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English Journal

  • A late cutaneous response in actively sensitized rats: a new method for evaluating the efficacy of antiallergic drugs.
  • Shishikura T, Shito K, Uchida M, Inaba T.
  • Journal of pharmacological sciences. 2006 Aug;101(4)350-5.
  • We established a new and facile model to investigate allergic mechanism and assess the effect of antiallergic compounds. Male Wistar rats were actively or passively sensitized. Active sensitization was performed by injection of both dinitrophenylated-ovalbumin (DNP-OA) and Bordetella pertussis. Nine
  • PMID 16891762
  • [Clinical courses of 18 cases with food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis].
  • Kano H, Juji F, Shibuya N, Narita M, Naritaka S, Suko M, Morita Y, Iwata T.
  • Arerugi = [Allergy]. 2000 Jun;49(6)472-8.
  • Eighteen cases (7 males and 11 females) of food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis were observed for several years. The age of the patients at the first visit to our hospital ranged from 9 to 43 years (average 24.3 years). The offending foods were wheat in 9 cases, shrimp in 2 cases, shellfish i
  • PMID 10916885
  • Effect of TYB-2285 on antigen-induced accumulation of eosinophils into the peritoneal cavity of rats sensitized with Ascaris suum extract.
  • Tominaga T, Watanbe A, Tsuji J, Koda A, Nagai H, Kumazawa Y, Shimada H.
  • General pharmacology. 1997 Mar;28(3)411-4.
  • 1. The present study was carried out to investigate the effect of 3,5-bis-(acetoxyacetylamino)-4-chloro-benzonitrile (TYB-2285) on the accumulation of eosinophils in the peritoneal cavity of Wistar rats sensitized with Ascaris suum extract (Asc). 2. Rats were sensitized by IP injection of Asc on day
  • PMID 9068982

Japanese Journal

  • 食餌依存性運動誘発アナフィラキシー患者18例の2年から10年にわたる臨床経過の検討
  • レピリナストによる小児気管支喘息発作予防効果の検討
  • 日本小児アレルギー学会誌 = The Japanese journal of pediatric allergy and clinical immunology 10(4), 469-477, 1996-12-25
  • NAID 10011508111
  • 42 食餌依存性運動誘発アナフィラキシーに於けるRepirinastのヒスタミン遊離反応抑制

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洋名:Repirinast. 製造販売承認年月日・. 薬価基準収載・. 発売年月日. ロメット. 錠 150mg. 承認年月日:2002 年 3 月 4 日. (販売名変更に伴う再承認). 薬価基準収載年 月日:2002 年 7 月 5 日. (変更銘柄名での収載日). 発売年月日:1987 年 11 月 25 日 ...