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English Journal

  • Barbiturate Induction for the Prevention of Emergence Agitation after Pediatric Sevoflurane Anesthesia.
  • Use T1, Nakahara H1, Kimoto A1, Beppu Y1, Yoshimura M1, Kojima T2, Fukano T1.
  • The journal of pediatric pharmacology and therapeutics : JPPT : the official journal of PPAG.J Pediatr Pharmacol Ther.2015 Sep-Oct;20(5):385-92. doi: 10.5863/1551-6776-20.5.385.
  • OBJECTIVES: Emergence agitation (EA) is a common and troublesome problem in pediatric patients recovering from general anesthesia. The incidence of EA is reportedly higher after general anesthesia maintained with sevoflurane, a popular inhalational anesthetic agent for pediatric patients. We conduct
  • PMID 26472953
  • FhCaBP2: a Fasciola hepatica calcium-binding protein with EF-hand and dynein light chain domains.
  • Thomas CM1, Timson DJ1.
  • Parasitology.Parasitology.2015 Sep;142(11):1375-86. doi: 10.1017/S0031182015000736. Epub 2015 Jul 8.
  • FhCaBP2 is a Fasciola hepatica protein which belongs to a family of helminth calcium-binding proteins which combine an N-terminal domain containing two EF-hand motifs and a C-terminal dynein light chain-like (DLC-like) domain. Its predicted structure showed two globular domains joined by a flexible
  • PMID 26152524
  • [Rapid Sequence Intubation with the McGRATH MAC Videolaryngoscope in the Sitting Position for a Patient with Restricted Mouth Opening].
  • Hasegawa Y, Komasawa N, Matsunami S, Kido H, Kusaka Y, Minami T.
  • Masui. The Japanese journal of anesthesiology.Masui.2015 Jun;64(6):632-4.
  • Here we report successful rapid-sequence inubation with the McGRATH MAC videolaryngscope (McGRATH) in the face to face sitting position for a patient with severe ileus and restricted mouse opening. A 46-year-old woman with advanced bladder cancer had developed ileus. Ileus tube and octreotide did no
  • PMID 26437554

Japanese Journal

  • チアミラールによる薬剤性白血球減少症が疑われた遅発性ジストニアの一症例
  • 発症早期から血漿交換療法をふくむ免疫療法をおこなった,難治頻回の部分発作重積を呈した急性脳炎の1例
  • 貧血補正によって発症したposterior reversible encephalopathy syndromeの1例

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