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コレシストキニン CCK

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「a gastrointestinal hormone that stimulates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and the contraction and emptying of the gall bladder; its release is stimulated by the presence of fatty acids and amino acids in the small intestine」

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cholecystokinin [ko″le-sis″to-ki´nin] a polypeptide hormone secreted in the small intestine, which stimulates gallbladder contraction and secretion of pancreatic enzymes. cho·le·cys·to·ki·nin (CCK), (kō'lē-sis-tō-kī'nin), [MIM*118440] A ...
Cholecystokinin (CCK) is the major hormone responsible for gallbladder contraction and pancreatic enzyme secretion. CCK, like other gastrointestinal hormones, is produced in discrete endocrine cells that line the mucosa of the ...
10) These include serotonin receptors (95 per cent of the body's serotonin is found in the gut), muscarinic, dopamine and opioid receptors, as well as receptors for locally released and systemic hormones such as cholecystokinin, corticotrophin, ghrelin and somatostatin.



拡張検索cholecystokinin A receptor」「cholecystokinin B receptor」「secretin-cholecystokinin test



cholecystokinin, CCK
コレシストキニン・パンクレオザイミン cholecystokinin pancreozymin CCK-PZ
パンクレオザイミン pancreozymin
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  • 小腸内タンパク質分解産物、酸、脂肪酸、アルコールが刺激となって、小腸のI細胞から分泌され、消化酵素に富む膵液を分泌させる。またオッディ括約筋を弛緩させ、胆嚢を収縮させて胆汁の分泌を促す。



  • ↓:胃排出(First Aid step 1 p.269)
  • ↑:胃酸分泌(CBT QB vol2 p.295)


  • ↑:胆嚢を収縮 (SP.706)
  • ↑:胆嚢外分泌腺増加


  • ↑:膵液分泌(First Aid step 1 p.269)
  • ↑:外分泌腺増加

調節 (First Aid step 1 p.269)

  • 脂肪酸、アミノ酸


  • 胆石症
  • 脂肪摂取→CCK↑→胆汁↑→いたいっ


  [★] コレシストキニン cholecystokinin

cholecystokinin A receptor」


CCK-A receptor

cholecystokinin B receptor」


CCK-B receptor

secretin-cholecystokinin test」

  [★] セクレチン・コレシストキニン試験