Ixodes scapularis

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black-legged tickdeer tickhard tickIxodesIxodes damminiIxodes persulcatusIxodes ricinusIxodidae

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  • Isolation of canine Anaplasma phagocytophilum strains from clinical blood samples using the Ixodes ricinus cell line IRE/CTVM20.
  • Dyachenko V, Geiger C, Pantchev N, Majzoub M, Bell-Sakyi L, Krupka I, Straubinger RK.SourceInstitute for Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses, Department for Veterinary Sciences, Faculty for Veterinary Medicine, LMU Munich, Veterinaerstr. 13, 80539 Munich, Germany. Electronic address: v.dyachenko@lmu.de.
  • Veterinary microbiology.Vet Microbiol.2013 Mar 23;162(2-4):980-6. doi: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2012.10.021. Epub 2012 Oct 26.
  • Anaplasma phagocytophilum is an intracellular tick-borne rickettsial pathogen, which causes granulocytic anaplasmosis in various species of livestock and companion animals and also in humans. Previously A. phagocytophilum has been isolated and propagated in cell lines derived from the tick Ixodes sc
  • PMID 23146170
  • Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Questing Ixodes ricinus Ticks: Comparison of Prevalences and Partial 16S rRNA Gene Variants in Urban, Pasture, and Natural Habitats.
  • Overzier E, Pfister K, Thiel C, Herb I, Mahling M, Silaghi C.SourceComparative Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich, Germany.
  • Applied and environmental microbiology.Appl Environ Microbiol.2013 Mar;79(5):1730-4. doi: 10.1128/AEM.03300-12. Epub 2012 Dec 21.
  • Urban, natural, and pasture areas were investigated for prevalences and 16S rRNA gene variants of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in questing Ixodes ricinus ticks. The prevalences differed significantly between habitat types, and year-to-year variations in prevalence and habitat-dependent occurrence of 16
  • PMID 23263964


  • Antiinflammatory and immunosuppressive activity of sialostatin L, a salivary cystatin from the tick Ixodes scapularis
  • マダニIxodes scapularisに共生するCFB細菌の増殖によって発現量に影響を受ける宿主細胞遺伝子の探索(第13回日本ダニ学会大会講演要旨)
  • 中村 有希,加藤 康仁,Kurtti T. J.,今西 重雄,三田 和英,後藤 哲雄,野田 博明
  • 日本ダニ学会誌 14(1), 43-44, 2005-05-25
  • NAID 110001379247


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 клещ (Ixodes scapularisIxodes scapularisIxodes scapularis (blacklegged or “deer Ixodes scapularis (female) the vector for  > Female Deer Tick (Ixodes scapularisIxodes scapularis

リンク元Ixodidae」「シカダニ」「Ixodes persulcatus」「black-legged tick」「Ixodes ricinus




  • ダニ科
black-legged tickdeer tickhard tickIxodesIxodes damminiIxodes persulcatusIxodes ricinusIxodes scapularis

WordNet   license wordnet

「hard ticks」
family Ixodidae



deer tickIxodes scapularisIxodes dammini

Ixodes persulcatus」



black-legged tickdeer tickhard tickIxodesIxodes damminiIxodes ricinusIxodes scapularisIxodidae

black-legged tick」



deer tickhard tickIxodesIxodes damminiIxodes persulcatusIxodes ricinusIxodes scapularisIxodidae

Ixodes ricinus」



black-legged tickdeer tickhard tickIxodesIxodes damminiIxodes persulcatusIxodes scapularisIxodidaetick



  • 肩甲骨の
blade bonescapula

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「relating to or near the shoulder blade」

WordNet   license wordnet

「garment consisting of a long wide piece of woolen cloth worn over the shoulders with an opening for the head; part of a monastic habit」

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「a feather covering the shoulder of a bird」




black-legged tickdeer tickhard tickIxodes damminiIxodes persulcatusIxodes ricinusIxodes scapularisIxodidae

WordNet   license wordnet

「type genus of the family Ixodidae」
genus Ixodes