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  • vt.
  • (攻撃などで)~を(すっかり)取り巻く(surround)。(be ed)(人・物が)(~で)取り囲まれる(with, by)
  • ~を包含する(include)
Acute coronary syndrome refers to any constellation of clinical symptoms that encompasses acute myocardial infarction as well as unstalble angina(UA).
  • (破滅など)をもたらす(bring about)


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「(…で)…‘を'取り囲む;取り巻く(surround)《+『名』+『with』(『by』)+『名』》 / …‘を'包み込む,包含する(include)」

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  • Modelling the influence of climate change on the chemical concentrations in the Baltic Sea region with the POPCYCLING-Baltic model.
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  • Evaluating belinjau (Gnetum gnemon L.) seed flour quality as a base for development of novel food products and food formulations.
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  • Belinjau (Gnetum gnemon L.) seed flour was evaluated for nutritional composition, antioxidant activity and functional properties. Seed flour was found to be rich in protein (19.0g/100g), crude fibre (8.66g/100g), carbohydrates (64.1%), total dietary fibre (14.5%) and encompassed adequate amounts of
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  • Numerical solution for 5-layer laminate technique to determine saturation solubility of a drug in a thin film of pressure sensitive adhesive.
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  • A numerical solution of the one-dimensional diffusion equation is presented to describe the 5-layer laminate technique for estimating the saturation solubility of a drug in a thin polymer film. The boundary and initial conditions encompass a donor layer, a separating membrane, and an acceptor layer.
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  • Insight into genetic determinants of resting heart rate.
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  • BACKGROUND: Recent studies suggested that resting heart rate (RHR) might be an independent predictor of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. Nonetheless, the interrelation between RHR and cardiovascular diseases is not clear. In order to resolve this puzzle, the importance of genetic determinants
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  • 学生向けのプレゼンテーション作成ガイドの提案
  • 金 ヨンソ,湯浦 克彦
  • 研究報告コンピュータと教育(CE) 2015-CE-128(5), 1-11, 2015-02-07
  • … The first part will encompass ideas to consider whilst drawing up a presentation scenario, the next part will involve considerations to make whilst creating a slide, and the final part will observe considerations to make whilst implementing a presentation. …
  • NAID 110009873276
  • タイ国における中国系善堂の宗教活動 : 泰国義徳善堂に見る中国系宗教とタイ仏教
  • 片岡 樹
  • 東南アジア研究 52(2), 172-207, 2015-01-31
  • … Todayʼs Ngi Tek Tung can be viewed both as a secular foundation to encompass the religious domain and as a religious organization engaged in profane activities. …
  • NAID 120005603908
  • タイ国における中国系善堂の宗教活動: 泰国義徳善堂に見る中国系宗教とタイ仏教
  • 片岡 樹
  • 東南アジア研究 52(2), 172-207, 2015-01-31
  • … Today's Ngi Tek Tung can be viewed both as a secular foundation to encompass the religious domain and as a religious organization engaged in profane activities. …
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  • Impact of Individual and Urban Traits and Urban Form on Vehicle Hours Traveled
  • Lee Gunwon,Jeong Yunnam,Kim Seiyong
  • Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 14(3), 601-608, 2015
  • … The 5Ds encompass the widely-known factors for reducing VHT through the 3Ds (density, diversity, design) introduced by Cervero and Kockelman (1997), as well as two additional elements of distance to transit and destination accessibility as appended by Ewing et al. …
  • NAID 130005099955


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encompassとは。意味や和訳。[動](他)1 …を包み込む,網羅する,くるむ,封じる.2 (特に攻撃・防御のために)…の周りに輪を作る;…を囲む,包囲する;((受身))(…で)取り囲まれている((with, by ...)).3 〈破壊・破滅などを〉もたらす.4 ...
encompass 【他動】 〔~の回りを〕取り囲む、包囲する ~を包む、~を覆う 〔完... - アルクがお届けする進化するオンライン英和・和英辞書データベース。一般的な単語や連語から、イディオム、専門用語、スラングまで幅広く収録。


image encompass encompass real healthcare Encompass Auto Insurance Company's Experts Aldea and Encompass Digital Media of the growing organization. Encompass Encompass, Journey Church, Orphan Care encompass encompassFryer & Sons Insurance - EncompassEncompass Engineering, Railway Engineering




  • n.

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「money that is invested with an expectation of profit」
investment funds

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「the ceremonial act of clothing someone in the insignia of an office; the formal promotion of a person to an office or rank」

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「outer layer or covering of an organ or part or organism」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the act of putting on robes or vestments」

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「the commitment of something other than money (time, energy, or effort) to a project with the expectation of some worthwhile result; "this job calls for the investment of some hard thinking"; "he made an emotional investment in the work"」

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「〈U〉〈C〉(…を…へ)投資すること,出資《+『of』+『名』+『in』+『名』》 / 〈C〉(…への)投下資本,投資金《+『in』+『名』》 / 〈C〉投資の対象」



  • v.
  • 投資する、包囲する

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「provide with power and authority; "They vested the council with special rights"」
vest, enthrone

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「(…に)〈金など〉‘を'『投資する』《+『名』+『in』+『名』》 / (…に)〈時間・努力など〉‘を'つぎ込む《+『名』+『in』+『名』(do『ing』)》 / 《しばしば受動態で》(権力などを)〈人〉‘に'付与する《+『名』+『with』+『名』》 / 〈人〉‘を'就任させる / (性質・特質などを)〈人・物〉‘に'帯びさせる《+『名』+『with』+『名』》;(人・物に)〈性質・特質など〉‘を'付与する《+『名』+『in』+『名』》 / 《文》〈軍隊が〉…‘を'包囲する / (…に)投資する,(…を)買う《+『in』+『名』》」

WordNet   license wordnet

「furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors」
clothe, adorn

WordNet   license wordnet

「make an investment; "Put money into bonds"」
put, commit, place



acute coronary syndrome, ACS
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虚血性心疾患 ischemic heart disease IHD

急性冠症候群 acute coronary syndrome ACS



  • v.

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「extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle; "The forest surrounds my property"」
environ, ring, skirt, border

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「…‘を'『囲む』,取り巻く / (…で)…‘に'『囲いをする』《+名+with+名》 / (窓回りなどの)装飾的な枠取り;(じゅうたんと壁との間の)ほり敷物 / (ある区域・範囲を)取り囲む物」



  • v.

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「…'を'裏をかく,'を'出しぬく / …‘の'周囲を回って行く,'を'迂回する;…'を'回避する」



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「including entirely」



WordNet   license wordnet

「closely encircling; "encompassing mountain ranges"; "the surrounding countryside"」
surrounding, circumferent