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  • adj.
  • 交感神経興奮性の
  • n.
  • 交感神経興奮剤、交感神経作動薬

sympathomimetic agentsympathomimetic aminesympathomimetic drug

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  • Ketamine in adult cardiac surgery and the cardiac surgery Intensive Care Unit: An evidence-based clinical review.
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  • Annals of cardiac anaesthesia.Ann Card Anaesth.2015 Apr-Jun;18(2):202-9. doi: 10.4103/0971-9784.154478.
  • Ketamine is a unique anesthetic drug that provides analgesia, hypnosis, and amnesia with minimal respiratory and cardiovascular depression. Because of its sympathomimetic properties it would seem to be an excellent choice for patients with depressed ventricular function in cardiac surgery. However,
  • PMID 25849690
  • Assessment of potential cardiovascular risks of methylphenidate in comparison with sibutramine: do we need a SCOUT (trial)?
  • Antel J1, Albayrak Ö, Heusch G, Banaschewski T, Hebebrand J.
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  • With the recent approval of methylphenidate (MPH) for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults, the number of patients exposed will increase tremendously. The ongoing debate on the cardiovascular safety of MPH has triggered two large retrospective cohort studies in children
  • PMID 25149468
  • Improving the functionality of intra-operative nerve monitoring during thyroid surgery: is lidocaine an option?
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  • Intra-operative nerve monitoring (IONM) is rapidly becoming a standard of care in many institutions across the country. In the absence of neuromuscular blocking agents to facilitate the IONM, the depth of anesthesia required to abolish the laryngo tracheal reflexes often results in profound hemodyna
  • PMID 25699129


  • 症例検討カンファレンス形式の静脈麻酔教育
  • 肥満と薬物療法
  • 高機能患者シミュレータの薬学教育への応用:-交感神経作動薬による循環器系バイタルサインの変動-




リンク元交感神経作動薬」「sympathomimetic agent」「sympathomimetic amine
拡張検索intrinsic sympathomimetic action」「indirect parasympathomimetics」「indirectly acting sympathomimetics」「directly acting parasympathomimetic agent」「parasympathomimetic agents



  • adj.
  • relating to, constituting, or habitually practising mimesis
  • 模倣の。(動)擬態の。(医)模擬の、疑似の

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「exhibiting mimicry; "mimetic coloring of a butterfly"; "the mimetic tendency of infancy"- R.W.Hamilton」

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「模倣の,まねをする / 見せかけの,模擬の」

WordNet   license wordnet

「characterized by or of the nature of or using mimesis; "a mimetic dance"; "the mimetic presentation of images"」



sympathomimetic agent, sympathomimetic drug, sympathomimetic
交感神経刺激薬交感神経興奮薬、交感神経様作用薬、交感神経刺激薬 sympathetic stimulant、アドレナリン様作用薬 adrenomimeticアドレナリン作用薬 adrenergic agents

sympathomimetic agent」


sympathomimeticsympathomimetic aminesympathomimetic drug

sympathomimetic amine」


sympathomimeticsympathomimetic agentsympathomimetic drug

intrinsic sympathomimetic action」

  [★] 内因性交感神経刺激作用 ISA

indirect parasympathomimetics」

  [★] 副交感神経間接作動薬

indirectly acting sympathomimetics」

  [★] 交感神経間接作動薬

directly acting parasympathomimetic agent」

  [★] 交感神経直接作動薬

parasympathomimetic agents」

  [★] 副交感神経作動薬