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fused cellgiant cellmultinucleated giant cellpolykaryocytesyncytiasyncytial

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「a mass of cytoplasm containing several nuclei and enclosed in a membrane but no internal cell boundaries (as in muscle fibers)」

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  • Effect of cytochrome c on the phase behavior of charged multicomponent lipid membranes.
  • Pataraia S1, Liu Y2, Lipowsky R1, Dimova R3.
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  • We studied the effect of submicromolar concentrations of cytochrome c (cyt c) on the phase behavior of ternary lipid membranes composed of charged dioleoylphosphatidylglycerol, egg sphingomyelin and cholesterol. The protein was found to induce micron-sized domains in membranes belonging to the singl
  • PMID 24780376
  • Osteoclast resorption of beta-tricalcium phosphate controlled by surface architecture.
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  • A resorbable bone graft substitute should mimic native bone in its capacity to support bone formation and be remodeled by osteoclasts (OCl) or other multinucleated cells such as foreign body giant cells (FBGC). We hypothesize that by changing the scale of surface architecture of beta-tricalcium phos
  • PMID 24927681
  • Macrophage polarization in response to ECM coated polypropylene mesh.
  • Wolf MT1, Dearth CL2, Ranallo CA3, LoPresti ST3, Carey LE3, Daly KA2, Brown BN3, Badylak SF4.
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  • The host response to implanted biomaterials is a highly regulated process that influences device functionality and clinical outcome. Non-degradable biomaterials, such as knitted polypropylene mesh, frequently elicit a chronic foreign body reaction with resultant fibrosis. Previous studies have shown
  • PMID 24856104
  • Tumor targeting by pH-sensitive, biodegradable, cross-linked N-(2-hydroxypropyl) methacrylamide copolymer micelles.
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  • Increasing the molecular weight of N-(2-hydroxypropyl) methacrylamide (HPMA) copolymers by using micellar structures could result in more pronounced enhanced permeability and retention effect, thus increase the tumor accumulation of drug. However, most micellar formulations are relatively unstable a
  • PMID 24814427


  • Tamiflu-Resistant but HA-Mediated Cell-to-Cell Transmission through Apical Membranes of Cell-Associated Influenza Viruses
  • Mori Kotaro,Haruyama Takahiro,Nagata Kyosuke,永田 恭介
  • PLoS ONE 6(11), e28178-1, 2011-11
  • … There are two pathways for viral infection to “right next door”: one is the virus transmission through cell-cell fusion by forming syncytium without production of progeny virions, and the other is mediated by virions without virus diffusion, generally designated cell-to-cell transmission. …
  • NAID 120003796953
  • A single amino acid mutation at position 170 of human parainfluenza virus type 1 fusion glycoprotein induces obvious syncytium formation and caspase-3-dependent cell death
  • Takaguchi Masahiro,Takahashi Tadanobu,Hosokawa Chika [他]
  • Journal of Biochemistry 149(2), 191-202, 2011-02
  • NAID 40017664429
  • 長期生存を得たgranulocyte-colony stimulating factor産生食道癌肉腫の1手術例
  • 伊藤 浩明,原田 明生,出口 智宙,小西 滋,末岡 智,園原 史訓,吉田 弥生,宮嶋 則行,多代 充
  • 日本消化器外科学会雑誌 43(9), 900-905, 2010-09-01
  • 症例は70歳の男性で,嚥下時のつかえ感にて近医を受診し,胸部下部食道に1型腫瘍を認めて入院したが,38度以上の発熱が続き,当院に転院した.血液検査では白血球が18,100/mm^3,CRPが22.64mg/dlと高値を示した.転院後も39度以上の発熱が毎日続き,白血球20,500/mm^3,CRP25.09mg/dlと高値が持続した.血中G-CSFが64pg/ml(正常値18pg/ml以下)と高値 …
  • NAID 110007701019


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世界大百科事典 第2版 syncytiumの用語解説 - 隣接する2個以上の細胞において,接する部分の細胞膜が消失し,多核化した細胞の生ずることをいう。生じた多核細胞は,シンシチウムsyncytiumと呼ばれる。2核の細胞については,単に二核 ...



リンク元syncytia」「合胞体」「polykaryocyte」「多核巨細胞」「multinucleated giant cell



hybrid cell, fused cells
ハイブリドーマ hybridoma cell




fused cellgiant cellmultinucleated giant cellpolykaryocytesyncytialsyncytium



シンシチウム融合細胞、多核合胞体 multinucleated syncytium、多核巨細胞



giant cellmultinucleate cellmultinucleated cellmultinucleated giant cellpolykaryonsyncytiasyncytium



multinucleated giant cell
多核合胞体 syncytium、多核合胞体 multinucleated syncytium

multinucleated giant cell」


giant cellpolykaryocytesyncytiasyncytium