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adrenergicadrenergic agentadrenergic agonistadrenergic drugadrenergic receptor agonist

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  • Effect of propranolol on the treatment of infantile hemangiomas: a single tertiary center 3-year experience.
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  • BACKGROUND: Propranolol has recently become a successful first-line therapy in the treatment of infantile hemangiomas (IHs).OBJECTIVE: To evaluate and analyze the authors' experience of propranolol treatment for IHs.METHODS: A retrospective, observational study was conducted. Medical records were re
  • PMID 23273264
  • Adverse effects of propranolol treatment for infantile hemangiomas in China.
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  • The Journal of dermatological treatment.J Dermatolog Treat.2014 Oct;25(5):388-90. doi: 10.3109/09546634.2012.755249. Epub 2013 Feb 24.
  • OBJECTIVES: The β-blocker propranolol was discovered to be highly effective for the treatment of infantile hemangiomas (IHs), since 2008. Although some side effects have been reported earlier, no serious side effects of its use have been reported so far in Asia, especially in China. To determine th
  • PMID 23216314
  • α-Adrenergic Blockers for the Treatment of Lower-Urinary-Tract Symptoms and Dysfunction in Women.
  • Boyd K1, Hilas O.
  • The Annals of pharmacotherapy.Ann Pharmacother.2014 Jun;48(6):711-22. doi: 10.1177/1060028014524174. Epub 2014 Mar 10.
  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of α-adrenergic blockers in the treatment of female lower-urinary-tract symptoms and dysfunction.DATA SOURCES: Literature searches were conducted using EMBASE (1974 to January 2014), International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (1970 to January 2014), and ME
  • PMID 24615630


  • 神経因性膀胱における排尿筋外尿道括約筋協調不全の検討 : 第2報 :radical TUR-Pの影響及びα交感神経刺激剤負荷による反応
  • 信野 祐一郎
  • 日本泌尿器科學會雜誌 80(10), 1443-1450, 1989-10-20
  • 膀胱内圧-外尿道括約筋筋電図同時測定による排尿筋括約筋協調不全(DSD)のType分類と運動単位レベルでの解析の有用性につき第1報において報告した.今回,根治的経尿道的前立腺切除術(radical TUR-P)前後に同様の検討を行い比較し,その影響を述べると共にα交感神経刺激剤負荷による括約筋筋電図上の運動単位レベルでの反応についても報告した.Radical TUR-Pは18例において施行され,3 …
  • NAID 110003083106
  • A preadipocytes clonal lines from mouse brown adipose tissues. Short-and long-term responses to insulin and β-adrenergics
  • 逆行性尿道抵抗に関する実験的研究
  • 由良 守司
  • 泌尿器科紀要 26(11), p1365-1372, 1980-11-00
  • … In RUR the effect of alpha-adrenergics was more dominant than parasympathetics. …
  • NAID 120002259777


Adrenergic System Adrenergics-adrenia adrenic adrenitis adreno-adrenoceptive adrenoceptor adrenoceptors adrenochrome adrenochromes adrenocortical adrenocortical adenoma adrenocortical carcinoma adrenocortical gland ...
ADRENERGICS Actions and uses: Adrenergic drugs stimulate the sympathetic nervous system by mimicking sympathetic neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and epinephrine. They act on adrenergic receptor sites located in ...



リンク元アドレナリン受容体刺激薬」「adrenergic agonist」「adrenergic drug」「adrenergic receptor agonist」「adrenergic agent



adrenergic receptor agonistadrenergic agonistadrenergic drugadrenergics

adrenergic agonist」


adrenergicadrenergic agentadrenergic drugadrenergic receptor agonistadrenergicsadrenomimetic

adrenergic drug」


adrenergicadrenergic agentadrenergic agonistadrenergic receptor agonistadrenergics

adrenergic receptor agonist」


adrenergic agonistadrenergic drugadrenergicsadrenomimetic

adrenergic agent」


adrenergicadrenergic agonistadrenergic drugadrenergics




adrenergic antagonistadrenergic blockeradrenergic receptor antagonistadrenolyticadrenolyticsantiadrenergic agent



  • adj.
  • アドレナリンの、アドレナリン性の

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「drug that has the effects of epinephrine」
adrenergic drug

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「relating to epinephrine (its release or action)」