1. creeping protozoans: amoebas and foraminifers (同)subclass Rhizopoda

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English Journal

  • Diversity and dynamics of microbial communities at each step of treatment plant for potable water generation.
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  • The dynamics of bacterial and eukaryotic community associated with each step of a water purification plant in China was investigated using 454 pyrosequencing and qPCR based approaches. Analysis of pyrosequencing revealed that a high degree diversity of bacterial and eukaryotic communities is present
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  • The life history of Flabellula baltica Smirnov (Gymnamoebae, Rhizopoda): adaptations to a spatially and temporally heterogeneous environment.
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  • The polymorphic life history of the marine naked amoeba Flabellula baltica was studied. It can be interpreted in terms of adaptations to an environment that is patchy in time and space and it represents trade-off between longevity during starvation and the ability to initiate multiplication soon aft
  • PMID 20018561
  • A multivariate statistical evaluation of the "acolla-complex" of Corythionella species, including a description of C. darwini n. sp. (Rhizopoda: Filosea or Rhizaria: Cercozoa).
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  • The testate amoebid genus Corythionella inhabits beach sands and includes three marine and two freshwater species of the "acolla-complex", all characterized by a poorly developed flared collar surrounding the pseudostomal aperture. Multivariate statistical methods (cluster analysis, principal coordi
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Japanese Journal

  • 皇居の内濠より得られた原生動物,輪虫類,鰓脚類および橈脚類.II.
  • 田中 正明,武田 正倫,永野 真理子
  • 国立科学博物館専報 43, 419-439, 2006
  • … 10 species of 8 genera in the Protozoa (8 species of Rhizopoda, and 2 species of Chiliatea), 22 species (including variety and forma) of 12 genera in the Rotatoria, 1 species of the Gastrotricha, 1 species of the Nematoda, 15 species of 13 genera in the Arthropoda (13 species of Crustacea, and 2 species of Insecta). …
  • NAID 110005998921
  • Accurate enumeration and identification of Testacea (Protozoa, Rhizopoda) in forest soil using scanning electron microscopy
  • Aoki Yoshiyuki
  • Journal of Microbiological Methods 55, 791-795, 2003
  • NAID 120000978666

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根足虫の解説と画像 ... References Hausmann & Hülsmann, 1996, Protozoology, Thieme Medical Pub. 岩波・生物学辞典・第4版, 1996, 岩波書店. Margulis, L., Corliss, J.O., Melkonian, M. and Chapman, D.J. (eds.) , 1990, Handbook ...
Rhizopoda /Rhi·zop·o·da/ (ri-zop´ah-dah) a superclass of protozoa of the subphylum Sarcodina, comprising the amebae. Rhizopoda [ri-zop´ah-dah] a superclass of protozoa comprising the amebae, which move about and acquire food ...

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