reticular formation

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  • 色素失調症(Bloch-Sulzberger Syndrome)の 1 例
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reticular formation n. A diffuse network of white longitudinal nerve fibers interspersed with gray matter, located in the brain stem, that regulates various autonomic functions, such as sleep and waking. retic′ular forma′tion n. a network ...
The reticular formation is a comprehensive network of nerves found in the central brainstem. The main functions of the reticular... ... The development of lesions in the brain stem and the paramedian reticular formation can have a ...


Reticular Formation :Ascending Reticular FormationRETICULAR FORMATIONBrain Reticular FormationReticular formationcerebral cortex to the reticular formation

リンク元網様体」「formatio reticularis
拡張検索paramedian pontine reticular formation syndrome



reticular formation (KL)

  • まばらな細胞体(網様核)の間を網目状の神経線維が結んでいる
  • 白質にも灰白質にも分類されない
  • 呼吸および循環の中枢であり、生命維持に不可欠な機能を担っている


  • 1.脊髄(脊髄網様体路・脊髄視床路)
  • 2.小脳
  • 3.中脳(上丘、赤核)
  • 4.大脳皮質


  • 1.視床-大脳皮質(網様体視床路)
  • 2.脊髄(網様体脊髄路)
  • 3.小脳(網様体小脳路)
  • 4.中脳核


  • 1.大脳に対して
  • 上行性網様体賦活系
  • 2.運動系に対して
  • 3.内蔵機能に対して
  • 生命中枢

formatio reticularis」



reticular formation

paramedian pontine reticular formation syndrome」

  [★] 傍正中部橋網様体症候群



  • n.

WordNet   license wordnet

「natural process that causes something to form; "the formation of gas in the intestine"; "the formation of crystals"; "the formation of pseudopods"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the act of fabricating something in a particular shape」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a particular spatial arrangement」

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「creation by mental activity; "the formation of sentences"; "the formation of memories"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「an arrangement of people or things acting as a unit; "a defensive formation"; "a formation of planes"」

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「〈U〉(…の)『形成』,構成,育成《+『of』+『名』》 / 〈C〉形成されたもの,構成物;(その)構造,組織 / 〈U〉〈C〉隊形,陣形」



  • np.