amino acid carbon skeletons

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  • A domino synthetic strategy leading to two-carbon-tethered fused acridine/indole pairs and fused acridine derivatives.
  • Jiang B, Wang X, Li MY, Wu Q, Ye Q, Xu HW, Tu SJ.SourceSchool of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Green Synthetic Chemistry for Functional Materials, Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, P. R. China.
  • Organic & biomolecular chemistry.Org Biomol Chem.2012 Nov 14;10(42):8533-8. doi: 10.1039/c2ob26315g. Epub 2012 Sep 26.
  • A series of new poly-functionalized two-carbon-tethered fused acridine/indole pairs were synthesized via Brønsted acid-promoted domino reactions between indoline-2,3-dione and C(2)-tethered indol-3-yl enaminones. The reactions were further expanded to prepare C-tethered fused acridine/pyridine pair
  • PMID 23011183


  • Provision of carbon skeletons for amide synthesis in non-nodulated soybean and pea roots in response to the source of nitrogen supply(Plant Nutrition)
  • Ueda Satoshi,Ikeda Motoki,Yamakawa Takeo
  • Soil science and plant nutrition 54(5), 732-737, 2008-10
  • … Soluble amino acids in roots and primary amino acids, which were involved in primary ammonium assimilation, in the metabolites of ^<14>C-glucose fed to roots for 3h in the dark were analyzed in the roots of non-nodulated soybean and pea plants grown in ammonium, nitrate or nitrogen-free media for 1 day. … Compared with the effect of nitrate, ammonium supply strongly affected the content and synthesis of the amino acids in the roots. …
  • NAID 110007331011
  • ヒトが一日に必要とするアミノ酸の量をどのようにして推定するか? : 安定同位体と質量分析を用いた方法
  • 三浦 真
  • 質量分析 = Mass spectroscopy 54(3), 103-107, 2006-06-01
  • Amino acids are constituents of protein that is the major functional and structural component of all the cells of the body, and are required for health and reproduction. … In the nutritional classification, the amino acids are categorized into two groups, essential (indispensable) and non-essential (dispensable). …
  • NAID 10019164402


Molecular Biochemistry II Amino Acid Catabolism: Carbon Skeletons Contents of this page: Glucogenic & ketogenic amino acids Catabolism of amino acids to: 3-C pyruvate; 4-C & 5-C Krebs cycle intermediates Other examples: Aromatic amino acids ...
Amino Acid Carbon Skeletons: Amino Acid Carbon Skeletons Amino acids , when deaminated, yield a -keto acids that, directly or via additional reactions, feed into major metabolic pathways (e.g., Krebs Cycle). Amino acids are ...







WordNet   license wordnet

「something reduced to its minimal form; "the battalion was a mere skeleton of its former self"; "the bare skeleton of a novel"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a scandal that is kept secret; "there must be a skeleton somewhere in that family''s closet"」
skeleton in the closet, skeleton in the cupboard

PrepTutorEJDIC   license prepejdic

「(人間・動物の)『骨格』,がい骨 / (建物・船などの)『骨組み』 / (文芸作品などの)骨子,粗筋,概要 / 必要最小限のもの / 《話》(骨と皮ばかりに)やせこけた人(動物)」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape; "the building has a steel skeleton"」
skeletal frame, frame, underframe



WordNet   license wordnet

「street name for lysergic acid diethylamide」
back breaker, battery-acid, dose, dot, Elvis, loony toons, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, pane, superman, window pane, Zen

WordNet   license wordnet

「any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt」

WordNet   license wordnet

「having the characteristics of an acid; "an acid reaction"」

PrepTutorEJDIC   license prepejdic

「酸性の / 酸味のある,すっぱい(sour) / (言葉・態度などが)厳しい,しんらつな / 酸 / すっぱいもの / 《俗》=LSD」





WordNet   license wordnet

「an abundant nonmetallic tetravalent element occurring in three allotropic forms: amorphous carbon and graphite and diamond; occurs in all organic compounds」
C, atomic number 6

WordNet   license wordnet

「a copy made with carbon paper」
carbon copy

PrepTutorEJDIC   license prepejdic

「『炭素』(化学記号は『C』) / 〈C〉炭素棒 / 〈C〉《時に〈U〉》=carbon paper」


  [★] アミノ

WordNet   license wordnet

「pertaining to or containing any of a group of organic compounds of nitrogen derived from ammonia」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the radical -NH2」
amino group