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「any small spherical group of cells containing a cavity」

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「小嚢(しょうのう),卵胞 / (植物の)袋果(たいか)」

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  • DEHP exposure impairs mouse oocyte cyst breakdown and primordial follicle assembly through estrogen receptor-dependent and independent mechanisms.
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  • Estrogen plays an essential role in the development of mammalian oocytes, and recent studies suggest that it also regulates primordial follicle assembly in the neonatal ovaries. During the last decade, potential exposure of humans and animals to estrogen-like endocrine disrupting chemicals has becom
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  • Formation of an Antral Follicle-Like Structure by Bovine Cumulus-Oocyte Complexes Embedded with Fragmin/Protamine Microparticles.
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  • Fragmin/protamine microparticles (F/P MPs) approximately 0.5-1 µM in diameter were prepared by the simple mixing of fragmin with protamine. This study investigated the effects of F/P MP-containing collagen gels as a hormone carrier on the formation of antral follicle-like structures and on the dev
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  • Anti-PEG IgM and complement system are required for the association of second doses of PEGylated liposomes with splenic marginal zone B cells.
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  • The accelerated blood clearance (ABC) phenomenon makes it crucial to use PEGylated liposomes and micelles to deliver drugs. The ABC phenomenon is an immune response against an initial dose of PEGylated liposome, which causes subsequent doses to be rapidly cleared by macrophages in the liver. We rece
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  • 抗ARS抗体陽性間質性肺炎の病理 (特集 抗アミノアシルtRNA合成酵素抗体と間質性肺炎 : 最近の話題)
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  • Effects of reaggregated granulosa cells and oocytes derived from early antral follicles on the properties of oocytes grown in vitro
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  • Regulation of secondary follicle growth by theca cells and insulin-like growth factor 1
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follicle [fol´ĭ-k'l] a sac or pouchlike depression or cavity. adj., adj follic´ular. atretic ovarian follicle an involuted ovarian follicle. dental follicle the structure within the substance of the jaws enclosing a tooth before its eruption; the dental ...
First up is John Edwards, who will show Romney how to achieve that dry-hair look while keeping every follicle in place. ... botany) a dry fruit, formed from a single carpel, that splits along one side only to release its seeds: occurs in ...


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follicle (Z), ovarian follicle
folliculus ovaricus, folliculus ovarii


  • 最初、原始卵胞はFSHに依存せずに生育していき、顆粒膜細胞層が3層になった頃(一次卵胞)にFSH受容体を発現し、FSH依存性に生育していく。
  • 月経周期の初期には下垂体からのFSH分泌が増加して(月経周期参照)、ゴナドトロピン刺激とは無関係に発育してきた卵胞をさらに刺激してグラーフ卵胞へと発達させる。FSHによる刺激がない場合には卵胞は変性し閉鎖卵胞となる。(NGY.26)
  • (ゴナドトロピンの刺激を受けた?)卵胞は1-2mm/dayの割合で大きくなり、5mmで超音波エコーにて描出される。
  • 排卵前には約20mmとなる。