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「coat or cover with zinc」

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「a bluish-white lustrous metallic element; brittle at ordinary temperatures but malleable when heated; used in a wide variety of alloys and in galvanizing iron; it occurs naturally as zinc sulphide in zinc blende」
Zn, atomic number 30

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「亜鉛(金属元素;化学記号は Zn)」

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  • The effect of zinc ion on the absorption and emission spectra of glutathione derivative: Predication by ab initio and DFT methods.
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  • Relying on the reaction of o-phthalaldehyde (OPA) with glutathione (GSH) to form a highly fluorescence derivative GSH-OPA has been widely used to measure reduced glutathione. In order to better understand spectra property of the GSH-OPA and the effect of zinc ion on it, the ground and the lowest sin
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  • Microbial activity and diversity in long-term mixed contaminated soils with respect to polyaromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals.
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  • Deregulation of Snai2 is associated with metastasis and poor prognosis in tongue squamous cell carcinoma.
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  • The members of the Snail superfamily of zinc-finger transcription factors, including Snai1 and Snai2, are involved in essential biological processes, such as epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). Although Snai1 has been investigated in a number of cancers, our knowledge on Snai2 and its role(s) i
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  • Involvement of Val 315 located in the C-terminal region of thermolysin in its expression in Escherichia coli and its thermal stability.
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  • … Thermolysin is a thermophilic and halophilic zinc metalloproteinase that consists of β-rich N-terminal (residues 1-157) and α-rich C-terminal (residues 158-316) domains. …
  • NAID 120005359199
  • ZINC-ACETIC ACID PROMOTED REDUCTIVE CARBON-NITROGEN BOND CLEAVAGE REACTION OF α-AMINOKETONES (Dedicated to Professor Victor Snieckus on the occasion of his 77th birthday)
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  • 硫酸酸性浴による亜鉛-ニッケル合金めっきの均一電着性に及ぼすシリカナノ粒子共析の影響
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  • ナノマテリアルと化粧品の現状と将来
  • 増永 卓司
  • YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 134(1), 39-43, 2014
  •   Cosmetics are consumer products intended to contribute to increasing quality of life and designed for long-term daily use. Due to such features of cosmetics, they are required to ensure quality and …
  • NAID 130003382306


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Various isolated examples of the use of impure zinc in ancient times have been discovered. Zinc ores were used to make the zinc–copper alloy brass many centuries prior to the discovery of zinc as a separate element. Judean brass ...
zincとは。意味や和訳。[名]1 [U]《化学》亜鉛;記号Znzinc roofingトタン屋根.2 (ボルタ電池に用いる)亜鉛棒. [動](zincked or zinced, zinck・ing or 〜・ing)(他)…を亜鉛でめっきする, …に亜鉛引きをする.[ドイツ語Zink. TIN(... - goo ...



拡張検索zinc cadmium sulfide



Zn zinc
亜鉛欠乏症微量元素欠乏症 トレースエレメント欠乏症

zinc cadmium sulfide」


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「cadmium sulfide containing zinc」

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