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「an acute blood disorder (often caused by radiation or drug therapy) characterized by severe reduction in granulocytes」
agranulosis, granulocytopenia

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  • Effect of Aminoglutethimide on Neutrophils in Rats: Implications for Idiosyncratic Drug-Induced Blood Dyscrasias.
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  • Aminoglutethimide (AMG) is an aromatic amine aromatase inhibitor associated with a high incidence of idiosyncratic blood dyscrasias, especially agranulocytosis. Animal models of idiosyncratic drug reactions (IDRs) represent essential tools to study these reactions; however, there is currently no val
  • PMID 23889370
  • A comparative study of deferasirox and deferiprone in the treatment of iron overload in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes.
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  • One hundred thirteen patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) with <10% of bone marrow blasts received either deferiprone in a daily dose of 40-90mg/kg (48 patients) or deferasirox in a daily dose of 10-40mg/kg (65 patients). Median duration of treatment was 10,9 months for deferiprone and 1
  • PMID 23937987
  • Agranulocytosis with deferiprone treatment of superficial siderosis.
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  • Superficial siderosis of the central nervous system is a rare neurological disorder caused by deposits of haemosiderin on subplial brain matter. Characterised by a thin dark layer surrounding the brain stem, cerebellum and cortical fissures on the T2-weighted MRI, symptoms include sensorineural hear
  • PMID 23925681
  • Clozapine and agranulocytosis: re-assessing the risks.
  • Drew L.SourceSenior Specialist in Psychiatry, The Canberra Hospital and Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
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  • OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to estimate the maximum incidence of agranulocytosis which clozapine would have caused between 2006 and 2010 had there been no blood monitoring system; and to determine the number of clozapine-associated cases of agranulocytosis and related deaths recorded between
  • PMID 23804114


  • 新規抗血小板薬プラスグレルを併用したdual antiplatelet therapy 下での頚動脈ステント留置術
  • 山本 優,福田 仁,半田 明,山田 大輔,黒﨑 義隆,沈 正樹,山形 専
  • 脳神経血管内治療 advpub(0), 2015
  • 要旨: 【目的】頚動脈ステント留置術(carotid artery stenting; CAS)の周術期は,脳血管領域に保険適応のある抗血小板薬のうち2 剤を併用して血栓症予防を行うことが一般的である.今回,既存薬剤による副作用のため,新規抗血小板薬のプラスグレルを併用しCAS を施行した.【症例】症候性内頚動脈狭窄症を有する70 歳男性に対し,クロピドグレル・シロスタゾールが無顆粒球症の被疑薬の …
  • NAID 130005097362
  • 多種免疫異常症を合併した二次性生着不全に対し再臍帯血移植を行い救命しえた急性骨髄性白血病
  • 森 美奈子,米澤 昭仁,北川 智也 [他],佐々木 裕哉,大中 貴史,今田 和典
  • 臨床血液 56(7), 889-894, 2015
  • 64歳女性,急性骨髄性白血病に対し非寛解で臍帯血移植を行った。臍帯血は男児でHLA血清型6座一致であり,速やかな3系統の生着が得られ,day28ドナー型完全キメラであった。Day82混合キメラ(XX 8.8%)となり,day96よりtacrolimusを減量開始しday123に中止した。経過中GVHDは認めなかった。Day138汎血球減少,無顆粒球症を認め,day153二次性生着不全と診断。また免 …
  • NAID 130005093114
  • TS-1®服用1コース目に重篤な骨髄抑制をきたした2例
  • 髙岡 亮裕,寺田 友紀,宇和 伸浩 [他],毛利 武士,貴田 紘太,阪上 雅史
  • 耳鼻咽喉科臨床 108(5), 397-402, 2015
  • … On the basis of result of the autopsy, the sepsis following agranulocytosis was considered to be the cause of death.A 70-year-old-man with hypopharyngeal cancer of the right piriform sinus (cT4aN2bM0) underwent operation with a total laryngopharyngectomy. …
  • NAID 130005067354
  • 造血系副作用 : 無顆粒球症,薬剤性貧血,血小板減少症,再生不良性貧血 (第5土曜特集 くすりの副作用のすべて) -- (病態からみたくすりの副作用)


agranulocytosis /agran·u·lo·cy·to·sis/ (a-gran″u-lo-si-to´sis) a symptom complex characterized by decreased granulocytes and by lesions of the throat, other mucous membranes, gastrointestinal tract, and skin; most cases are ...
agranulocytosis [ā gran′yo o lō′sī tō′sis] agranulocytosis definition by Webster's New World noun a disorder characterized by a significant decrease of granulocytes in the blood and often resulting in high fever, weakness, and ...
Agranulocytosis means a failure of the bone marrow to make enough white blood cells (neutrophils). Bone marrow is the soft tissue inside bones that helps ... Causes Agranulocytosis may be caused by: Autoimmune ...


Agranulocytosis (Granulocytopenia)patient with drug-related agranulocytosis Agranulocytosis | definition of Infantile genetic agranulocytosis. Causes Overview of Agranulocytosis PowerPoint PPT AgranulocytosisAgranulocytosis. Causes, symptoms Agranulocytosis, infantile genetic. Causes

拡張検索methimazole-induced agranulocytosis



  • adj.
  • 禁止する、謹製の。(値段が)ひどく高い、(税が)極端に重い。勝利(など)が間違いない
clozapine is generally prescribed only after several other alternative neuroeptic medication have failed, because of the possibility of agranulocytosis and the drug's prohibitive cost.
abstinent, ban, forbid, interdict, prohibit, prohibition, prohibitively

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「tending to discourage (especially of prices); "the price was prohibitive"」

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「禁止する,禁制の / (価格が)手がでないほど高い;(顔つきなどから)近づきにくい」



  • first aid step1 2006 p.



無顆粒球症 agranulocytosis顆粒球減少好中球減少症


  [★] 顆粒球減少症顆粒球減少


methimazole-induced agranulocytosis」

  [★] メチマゾール誘発性無顆粒球症