angiotensin II receptor

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angiotensin receptor

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  • Design of a dual-function peptide probe as a binder of angiotensin II and an inducer of silver nanoparticle aggregation for use in label-free colorimetric assays.
  • Okochi M1, Kuboyama M2, Tanaka M3, Honda H2.
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  • Label-free colorimetric assays using metallic nanoparticles have received much recent attention, for their application in simple and sensitive methods for detection of biomolecules. Short peptide probes that can bind to analyte biomolecules are attractive ligands in molecular nanotechnology; however
  • PMID 26003717
  • Activation of μ opioid receptors in the LPBN facilitates sodium intake in rats.
  • Pavan CG1, Roncari CF1, Barbosa SP1, De Paula PM1, Colombari DS1, De Luca LA Jr1, Colombari E1, Menani JV2.
  • Behavioural brain research.Behav Brain Res.2015 Jul 15;288:20-5. doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2015.03.047. Epub 2015 Mar 28.
  • Important inhibitory mechanisms for the control of water and sodium intake are present in the lateral parabrachial nucleus (LPBN). Opioid receptors are expressed by LPBN neurons and injections of β-endorphin (nonspecific opioid receptor agonist) in this area induce 0.3M NaCl and water intake in sat
  • PMID 25827924
  • Angiotensin receptor I stimulates osteoprogenitor proliferation through TGFβ-mediated signaling.
  • Querques F1, Cantilena B, Cozzolino C, Esposito MT, Passaro F, Parisi S, Lombardo B, Russo T, Pastore L.
  • Journal of cellular physiology.J Cell Physiol.2015 Jul;230(7):1466-74. doi: 10.1002/jcp.24887.
  • Clinical studies of large human populations and pharmacological interventions in rodent models have recently suggested that anti-hypertensive drugs that target angiotensin II (Ang II) activity may also reduce loss of bone mineral density. Here, we identified in a genetic screening the Ang II type I
  • PMID 25556973


  • Significance of the Vascular Concentration of Angiotensin Ⅱ-Receptor Blockers on the Mechanism of Lowering Blood Pressure in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
  • Takai Shinji,Jin Denan,Sakonjo Hiroshi [他]
  • Journal of pharmacological sciences 123(4), 371-379, 2013-12
  • NAID 40019923941
  • 3) 血管内皮から観た妊娠高血圧症候群の病態とその発症予知(シンポジウム2:周産期「妊娠高血圧症候群の基礎と臨床-予防・治療の新戦略に向けて」,第65回日本産科婦人科学会・学術講演会)
  • 松原 圭一
  • 日本産科婦人科學會雜誌 65(11), 2591-2603, 2013-11-01
  • … The increase of NADPH oxidase mRNA was inhibited by anti TNFα antibody or angiotensin II (AngII) receptor subtype 1 blocker (AT1 blocker). …
  • NAID 110009674983
  • 3) 血管内皮から観た妊娠高血圧症候群の病態とその発症予知(シンポジウム2:周産期「妊娠高血圧症候群の基礎と臨床-予防・治療の新戦略に向けて」,第65回日本産科婦人科学会・学術講演会)
  • 松原 圭一
  • 日本産科婦人科學會雜誌 65(11), 2591-2603, 2013-11-01
  • … The increase of NADPH oxidase mRNA was inhibited by anti TNFα antibody or angiotensin II (AngII) receptor subtype 1 blocker (AT1 blocker). …
  • NAID 110009661871


Angiotensin II receptor blockers (angiotensin II inhibitors) treat conditions such as high blood pressure. ... Angiotensin II receptor blockers help relax your blood vessels, which lowers your blood pressure and makes it easier for your ...
How It Works Angiotensin II receptor blockers inhibit a substance that causes blood vessels to narrow (constrict). As a result, blood vessels relax and widen (dilate), making it easier for blood to flow through the vessels ...


 stimulated by angiotensin ii ang iiAngiotensin II Type 2 Receptor BlockersAngiotensin ii type 1 receptor blockers page for angiotensin II receptor blockersThe ACE Inhibitors are contraindicated in , Type 1; Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor

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angiotensin receptor」


angiotensin receptors



angiotensin II receptor



angiotensin II receptor



angiotensin II receptor



angiotensin II receptor

angiotensin II receptor blocker」




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「the 9th letter of the Roman alphabet」

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  [★] 受容体

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「a cellular structure that is postulated to exist in order to mediate between a chemical agent that acts on nervous tissue and the physiological response」

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「=sense organ / 受信装置」


  [★] アンジオテンシン

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「any of several vasoconstrictor substances (trade name Hypertensin) that cause narrowing of blood vessels」
angiotonin, Hypertensin



angiotensin II」

  [★] アンジオテンシンII AT II




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