acute renal failure

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急性腎不全 ARF

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  • Identification of metabolomic biomarkers for drug-induced acute kidney injury in rats.
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  • Nephrotoxicity is a common side effect observed during both nonclinical and clinical drug development investigations. The present study aimed to identify metabolomic biomarkers that could provide early and sensitive indication of nephrotoxicity in rats. Metabolomic analyses were performed using capi
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  • Renal pathology associated with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
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  • The kidney is subject to a large variety of injurious factors before, during, and after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HCT), leading to a high incidence of acute kidney injury in the peritransplant period. Chronic kidney disease is estimated to impact 15% to 20% of HCT recipients. Although
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  • … Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) is under development for treatment of renal failure. … This study was designed to clarify changes in HGF pharmacokinetics in renal failure and to establish a pharmacokinetic model applicable to single and repeated doses. …
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  • Renal thrombotic microangiopathies/thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in a patient with primary Sjögren's syndrome complicated with IgM monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.
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  • … We experienced a case of a 61-year-old woman with primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS) complicated with severe renal TMA/TTP following IgM monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS). … She was admitted to our hospital for further evaluation of hypergammaglobulinema, acute renal failure, and severe thrombocytopenia. …
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  • ミゾリビンによる急性尿酸性腎症とメソトレキサートによる骨髄抑制を併発した1例
  • 藤本 壮八,山内 佑,十川 裕史,内田 篤志,笛木 孝明,桑原 篤憲,春名 克祐,堀家 英之,佐藤 稔,駒井 則夫,佐々木 環,柏原 直樹
  • 川崎医学会誌 39(1), 55-59, 2013-00-00
  • 症例は83歳,男性.近医で関節リウマチの診断で加療(プレドニゾロン2mg,メソトレキサート(MTX)4mg),他に高尿酸血症,高血圧で加療中であった.当院へ入院13日前にミゾリビン(MZ)150mg追加投与された.入院2日前に食欲不振と全身倦怠感で近医を受診,尿素窒素99.5mg/dl,クレアチニン7.8mg/dlと急性腎不全を認めたため当院へ紹介入院した.入院時の検査所見で尿酸26.5mg/dL …
  • NAID 110009559348


Acute kidney injury (AKI), previously called acute renal failure (ARF), is a rapid loss of kidney function. ... also demonstrate bladder distension or hydronephrosis , however, in case of acute renal failure, the use of IV contrast is contraindicated.
6 days ago ... In 2004, the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative work group set forth a definition and classification system for acute renal failure, described by the acronym RIFLE ( Risk of renal dysfunction, Injury to the kidney, Failure or Loss of ...


Acute Renal Failure (ARF) – Causes acute renal failureAcute Renal FailureCanine Kidney - Acute Renal FailureCauses+of+Acute+Renal+Failure.png]Acute_renal_failure - Acute Renal Failure

リンク元急性腎不全」「acute renal insufficiency」「ARF」「acute kidney failure
拡張検索non-oliguric acute renal failure」「ischemic acute renal failure」「oliguric acute renal failure」「prerenal acute renal failure



acute renal failure, ARF


  • 急激な腎機能の低下により恒常性が維持された状態。



  • 1. 腎前性急性腎不全
  • 2. 腎性急性腎不全
  • 3. 腎後性急性腎不全



指標 腎前性 腎性
濃縮能 尿浸透圧 >500 mOsm/L <350 mOsm/L
尿/血漿浸透圧 >1.5 <1.1
尿/血清Cr比 > 40 < 20
尿/血清BUN比 > 20
< 20
> 20
< 20
Na再吸収 尿中Na濃度 < 20 mEq/L > 40 mEq/L
FENa < 1.0%
> 1.0%



  • 発症期
  • 体液欠乏の補充、腎後性閉塞の検索、腎毒性物質の中止、基礎疾患の治療、フロセミド、マンニトールの使用
  • 乏尿期
  • 血液浄化療法、水・電解質の維持、K摂取制限、アシドーシス補正、リン結合薬・Caの投与、適切な蛋白・カロリーの摂取、尿毒症の自他覚所見の監視、感染の監視、腎機能障害の程度に応じた薬物投与量の減量
  • 利尿期
  • 多量の体液電解質喪失の監視と補充、感染の監視、適切な薬物投与量



  • 1.臨床症状
  • 1)腎不全による溢水症状、肺水腫、心タンボナーデ
  • 2)腎不全による中枢神経症状
  • 3)腎不全による消化器症状
  • 2.治療反応性
  • 利尿剤に反応しない無尿・乏尿
  • 3.臨床検査値
  • 1)BUN上昇1日20mg/dl以上
  • 2)血清K  6-6.5mEq/I以上
  • 3)血清重炭酸イオン 12-15mEq/l未満
  • 意識障害、肺水腫の出現
  • 3日以上続く乏尿
  • 血清Cr 7mg/dl以上
  • 血清K 6mg/l以上


  • 医原性の急性腎不全
  • 全般 :必要最小限の薬剤使用、補液による尿量の確保
  • 造影剤:腎機能低下例(多発性骨髄腫、糖尿病性腎症、慢性腎不全)では造影剤の使用を避ける
  • 高尿酸尿の予防:悪性腫瘍、白血病に対し細胞崩壊を来す薬剤を使用する場合にはアロプリノールを投与し尿酸の産生を抑制する

acute renal insufficiency」


acute kidney failureacute renal failureARF



acute kidney failure」



acute renal failureacute renal insufficiencyARF

non-oliguric acute renal failure」

  [★] 非乏尿性急性腎不全

ischemic acute renal failure」

  [★] 虚血性急性腎不全

oliguric acute renal failure」

  [★] 乏尿性急性腎不全

prerenal acute renal failure」

  [★] 腎前性急性腎不全



  • n.
  • 失敗、不首尾
  • 失敗して企て、不出来なもの、失敗者。(教育)落第、落第点
  • 怠慢、不履行(to do)。支払い不能、破産、倒産
  • 無いこと。不十分、不足
  • (力などの)減退。(医)機能不全。故障。(機)破壊、破損

WordNet   license wordnet

「lack of success; "he felt that his entire life had been a failure"; "that year there was a crop failure"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「loss of ability to function normally; "kidney failure"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「an act that fails; "his failure to pass the test"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「an unexpected omission; "he resented my failure to return his call"; "the mechanic''s failure to check the brakes"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently」
loser, nonstarter, unsuccessful person

WordNet   license wordnet

「an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose; "the surprise party was a complete failure"」

PrepTutorEJDIC   license prepejdic

「〈U〉(…における)『失敗』,不成功《+『in』+『名』(do『ing』)》 / 〈C〉失敗者,落後者;失敗した企て,不できなもの / 〈U〉〈C〉怠慢,不履行 / 〈U〉〈C〉(…の)不足,欠乏《+『of』+『名』》 / 〈U〉〈C〉(…の)破産《+『of』+『名』》 / 〈U〉(…の)『衰弱』,減退《+『in』(『of』+『名』》」



  • adj.
  • (疾患)急性の、急性型の、急性的な。(形状が)鋭い、鋭角の。(感覚、才知などが)鋭い。明敏な、鋭い眼識のある。

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「of critical importance and consequence; "an acute (or critical) lack of research funds"」

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「(先の)『鋭い』,とがった / (痛み・感情などが)『激しい』,強い / (知力・感覚などが)『鋭い』,鋭敏な / (事態が)重大な / (病気が)急性の / (音が)高い,鋭い / 鋭角の」

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「having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions; "an acute observer of politics and politicians"; "incisive comments"; "icy knifelike reasoning"; "as sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang"; "penetrating insight"; "frequent penetrative observations"」
discriminating, incisive, keen, knifelike, penetrating, penetrative, piercing, sharp

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「extremely sharp or intense; "acute pain"; "felt acute annoyance"; "intense itching and burning"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course; "acute appendicitis"; "the acute phase of the illness"; "acute patients"」

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「of an angle; less than 90 degrees」



  • adj.
  • 腎臓の、腎性の、腎の

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