angiotensin II

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アンジオテンシンII AT II

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  • Substrates of Factor XIII-A: roles in thrombosis and wound healing.
  • Richardson VR, Cordell P, Standeven KF, Carter AM.SourceDivision of Cardiovascular & Diabetes Research, Leeds Institute for Genetics Health & Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine & Health, and the Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.
  • Clinical science (London, England : 1979).Clin Sci (Lond).2013 Feb 1;124(3):123-37. doi: 10.1042/CS20120233.
  • FXIII (Factor XIII) is a Ca2+-dependent enzyme which forms covalent ϵ-(γ-glutamyl)lysine cross-links between the γ-carboxy-amine group of a glutamine residue and the ϵ-amino group of a lysine residue. FXIII was originally identified as a protein involved in fibrin clot stabilization; however, ad
  • PMID 23075332
  • The ACE2 gene: its potential as a functional candidate for cardiovascular disease.
  • Burrell LM, Harrap SB, Velkoska E, Patel SK.Source‡Department of Physiology, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.
  • Clinical science (London, England : 1979).Clin Sci (Lond).2013 Jan 1;124(2):65-76.
  • The RAS (renin-angiotensin system) plays an important role in the pathophysiology of CVD (cardiovascular disease), and RAS blockade is an important therapeutic strategy in the management of CVD. A new counterbalancing arm of the RAS is now known to exist in which ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme)
  • PMID 23013041


  • 小西賞受賞者 高血圧併用療法とCOPE Trial
  • 梅本 誠治
  • 山口医学 = Yamaguchi medical journal 64(1), 17-23, 2015-02
  • … 会社の共同研究として,L/T型ジヒドロピリジン系カルシウム拮抗薬ベニジピン4mg/日内服にて降圧目標値を達成できなかった40-85歳の本態性高血圧患者3,293名を対象に,ベニジピンを基礎薬として,アンジオテンシンII受容体拮抗薬,β遮断剤あるいはサイアザイド系類似利尿薬の組み合わせについて心血管疾患発症と降圧目標値達成度を検討したCombination Therapy of Hypertension to Prevent Cardiovascular Events (COPE) TrialをPROBE法にて多施設共 …
  • NAID 120005601212
  • A Study on the Occurrence and Prevention of Perioperative Stroke after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
  • , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
  • Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery advpub(0), 2015
  • … The risk factors for postoperative atrial fibrillation were 75 or higher years of age, chronic kidney diseases, emergency surgery, cardiopulmonary bypass time >180 min, intraoperative carperitide non-use, intraoperative landiolol hydrochloride non-use, preoperative angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARB) non-use, preoperative calcium antagonist use, preoperative statin use, postoperative β-blocker non-use, and postoperative aldosterone blocker non-use. …
  • NAID 130005074678
  • Downregulation of the Vascular Renin-Angiotensin System by Aerobic Training – Focus on the Balance Between Vasoconstrictor and Vasodilator Axes –
  • , , [他], , , , ,
  • Circulation Journal 79(6), 1372-1380, 2015
  • … Background:Hyperactivity of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) and functional deficits in hypertension are reduced after exercise training. … We evaluate in arteries, kidney and plasma of hypertensive rats the sequential effects of training on vascular angiotensinogen, Ang II and Ang (1-7) content.Methods and Results:Spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) and Wistar-Kyoto rats (WKY) were trained or kept sedentary (S) for 3 months. …
  • NAID 130005073147


アンジオテンシン(angiotensin)とは、ポリ ペプチド の1種で、昇圧作用を持つ生理活性物質である。なお ... ドイツ語のウィキペディアja.wikipedia.orgで、Angiotensin IIに関する記事が直近の30日間に閲覧された回数は13回でした。
de Gasparo M, Catt KJ, Inagami T, "" et al. (2000). "International union of pharmacology. XXIII. The angiotensin II receptors". Pharmacol Rev. 52 (3): 415–472. PMID 10977869. Brenner & Rector's The Kidney, 7th ed., Saunders, 2004. ...






angiotensin II, AT II
renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system輸出細動脈#調節


受容体 (PPC.348,SP.612)

  • AT1受容体:血管、副腎皮質、脳室周囲器官 (SP.612)
  • AT2受容体:脳その他の臓器に存在し、NOの産生を介して血管を弛緩させるなどAT1受容体の機能に拮抗 (SP.612)


  • Na+再吸収を促進→血漿量↑→血圧↑



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「the 9th letter of the Roman alphabet」

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  [★] アンジオテンシン

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「any of several vasoconstrictor substances (trade name Hypertensin) that cause narrowing of blood vessels」
angiotonin, Hypertensin