox) 痘疹」