convergence insufficiency

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  • (外斜位を伴う近見時の眼運動異常)輻輳不全
eye movement disorderinternuclear ophthalmoplegiaocular motility disorderopsoclonusParinaud syndromeParinaud's syndromeskew deviation

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  • Treatment of Accommodative Dysfunction in Children: Results from a Randomized Clinical Trial.
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  • PURPOSE.: To report the effectiveness of various forms of vision therapy/orthoptics in improving accommodative amplitude and facility in children with symptomatic convergence insufficiency (CI) and co-existing accommodative dysfunction. METHODS.: In a randomized clinical trial, 221 children aged 9 t
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  • Congenital Esotropia and the Risk of Mental Illness by Early Adulthood.
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  • OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to investigate whether children with congenital esotropia (CET) are more likely than controls to develop mental illness by early adulthood.DESIGN: Retrospective, population-based cohort.PARTICIPANTS: Children (aged <19 years) diagnosed with CET while residi
  • PMID 21986557


  • 一般口演「斜視1」 小児輻湊不全型外斜視に対する両外直筋後転術の手術成績 (第67回日本弱視斜視学会(1))
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  • 大阪医科大学における遮光眼鏡の検討
  • 南 稔浩,中村 桂子,澤 ふみ子,濱村 美恵子,稲泉 令巳子,清水 みはる,筒井 亜由美,江富 朋彦,菅澤 淳
  • Japanese orthoptic journal 36, 133-139, 2007-10-31
  • NAID 10019964306


What is Convergence Insufficiency? Leading cause of eyestrain (especially with reading), blurry vision, double vision, near vision probems, headaches, exophoria.


Convergence insufficiency | Educational  to a child with convergence insufficiencyConvergence Insufficiency | Vision Therapy convergence insufficiency bConvergence Insufficiency about convergence insufficiency

先読みinternuclear ophthalmoplegia
リンク元eye movement disorder」「ocular motility disorder」「輻輳不全

internuclear ophthalmoplegia」

  [★] 核間性眼筋麻痺 INO

eye movement disorder」


convergence insufficiencyinternuclear ophthalmoplegiaocular motility disorderoculomotor nerve palsyopsoclonusParinaud syndromeParinaud's syndromeskew deviation

ocular motility disorder」



convergence insufficiencyeye movement disorderinternuclear ophthalmoplegiaoculomotor nerve palsyopsoclonusParinaud syndromeParinaud's syndromeskew deviation



convergence insufficiency



  • n.
dearthdeficientdeficitdysfunctionfailingfailurehypofunctionimperfectain shortinadequateincompetenceinsufficientinsufficientlylacklowmalfunctionpaucitypoorlyregurgitationscantyscarcescarcityshortshortageshortnessstun

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「a lack of competence; "pointed out the insufficiencies in my report"; "juvenile offenses often reflect an inadequacy in the parents"」

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「(pathology) inability of a bodily part or organ to function normally」

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「lack of an adequate quantity or number; "the inadequacy of unemployment benefits"」
inadequacy, deficiency

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「the act of converging (coming closer)」
converging, convergency

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「the approach of an infinite series to a finite limit」

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「the occurrence of two or more things coming together」

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