neurologic disorder

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  • 化膿性脊椎炎および脊髄硬膜外膿瘍を伴った咽後膿瘍例
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  • … An 83-year-old man presented to the emergency department of our hospital with disorder of consciousness (Japan coma scale I-2), weakness of the limbs, and a 4-day history of neck pain. … Based on the literature and our experience, we believe that although rare, spinal epidural abscesses are a critical complication that could result in a severe decline in neurologic function or death if diagnosis and treatment are delayed. …
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  • CCL2 induces neural stem cell proliferation and neuronal differentiation in Niemann-Pick type C mice
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  • … Niemann-Pick type C disease (NP-C) is a rare and ultimately fatal lysosomal storage disorder with variable neurologic symptoms. …
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  • 糖尿病性神経障害に対する低反応レベルレーザー照射治療 (Low reactive Level Laser Therapy: LLLT)の効果
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  • 糖尿病性神経障害は糖尿病の合併症の中で最も頻度が高く,四肢末梢の疼痛・しびれが主症状である.神経障害は,高血糖による神経細胞の損傷と神経周囲の血管障害による神経損傷,神経再生障害が主なメカニズムと考えられている.神経症状の治療はアルドース還元酵素阻害薬と鎮痛補助薬による薬物療法が中心であるが,血管拡張作用と神経再生作用を持つ低反応レベルレーザー照射による治療の有効性が確認されている.
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ORLANDO -- The prevalence of pseudobulbar affect symptoms--that is, uncontrollable, disruptive outbursts of crying and/or laughing--is considerably greater across a range of neurologic disorders than previously appreciated, according ...
neurology (no orŏl`əjē, nyo o–), study of the morphology, physiology, and pathology of the human nervous system. As researchers, neurologists carry on investigative and experimental work in such areas as conductivity, embryology ...


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リンク元神経障害」「neurologic deficit」「neuropathic」「nervous system disorder」「neurological disorder
拡張検索degenerative neurologic disorder



neuropathyneurological disorderneurologic deficitneurologic disorderneurological deficitnerve damagenervous system disorderneuropathic


  • Seddon(1942)とSunderland(1951)が唱えた分類がそれぞれある



neurologic deficit」


neurologic deficit
  • 神経障害、神経脱落、神経学的欠損
neurologic deficits may accompany dissection into the carotid vessels.(PHD.355)
focal neurologic deficitnerve damagenervous system disorderneurologic disorderneurologic dysfunctionneurologic findingneurologic manifestationneurologic signneurologic signs and symptomsneurologic symptomneurological deficitneurological disorderneurological manifestationneuropathicneuropathy



  • adj.
  • 神経障害性の、神経障害の、ニューロパチーの、神経因性の
nerve damagenervous system disorderneurogenicneurologic deficitneurologic disorderneurological deficitneurological disorderneuropathy

nervous system disorder」


nerve damagenervous system diseaseneurologic deficitneurologic disorderneurological deficitneurological disorderneuropathicneuropathy
Central nervous system (CNS) disorder

neurological disorder」



nerve damagenervous system diseasenervous system disorderneurologic deficitneurologic disorderneurological deficitneuropathicneuropathy

degenerative neurologic disorder」


central nervous system degenerative diseasedegenerative cerebellar diseasedegenerative neurologic diseasenervous system degenerative diseaseneurodegenerative diseaseneurodegenerative disorderneurologic degenerative disease



  • 障害:個人的苦痛や機能の障害があるので「疾病」とは言えるものの、その背景にある臓器障害がもう一つはっきりしない場合に用いられる。(PSY.9)
  • n.
  • an untidy state; a lack of order or organization (⇔order)
  • violent behaviour of large groups of people
  • an illness that cause a part of the body to stop functioning correctly
  • 注意
disease <> illness <> disorder
  • vt.
  • 乱す、乱雑にする。(人)の(心身の)調子を狂わせる。
  • vi.

WordNet   license wordnet

「bring disorder to」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning; "the doctor prescribed some medicine for the disorder"; "everyone gets stomach upsets from time to time"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a disturbance of the peace or of public order」

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「〈U〉『無秩序』,混乱,乱雑(confusion) / 《しばしば複数形で》(社会的・政治的な)粉争,騒動 / 〈C〉(肉体的・精神的な)不調,異常,障害 / …‘の'秩序を乱す / 〈心身〉‘に'異常を起こさせる」



  • adj.
  • 神経性の



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「not arranged in order」