inflammatory myopathy

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focal myositisidiopathic inflammatory myopathyinflammatory muscle diseasemyositisproliferative myositis

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  • Classical and Atypical Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva in India.
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  • Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) is a rare debilitating disorder characterized by congenital deformity of the great toes from infancy and postnatal heterotopic ossification. Activating mutations in the activin A receptor type 1 (ACVR1) gene are responsible for the disease. The most common
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  • In the idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIM), do reactive oxygen species (ROS) contribute to muscle weakness?
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  • The idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIMs) are a group of rare autoimmune disorders, collectively known as myositis. Affected patients present with proximal muscle weakness, which usually improves following treatment with immunosuppressants, but often incompletely so, thus many patients remain we
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  • Inclusion body myositis with granuloma formation in muscle tissue
  • A Study of the Exercise Effect and Exercise Load Determined Using Perceived Exertion in Patients with the Subacute Phase of Inflammatory Myopathy
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  • 抗PL-7抗体陽性筋炎の1例―anti-synthetase syndromeの臨床像と筋病理像の検討―


Myopathy is a term used to describe muscle disease. The inflammatory myopathies are a group of diseases that involve chronic muscle inflammation, accompanied by muscle weakness. Another word for ...
Inflammatory myopathy Definition Inflammatory myopathy is a term that defines a group of muscle diseases involving inflammation and degeneration of skeletal muscle tissues. They are thought to be autoimmune disorders. In ...


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リンク元炎症性筋疾患」「focal myositis」「proliferative myositis」「inflammatory muscle disease」「炎症性ミオパチー
拡張検索idiopathic inflammatory myopathy


  [★] 筋炎

WordNet   license wordnet

「inflammation of muscle tissue」



inflammatory myopathyinflammatory muscle disease

focal myositis」



idiopathic inflammatory myopathyinflammatory muscle diseaseinflammatory myopathymyositisproliferative myositis

proliferative myositis」



focal myositisidiopathic inflammatory myopathyinflammatory muscle diseaseinflammatory myopathymyositis

inflammatory muscle disease」


focal myositisidiopathic inflammatory myopathyinflammatory myopathymyositisproliferative myositis



inflammatory myopathy

idiopathic inflammatory myopathy」



focal myositisinflammatory muscle diseaseinflammatory myopathymyositisproliferative myositis



  • adj.
  • 炎症性の、炎症の、起炎性の

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「characterized or caused by inflammation; "an inflammatory process"; "an inflammatory response"」

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「炎症を起こす,炎症性の / 憤激させる,扇動的な」


  [★] 筋疾患

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「any pathology of the muscles that is not attributable to nerve dysfunction」