Lewy body dementia

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  • Effect of melatonin on α-synuclein self-assembly and cytotoxicity.
  • Ono K, Mochizuki H, Ikeda T, Nihira T, Takasaki J, Teplow DB, Yamada M.SourceDepartment of Neurology and Neurobiology and Aging, Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Science, Kanazawa, Japan.
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  • α-Synuclein (αS) assembly has been implicated as a critical step in the development of Lewy body diseases such as Parkinson's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies. Melatonin (Mel), a secretory product of the pineal gland, is known to have beneficial effects such as an antioxidant function and neu
  • PMID 22118903
  • A model of nitric oxide induced α-synuclein misfolding in Parkinson's disease.
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  • Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) upregulation and consequent NO formation are well-recognized neuroinflammatory responses associated with Parkinson's disease (PD). These contribute to nitrosative protein modifications affecting neuronal injury and cell death. Indeed, a pathobiologic signature
  • PMID 22776646


  • Lewy body disease and dementia with Lewy bodies
  • KOSAKA Kenji
  • Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Ser. B, Physical and Biological Sciences 90(8), 301-306, 2014-10
  • NAID 40020292609
  • Lewy body disease and dementia with Lewy bodies
  • KOSAKA Kenji
  • Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B 90(8), 301-306, 2014
  • … In 1976 we reported our first autopsied case with diffuse Lewy body disease (DLBD), the term of which we proposed in 1984. … We also proposed the term "Lewy body disease" (LBD) in1980. … Subsequently, we classified LBD into three types according to the distribution pattern of Lewy bodies: a brain stem type, a transitional type and a diffuse type. …
  • NAID 130004694513
  • パーキンソン病/レビー小体型認知症の血圧と認知機能
  • 朝比奈 正人
  • 臨床神経学 53(11), 1386-1388, 2013
  • パーキンソン病(PD)とくらべてレビー小体型認知症(DLB)では自律神経障害が重度である.Braak仮説ではPDのレビー小体病理は嗅神経または末梢自律神経から始まる(dual hit theory).そして,LB病理は嗅神経からは辺縁系に,末梢自律神経からは迷走神経背側運動核に進展し,その後に黒質にいたる.この進展過程からPDとDLBの自律神経不全の重症度の違いを説明するのは難しい.しかし,自律神 …
  • NAID 130004505456


Through outreach, education and research, we support those affected by Lewy body dementias, their families and caregivers. We are dedicated to raising awareness and promoting scientific advances. Featured LBD Stories Dad's ...
Lewy body dementia symptoms and diagnostic criteria Every person with LBD is different and will manifest different degrees of the following symptoms. Some will show no signs of certain features, especially in the early stages of the ...


Brain Today: Lewy Body DementiaLewy Body Dementia: Symptoms, Causes Lewy Body Dementia Association Inc.:Lewy Body Dementia Expert! What is Lewy Body DementiaLewy Body Dementia (LBD) Picture Image on

リンク元レビー小体型認知症」「dementia with Lewy body



dementia with Lewy body, DLBLewy body dementia
レヴィ小体型痴呆 , レビー小体型痴呆, Lewy小体型痴呆レビー小体型認知症, (国試)Lewy小体型認知症
レビー小体びまん性レビー小体病, diffuse Lewy body diseaseレビー小体病, Lewy小体病, Lewy body disease。parkinson disease with dementia, PDD




  • 病理学的にはびまん性レビー小体病、移行型レビー小体病であることが多い。
  • 大脳、脳幹に広範にレビー小体を認め、パーキンソン病と同様に黒質、青斑核、迷走神経背側核の神経細胞脱落が認められる。(HBN.928)




uptodate.2 HBN.929
  • 1. 必須
  • 認知症(100%)
  • 2. 中核項目(1つあてはまる場合は疑い例、2つ以上ならばほぼ確実)
  • 動揺する認知機能(60-80%)
  • 反復、具体的、かつ鮮明な幻視(50-75%) ← Recurrent well-formed, detailed visual hallucinations
  • パーキンソン症候群(80-90%) ← Spontaneous features of parkinsonism(特に誘因のない)
  • 3. 支持項目
  • レム睡眠行動障害
  • 抗精神病薬に対する著しい感受性の亢進
  • SPECT、PETでの大脳基底核でのドパミントランスポーターの取り込み低下



  • コリンエステラーゼ阻害薬 → 認知機能に対して。 アルツハイマー病より著効する
  • 抑肝散 → 精神症状に対して
  • クエチアピン → 幻視などの精神症状


  • 1. Pathologic correlates of dementia in individuals with Lewy body disease.
  • Sonnen JA, Postupna N, Larson EB, Crane PK, Rose SE, Montine KS, Leverenz JB, Montine TJ.SourceDepartment of Pathology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98104, USA.
  • Brain pathology (Zurich, Switzerland).Brain Pathol.2010 May;20(3):654-9.
  • Cognitive impairment and dementia are more common in patients with Parkinson disease (PD) than age-matched controls and appear to become more frequent as PD progresses. However, estimates of dementia in patients with PD have varied widely, likely due in part to differences in case definition, case a
  • PMID 20522091
  • 2. wiki ja
  • 3. レビー小体型認知症研究会-DLBとは-
  • 4. 認知症あれこれ(1)―レビー小体型認知症―
  • 5. レビー小体型認知症
  • 6. 英文 診断基準
  • 7. Diagnosis and management of dementia with Lewy bodies: third report of the DLB Consortium.
  • McKeith IG, Dickson DW, Lowe J, Emre M, O'Brien JT, Feldman H, Cummings J, Duda JE, Lippa C, Perry EK, Aarsland D, Arai H, Ballard CG, Boeve B, Burn DJ, Costa D, Del Ser T, Dubois B, Galasko D, Gauthier S, Goetz CG, Gomez-Tortosa E, Halliday G, Hansen LA, Hardy J, Iwatsubo T, Kalaria RN, Kaufer D, Kenny RA, Korczyn A, Kosaka K, Lee VM, Lees A, Litvan I, Londos E, Lopez OL, Minoshima S, Mizuno Y, Molina JA, Mukaetova-Ladinska EB, Pasquier F, Perry RH, Schulz JB, Trojanowski JQ, Yamada M; Consortium on DLB.SourceInstitute for Ageing and Health, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. i.g.mckeith@ncl.ac.uk
  • Neurology.Neurology.2005 Dec 27;65(12):1863-72. Epub 2005 Oct 19.
  • The dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) Consortium has revised criteria for the clinical and pathologic diagnosis of DLB incorporating new information about the core clinical features and suggesting improved methods to assess them. REM sleep behavior disorder, severe neuroleptic sensitivity, and reduced
  • PMID 16237129


  • 1. [charged] レヴィ小体型認知症の疫学、病理学、および病因 - uptodate [1]
  • 2. [charged] レヴィ小体型認知症の臨床的特徴および診断 - uptodate [2]
  • 3. [charged] レヴィ小体型認知症の予後および治療 - uptodate [3]

dementia with Lewy body」

  [★] レビー小体型認知症, DLB, Lewy body dementia



WordNet   license wordnet

「invest with or as with a body; give body to」

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「the external structure of a vehicle; "the body of the car was badly rusted"」

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「the main mass of a thing」

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「a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person; "they found the body in the lake"」
dead body

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「the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being); "he felt as if his whole body were on fire"」
organic structure, physical structure

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「a collection of particulars considered as a system; "a body of law"; "a body of doctrine"; "a body of precedents"」

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「a group of persons associated by some common tie or occupation and regarded as an entity; "the whole body filed out of the auditorium"; "the student body"; "administrative body"」

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「an individual 3-dimensional object that has mass and that is distinguishable from other objects; "heavenly body"」

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「the central message of a communication; "the body of the message was short"」

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「〈C〉『身体』,肉体 / 〈C〉(人・動物の)『胴体』 / 〈C〉)物の)『主要部』,本体《+『of』+『名』》 / 〈C〉(…の)『団体』,群れ:(…のたくさんの)集まり《+『of』+『名』》 / 〈C〉物体,…体 / 〈U〉実質;(酒・味などの)こく / 〈C〉《話》人」


  [★] 認知症

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「mental deterioration of organic or functional origin」

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  • v.
  • 痴呆になる、発狂する