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  • vi.
  • (心臓などが)動機を打つ、ドキンドキンと打つ、(頭・傷口が)ずきんずきんする。(脈拍が)正常に脈打つ。律動的に振動する。興奮してふるえる、ぞくぞくする
  • n.
  • 動悸、(激しい)鼓動。震動。震え、興奮、感動、うずき

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「pulsate or pound with abnormal force; "my head is throbbing"; "Her heart was throbbing"」

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「a deep pulsating type of pain」

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「an instance of rapid strong pulsation (of the heart); "he felt a throbbing in his head"」
throbbing, pounding

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「〈心臓が〉『動悸を打つ』,どきどきする;〈傷などが〉『ずきんずきんする』 / (一定のリズムで)反響する,響く / 動悸 / 響く音,鼓動する音」

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  • … This phenomenon is called wind-throb. … We tried to prevention of wind-throb by using of a baffle plate. … Accordingly, in this study the baffle plate prevents from occurring wind-throb. …
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  • … As the results, the device was able to present a haptic sense using "Touch Blend" except to present the sense (rough, cling, texture, cold, prick and throb etc.) of touch information. …
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  • … This phenomenon is called wind-throb. … Accordingly, in this study the wind deflector has a good effect of suppression on wind-throb. …
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Created by Fredi Towbin. With Diana Canova, Jonathan Prince, Jane Leeves, Maryedith Burrell. Genial sitcom about a young record company exec and his attempts to discover new talent, while scouting his own "talent".
Throb is an American television sitcom broadcast in syndication from 1986 to 1988, created by Fredi Towbin. It revolved around thirty-something divorcee Sandy Beatty (Diana Canova) who gets a job at a small New Wave record label, Throb.


Robert Pattinson heart thRobThrobThrob ThrobIllamasqua Throb Collection Nail Varnish Signature Nail ColorThrob by IllamasquaCopyright 2011, All rights reserved. Throb (Valentine’s Day 2011) is a cool




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「an object of infatuation」

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「(心臓の)鼓動 / 情熱,激情 / 《俗》女の胸をときめかせる男」



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「a loose-fitting robe of towelling; worn after a bath or swim」

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