basilar membrane

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  • HYPOTHESIS: This study reports the cochlear histopathology of two patients who during life underwent cochlear implantation with a positioner.BACKGROUND: A silastic positioner introduced by the Advanced Bionics Corporation in 1999 was designed to position the electrode of the cochlear implant close t
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  • Cochlear implantation is an effective, established procedure for patients with profound deafness. Although implant electrodes have been considered as biocompatible prostheses, surgical insertion of the electrode induces various changes within the cochlea. Immediate changes include insertional trauma
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  • 蝸牛無反射伝送線路モデルのパラメータ値の一決定手法 (非線形問題)
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Basilar MembraneBasilar Membrane EarBasilar Membrane of the function of the basilar membranebasilar membraneBasilar Membrane Ear T/ears - a message




basilar membrane (Z), basement membrane, BM
membrana basalis
基底板× basal lamina×

  • 図:NDE.6(シェーマ)

  • 表皮直下に存在。光学顕微鏡下でPAS染色に赤色に染まり、ジアスターゼ抵抗性を示す。電顕的には複雑な構造を示す。(NDE.6)