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「amine formed from histidine that stimulates gastric secretions and dilates blood vessels; released by the human immune system during allergic reactions」

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  • Bioactive amines in Mozzarella cheese from milk with varying somatic cell counts.
  • Ubaldo JC1, Carvalho AF2, Fonseca LM3, Glória MB4.
  • Food chemistry.Food Chem.2015 Jul 1;178:229-35. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.01.084. Epub 2015 Jan 24.
  • The influence of somatic cells counts (SCC) in milk on bioactive amines in Mozzarella cheese was investigated. High SCC milk had lower lactose and higher pH compared to low and medium SCC. Low spermine levels were found in milk irrespective of SCC. The cheeses had similar characteristics, but the ex
  • PMID 25704706
  • Reduction of biogenic amines production by eliminating the PEP4 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during fermentation of Chinese rice wine.
  • Guo X1, Guan X1, Wang Y1, Li L1, Wu D1, Chen Y1, Pei H1, Xiao D2.
  • Food chemistry.Food Chem.2015 Jul 1;178:208-11. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.01.089. Epub 2015 Jan 24.
  • Biogenic amines in Chinese rice wine have a potential threat of toxicity to human health. In this study, PEP4 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae was knocked out in order to evaluate its effect on biogenic amines production; the enzyme encodes proteinase A (PrA), an enzyme that is responsible for the p
  • PMID 25704703
  • Optimization of Maillard reaction with ribose for enhancing anti-allergy effect of fish protein hydrolysates using response surface methodology.
  • Yang SY1, Kim SW1, Kim Y2, Lee SH3, Jeon H2, Lee KW4.
  • Food chemistry.Food Chem.2015 Jun 1;176:420-5. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2014.12.090. Epub 2014 Dec 30.
  • Halibut is served on sushi and as sliced raw fish fillets. We investigated the optimal conditions of the Maillard reaction (MR) with ribose using response surface methodology to reduce the allergenicity of its protein. A 3-factored and 5-leveled central composite design was used, where the independe
  • PMID 25624251
  • Brewing effect on levels of biogenic amines in different coffee samples as determined by LC-UV.
  • Restuccia D1, Spizzirri UG2, Parisi OI2, Cirillo G2, Picci N2.
  • Food chemistry.Food Chem.2015 May 15;175:143-50. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2014.11.134. Epub 2014 Nov 29.
  • Eight biogenic amines (spermine, spermidine, putrescine, histamine, tyramine, phenylethylamine, cadaverine and serotonin) were determined by LC-UV after derivatization with dansyl-chloride in both ground coffee and coffee beverages obtained by different methods. In ground coffee, the most relevant a
  • PMID 25577063


  • 創薬ターゲット膜蛋白質の立体構造解析 : アデノシンA2a受容体とヒスタミンH1受容体
  • 島村 達郎,小笠原 諭,岩田 想
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  • 花粉性結膜炎の診断と治療 (特集 花粉症治療のupdate)
  • 海老原 伸行
  • 臨床免疫・アレルギー科 58(6), 697-701, 2012-12
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  • コリン性蕁麻疹 (特集 特異なアレルギーの発症機序 : 最近の知見)
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  • 魚醤油のヒスタミン蓄積機構と除去法について


Histamine is an organic nitrogen compound involved in local immune responses as well as regulating physiological function in the gut and acting as a neurotransmitter. Histamine triggers the inflammatory response. As part of an immune ...
ヒスタミンを産生する菌は、ヒスチジン脱炭酸酵素を有するもので、Morganella morganii(モルガン菌)、Klebsiella oxytoca及び好塩性菌のPhotobacterium phosphoreum、Photobacterium damsela等が知られている。なお、Photobacterium 属菌の中に ...



拡張検索histamine H3 receptor」「histamine H2 receptor」「topical antihistamine





  • ヒスチジンから生合成される。
  • ヒスチジンを脱炭酸する酵素は、ヒスチジンデカルボキシラーゼ(補酵素はピリドキサル5'-リン酸(PLP))
  • この反応は肥満細胞で起こる。


一般的作動薬 受容体 G protein subunit 作用
ヒスタミン H1 Gq 鼻、器官粘膜分泌、細気管支収縮、かゆみ、痛み
H2 Gs 胃酸分泌
  N-C                            N-C
 ||  \                            ||  \
 ||      C-CH2-CH(NH3+)-COO- → ||      C-CH2-CH-NH3+
 ||    /                           ||    /
   C-N                             C-N
     H                              H

histamine H3 receptor」



H3 receptor

histamine H2 receptor」



H2 receptor

topical antihistamine」

  [★] 抗ヒスタミン外用薬