thalassemia major

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  • (病名)重症型サラセミア
beta-thalassemiaCooley's anemiaMediterranean anemiathalassaemia majorthalassemia minor

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  • Relation between BMD and biochemical, transfusion and endocrinological parameters in pediatric thalassemic patients.
  • Mohseni F1, Mohajeri-Tehrani MR, Larijani B, Hamidi Z.
  • Archives of osteoporosis.Arch Osteoporos.2014 Dec;9(1):174. doi: 10.1007/s11657-014-0174-3. Epub 2014 Mar 21.
  • Low BMDs, short stature, hypogonadism, subclinical hypothyroidism, and IFG are found in 3.3, 10, 33, 16.6, 6.6, and 26.6 % of 30 pediatric β thalassemia major patients, respectively. Age is related with low Z-scores. Short stature and hypogonadism patients were older. These patients' monitoring in
  • PMID 24652076
  • Iron distribution and histopathological characterization of the liver and heart of β-thalassemic mice with parenteral iron overload: Effects of deferoxamine and deferiprone.
  • Yatmark P1, Morales NP2, Chaisri U3, Wichaiyo S1, Hemstapat W1, Srichairatanakool S4, Svasti S5, Fucharoen S5.
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  • The liver and heart are the major target organs for iron accumulation and iron toxicity in β-thalassemia. To mimic the phenomenon of heavy iron overload resulting from repeated blood transfusions, a total of 180mg of iron dextran was intraperitoneally injected into C57BL/6J mice (WT) and heterozygo
  • PMID 24907196
  • Percutaneous excretion of iron and ferritin (through Al-hijamah) as a novel treatment for iron overload in beta-thalassemia major, hemochromatosis and sideroblastic anemia.
  • El Sayed SM1, Abou-Taleb A2, Mahmoud HS3, Baghdadi H4, Maria RA5, Ahmed NS6, Nabo MM7.
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  • Iron overload is a big challenge when treating thalassemia (TM), hemochromatosis and sideroblastic anemia. It persists even after cure of TM with bone marrow transplantation. Iron overload results from increased iron absorption and repeated blood transfusions causing increased iron in plasma and int
  • PMID 24857772


  • 日本におけるヘモグロビン異常症:―その特徴と諸外国との比較―
  • Molecular basis of transfusion dependent beta-thalassemia major patients in Sabah
  • Lack of correlation between non-labile iron parameters, total carbonyl and malondialdehyde in major thalassemia
  • Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 55(3), 203-206, 2014
  • NAID 130004699301


Thalassemia major occurs when a child inherits two mutated genes, one from each parent. Children born with thalassemia major usually develop the symptoms of severe anemia within the first year of life. They lack the ability to ...
Shamsi said that it was only when both the parents are carrying it that there are chances of thalassemia major in the child or children born to them otherwise with just one of the parent suffering from the condition hold nil risk for the ...



リンク元葉酸欠乏症」「重症型サラセミア」「Mediterranean anemia」「beta-thalassemia」「thalassemia minor
拡張検索beta thalassemia major」「beta-thalassemia major」「β thalassemia major」「β-thalassemia major



folic acid deficiency



  • 1. 食事
  • [高頻度]老人、幼児、貧困、アルコール中毒、病弱、精神障害(psychiatrically disturbed)
  • [可能性]壊血病やクワシオコワ(kwashiorkor)
  • 2. 吸収不良(malabsorption)
  • メジャーな原因
  • 熱帯スプルー、グルテン腸症、疱疹状皮膚炎にともなうもの、葉酸特異的な吸収不良、重度のコバラミン・葉酸欠乏による腸性巨赤芽球症
  • マイナーな原因
  • 広範囲腸切除、クローン病、胃部分切除、うっ血性心不全、ウィップル病、強皮症、アミロイドーシス、糖尿病性腸症、全身性細菌感染症、リンパ腫、サラゾスルファピリジン
  • 3. 過剰な生体内利用あるいは喪失
  • 生理的
  • 妊娠、授乳、未熟児
  • 病的
  • 血液学的疾患:慢性溶血性貧血、鎌状赤血球貧血、thalassemia major(βサラセミア)
  • 悪性疾患:癌腫、リンパ腫、白血病、骨髄腫
  • 炎症性疾患:結核、クローン病、感染、剥脱性皮膚炎、マラリア
  • 代謝性疾患:ホモシスチン症
  • 尿からの過剰消失:うっ血性心不全、活動性肝疾患
  • その他:血液交換、腹膜透析
  • 4. 抗葉酸薬
  • 5. 複合要因Mixed causes
  • 肝疾患、アルコール中毒、ICU



thalassemia majorthalassaemia major

Mediterranean anemia」



beta-thalassemiaCooley's anemiathalassaemiathalassaemicthalassemiathalassemia majorthalassemia minorthalassemic




beta-thalassaemiaCooley's anemiaMediterranean anemiathalassemia majorthalassemia minor

thalassemia minor」



beta-thalassemiaCooley's anemiaMediterranean anemiathalassemia major

beta thalassemia major」

  [★] 重症型βサラセミア

beta-thalassemia major」

  [★] 重症型βサラセミア

β thalassemia major」

  [★] 重症型βサラセミア

β-thalassemia major」

  [★] 軽症型サラセミア



  • adj.
  • 主要な、主な、専攻する、メジャーな

WordNet   license wordnet

「of the field of academic study in which one concentrates or specializes; "his major field was mathematics"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines; below lieutenant colonel and above captain」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a university student who is studying a particular field as the principal subject; "she is a linguistics major"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the principal field of study of a student at a university; "her major is linguistics"」

PrepTutorEJDIC   license prepejdic

「『大きい』(『多い』)『ほうの』,いっそう重要な / (音階が)長調の,長音階の / 《英》《昔の学校で同姓または兄弟生徒を区別するために姓の後につけて》年長の,兄の / 《しばしばM-》陸軍(空軍)少佐 / 《米》専攻科目;専攻学生 / 《the majors》《米》=major leagues / (科目を)専攻する《+『in』+『名』》」

WordNet   license wordnet

「greater in number or size or amount; "a major portion (a majority) of the population"; "Ursa Major"; "a major portion of the winnings"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「greater in scope or effect; "a major contribution"; "a major improvement"; "a major break with tradition"; "a major misunderstanding"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「have as one''s principal field of study; "She is majoring in linguistics"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「of a scale or mode; "major scales"; "the key of D major"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「of full legal age」

WordNet   license wordnet

「of greater importance or stature or rank; "a major artist"; "a major role"; "major highways"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「of greater seriousness or danger; "a major earthquake"; "a major hurricane"; "a major illness"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「of the elder of two boys with the same family name; "Jones major"」


  [★] サラセミア

WordNet   license wordnet

「an inherited form of anemia caused by faulty synthesis of hemoglobin」
thalassaemia, Mediterranean anemia, Mediterranean anaemia



WordNet   license wordnet

「British statesman who was prime minister from 1990 until 1997 (born in 1943)」
John Major, John R. Major, John Roy Major




1マーフィー徴候 18
2narrow segment 16
3" wounds are made"  15
4グレイ症候群 15
5"phenoxypolyethoxylethanol" 15
6ロイシンエンケファリン 13
7硝酸ミコナゾール 11
8Common Laboratory Equipment 11
9content 10
10だいすいたいしんけい 9
11粟粒結核と肉下種 9
12全身性ヒマン細胞小 9
13細胞内寄生菌 9
14kligler培地 原理 9
15不整脈  9
16角膜反射 中枢 9
17膜性骨化 8
18ソルデム 8
19ハプロ不全 疾患 8
20日本多毛 8

1" wounds are made"  15
2kligler培地 原理 9
3kligler培地 硫化鉄 4
4ǸCαꥦ륹ΤǤ뤳ȤŦƤ֤Ƥ 4
5歳の女性。右目の疼痛、充血および霧視を主訴に来院した。眼底に異常を認めない。視力は右 0.9 (矯正不能)、左 1.2 (矯正不能)。眼圧は右 11 mmHg、左 12 mmHg。フルオレセイン染色後の前眼部写真 (別冊No. 5) を別に示す。 治療薬として適切なのはどれか。 4
6胃癌 borrmann分類 3
7回復過程 3
8ジェンドラシック法 メカニズム 3
9しょうすいたいしんけい 3
10ラリンゲルマスク ゼリー 3
11ハッセルバッハ三角 3
12白内障 grade 3
13フォンギールケ病 3
14マッコーネルサイン 3
15小児骨折 好発部位 3
16咽頭神経叢 3
17低アルドステロン症 3
18フロマン徴候 3
19オーグメンチン 販売中止 3
20クスマウル徴候 3