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「accumulation of serous fluid in peritoneal cavity」

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  • Bioactive component, cantharidin from Mylabris cichorii and its antitumor activity against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma.
  • Verma AK, Prasad SB.SourceCell and Tumor Biology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, 793022, India.
  • Cell biology and toxicology.Cell Biol Toxicol.2012 Jun;28(3):133-47. Epub 2012 Mar 9.
  • The anticancer activity of the extract of blister beetle, Mylabris cichorii has been documented earlier by us. In the present study, the active principle of M. cichorii was isolated and its anticancer efficacy was evaluated against murine Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC). The isolated bioactive compo
  • PMID 22402807
  • Primary liver cancer presenting as pyogenic liver abscess: Characteristics, diagnosis, and management.
  • Li C, Li G, Miao R, Lu X, Zhong S, Sang X, Mao Y, Zhao H.SourceDepartment of Liver Surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College (CAMS & PUMC), Beijing, China; Department of Abdominal Surgery, Cancer Institute and Hospital, CAMS & PUMC, Beijing, China.
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  • BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Primary liver cancer (PLC) presenting as pyogenic liver abscess (PLA) is potentially life-threatening, but has been occasionally reported, especially for cholangiocarcinoma.METHODS: Medical records of nine patients who presented as PLA, but were eventually confirmed as hep
  • PMID 21952992
  • Mucolysis by ascorbic Acid and hydrogen peroxide on compact mucin secreted in pseudomyxoma peritonei.
  • Pillai K, Akhter J, Chua TC, Morris DL.SourceDepartment of Surgery, Hepatobiliary and Surgical Oncology Unit, University of New South Wales, St. George Hospital, Kogarah, NSW, Australia.
  • The Journal of surgical research.J Surg Res.2012 May 15;174(2):e69-73. Epub 2011 Nov 19.
  • BACKGROUND: This study examines the potential efficacy of hydrogen peroxide and ascorbic acid in the dissolution of mucinous ascites from pseudomyxoma peritonei.METHODS: The mucolytic action of both ascorbic acid (0%-0.2%) and hydrogen peroxide (0%-3%) are investigated as single agent on mucin sampl
  • PMID 22261589
  • V5-drainage-preserved right lobe grafts improve graft congestion for living donor liver transplantation.
  • Toshima T, Taketomi A, Ikegami T, Fukuhara T, Kayashima H, Yoshizumi T, Soejima Y, Shirabe K, Maehara Y.SourceDepartment of Surgery and Science, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Transplantation.Transplantation.2012 May 15;93(9):929-35.
  • BACKGROUND: Right lobe (RL) grafts without middle hepatic vein for living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) result in congestion of recipients' livers and sometimes in unfavorable postoperative course. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility of our new V5-drainage-preserved RL (VP-RL) graft.ME
  • PMID 22461038


  • 両側精索腫大を契機に発見された悪性腹膜中皮腫の1例
  • 惣田 哲次,山中 和明,平井 利明,岸川 英史,西村 憲二,市川 靖二
  • 泌尿器科紀要 58(3), 177-180, 2012-03
  • … Abdominal computed tomography showed ascites and a solid tumor of the bilateral spermatic cord. … For additional examination of the ascites, the patient underwent paracentesis, which revealed an extremely high level of hyaluronic acid. …
  • NAID 120003988381
  • 悪性の経過をたどった類上皮型腎血管筋脂肪腫の1例
  • 石川 哲生,伊藤 文夫,金光 泉,鈴木 浩司,中澤 速和,藤林 真理子
  • 泌尿器科紀要 58(1), 21-24, 2012-01
  • … Computed tomography showed bilateral renal masses with minimal fat tissue that were unlike classical angiomyolipoma (AML), as well as enlargement of the paraaortic lymph nodes, pleural effusion, and ascites, similar to other advanced malignant neoplasms such as renal cell carcinoma and renal sarcoma. …
  • NAID 120003796790
  • Slowly progressive insulin-dependent diabetes in a patient with primary biliary cirrhosis with portal hypertension-type progression
  • Takeshita Yumie,Takamura Toshinari,Inoue Oto,Okumura Miki,Kato Kenichiro,Sunagozaka Hajime,Arai Kuniaki,Misu Hirofumi,Nakamura Minoru,Nakanuma Yasuni,Kaneko Shuichi
  • Internal Medicine 51(1), 79-82, 2012
  • … Hepatic fibrosis was not evident, in spite of the transudative ascites and active esophageal varices. …
  • NAID 120003752531
  • 脾動脈結紮を伴う生体肝移植後に脾動脈症候群を呈した一例
  • 佐藤 太祐,八木 孝仁,貞森 裕,松田 浩明,篠浦 先,楳田 祐三,吉田 龍一,内海 方嗣,藤原 俊義
  • 岡山医学会雑誌 123(3), 207-211, 2011-12-01
  • … We report a 20-year-old women who developed SAS with pancytopenia and refractory ascites after living donor liver transplantation despite intraoperative ligation of the splenic artery as a prophylactic treatment for SAS. … After splenectomy, there was significant improvement in the hepatic artery perfusion, ascites disappeared promptly, and pancytopenia was significantly improved. …
  • NAID 120003659848


Ascites 1] is a gastroenterological term for an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity. The medical condition is also known as peritoneal cavity fluid, peritoneal fluid excess, hydroperitoneum or more archaically as abdominal dropsy.
Learn about ascites, accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. Some common causes of ascites include liver disease or cirrhosis, portal hypertension, cancers, heart failure, blood clots and more.
Ascites is excess fluid in the space between the tissues lining the abdomen and abdominal organs (the peritoneal cavity). ... Ascites due to liver disease is caused by high pressure in the blood vessels of the liver (portal hypertension) and low ...


Ascites | Image | Radiopaedia.orgAscites – Causes, Pictures, Symptoms And Ascites. Information page for Ascites from Ascites and umbilical hernia.Ascites; ascite; epanchement peritonealAscites - Showing distended abdomen filled

リンク元腹水」「subtle」「ascitic」「peritoneal effusion」「ascitic fluid
拡張検索malignant ascites」「Ehrlich ascites tumor



ascites, abdominal dropsy, hydroperitonia
腹腔内貯留液 intraperitoneal fluid


  • 腹腔内液体貯留


  滲出性 漏出性
外観 混濁 清明
蛋白質濃度(g/dl) >4.0 >2.5
比重 >1.018 <1.015 
疾患 癌性腹膜炎 肝硬変
化膿性腹膜炎 心疾患
結核性腹膜炎 ネフローゼ



  • 漏出性腹水
  • 滲出性腹水


  • 1. 門脈圧・静脈圧亢進
  • 2. 膠質浸透圧の低下
  • 3. リンパ液のうっ滞
  • 4. 血管透過性の亢進


肝硬変における腹水 HIM.1978

  • 肝硬変→門脈高血圧→内臓の血管拡張→
  • 1. →内臓の血管内圧の上昇→腹水
  • 2. →動脈血の減少→血管収縮機構と抗ナトリウム利尿機構の亢進→ナトリウム保持→血漿量の増加→腹水



  • 500ml以上の貯留があれば、腹部超音波検査、腹部CT、腹部MRIで検出できる。




  • 軽度の腹水:食事療法でナトリウム制限を行う。
  • 中等度の腹水:利尿薬で治療を行う。スピロノラクトン、さらに必要があればフロセミドを重ねる。
  • refractory ascites:利尿薬と食事療法でコントロールできない腹水。この場合、LPV(large volume paracentesis)やTIPS(transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt)を考慮する。



  • adj.
  • 繊細な。微妙な、とらえにくい、かすかな、ほのかな
These changes may be diagnostically useful and appear as increased FLAIR and T2 signal intensity in the posterior limb of the internal capsule, descending motor tracts of the brainstem, and spinal cord, all of which are subtle and may be missed.
CT scanning is used to detect intracranial calcifications and MRI to detect subtle abnormalities in myelinization.
The signs and symptoms of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis are subtle compared with those of patients who have surgical peritonitis in the absence of ascites.
  • ex.
  • subtle sign
(a subtle sign)かすかな兆し/兆候/前兆

a fraction of, dim, faint, faintly, few, insignificant, little, marginally, modest, modestly, only, scant, slight, slightly, subtly

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「able to make fine distinctions; "a subtle mind"」

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「(知覚しにくいほど)『かすかな』,ほのかな,微妙な / (頭脳・感覚などが)鋭い / ずるい,こうかつな / 難解な / 巧みな,精巧な」



  • adj.
  • 腹水の
ascitesascitic fluidperitoneal effusionperitoneal fluid

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「of or relating to or resulting from an abnormal accumulation of protein and electrolyte rich fluid in the peritoneal cavity」

peritoneal effusion」


ascitesasciticascitic fluidperitoneal fluid

ascitic fluid」


ascitesasciticperitoneal effusionperitoneal fluid

malignant ascites」



carcinomatous ascites

Ehrlich ascites tumor」



Ehrlich tumor carcinoma

"" より作成