anterodorsal thalamic nucleus

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anterior nuclear groupanterior thalamic nucleianterodorsal nucleusanteromedial nucleusanteroventral nucleusanteroventral thalamic nucleus

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  • Decoding signal processing in thalamo-hippocampal circuitry: implications for theories of memory and spatial processing.
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  • A major tool in understanding how information is processed in the brain is the analysis of neuronal output at each hierarchical level through which neurophysiological signals are propagated. Since the experimental brain operation performed on Henry Gustav Molaison (known as patient H.M.) in 1953, th
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  • No parkinsonism in SCA2 and SCA3 despite severe neurodegeneration of the dopaminergic substantia nigra.
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  • The spinocerebellar ataxias types 2 (SCA2) and 3 (SCA3) are autosomal dominantly inherited cerebellar ataxias which are caused by CAG trinucleotide repeat expansions in the coding regions of the disease-specific genes. Although previous post-mortem studies repeatedly revealed a consistent neurodegen
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  • Segmentation of the thalamus based on BOLD frequencies affected in temporal lobe epilepsy.
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  • OBJECTIVE: Temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with functional changes throughout the brain, particularly including a putative seizure propagation network involving the hippocampus, insula, and thalamus. We identified a specified frequency range where functional connectivity in this network was rel
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  • シロネズミ視床前核の遠心性線維に関する実験解剖学的研究
  • 今村 義典,薫 凱,A.K.M. Farid Ahmed,山鳥 崇
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  • … fibers and retrograde fluorescent tracer methods, following results were obtained on the connection of anterior thalamic nuclei in the albino rat.1.The anterodorsal thalamic nucleus projects to the ventral part of the posterior cingulate cortex as well as to the ventromedial part of the retrosplenial cortex.The anteroventral thalamic nucleusprojects to the dorsal part of the anterior cingulate, whole area of the posterior cingulate and the …
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  • Afferent Projections to the Cingulate Cortex in Albino Rats: a Study with a Retrograde Labeling Method Using Fluoro-Gold
  • Ahmed A.K.M. Farid,Dong Kai,Sugioka Kozo [et. al.]
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  • … The result showed that the following ipsilateral structures are sending fibers to these three portions: the prefrontal cortex, frontoparietal motor cortex, indusium griseum, dorsal endopiriform nucleus, lateral part of medial mammillary nucleus, nuclei of diagonal band of Broca, anterior pretectum, anterior part of caudate-putamen, hippocampal formation, anteroventral, anteromedial, lateroposterior, ventroposterior and dorsomedial thalamic nuclei. …
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  • Projections from the Lateral Mammillary Nucleus to the Anterodorsal Thalamic Nucleus in the Rat
  • Guison Noel G.,Ahmed A.K.M. Farid,Dong Kai [et. al.]
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  • … There has been an abundance of research on the connections of the mammillary bodies but the projections from the lateral mammillary nucleus to the anterodorsal thalamic nucleus has remained a gray area due to a dearth of material which directly addresses the details of this pathway. …
  • NAID 110000018654


Anterodorsal Thalamic Nucleus Hierarchy level in atlas is 4: 3 superstructures include it. abbreviation: AD Details? Abbreviation AD Species Mouse Description of part No description provided. The nomenclature was Endorsement ...
Anterior thalamic nuclei; Anterior Nuclear Group; Anterodorsal Thalamic Nucleus; Anteromedial Thalamic Nucleus; Anteroventral Thalamic Nucleus. On-line free medical diagnosis assistant. Ranked list of possible diseases from either ...


외측슬상체(Lateral Geniculate Body dorsal and anterior nucleiAnterior thalamic nucleiLooking At: Neuroanatomy > The Thalamus anterior thalamic nucleusOther Nuclei of the Thalamus

リンク元anteroventral thalamic nucleus」「anterodorsal nucleus」「anteromedial nucleus」「視床前背側核
関連記事nucleus」「thalamic」「thalami」「thalamic nucleus

anteroventral thalamic nucleus」



anterior nuclear groupanterior thalamic nucleianterodorsal nucleusanterodorsal thalamic nucleusanteromedial nucleusanteroventral nucleusventral anterior thalamic nucleus

anterodorsal nucleus」



anterior nuclear groupanterior thalamic nucleianterodorsal thalamic nucleusanteromedial nucleusanteroventral nucleusanteroventral thalamic nucleus

anteromedial nucleus」



anterior nuclear groupanterior thalamic nucleianterodorsal nucleusanterodorsal thalamic nucleusanteroventral nucleusanteroventral thalamic nucleus



anterodorsal thalamic nucleus



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「a part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth and reproduction」
cell nucleus, karyon

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「(astronomy) the center of the head of a comet; consists of small solid particles of ice and frozen gas that vaporizes on approaching the sun to form the coma and tail」

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「any histologically identifiable mass of neural cell bodies in the brain or spinal cord」

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「the positively charged dense center of an atom」

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「中心,核 / (生物の)細胞核 / 原子核」



  • adj.
  • 視床の





thalamic nucleus」



thalamic nuclei