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  • Aerobic exercise training increases nitrergic innervation function and decreases sympathetic innervation function in mesenteric artery from rats fed a high-fat diet.
  • Sastre E1, Caracuel L, Balfagón G, Blanco-Rivero J.
  • Journal of hypertension.J Hypertens.2015 Sep;33(9):1819-30. doi: 10.1097/HJH.0000000000000627.
  • INTRODUCTION: We investigated whether high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity was associated with modifications in mesenteric innervation function, the mechanisms involved, and the possible effects of aerobic exercise training on these changes.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Male Wistar rats were divided into th
  • PMID 26103124
  • Potentiation of temozolomide antitumor effect by purine receptor ligands able to restrain the in vitro growth of human glioblastoma stem cells.
  • D'Alimonte I1, Nargi E, Zuccarini M, Lanuti P, Di Iorio P, Giuliani P, Ricci-Vitiani L, Pallini R, Caciagli F, Ciccarelli R.
  • Purinergic signalling.Purinergic Signal.2015 Sep;11(3):331-346. Epub 2015 May 15.
  • Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most common and aggressive brain tumor in humans, comprises a population of stem-like cells (GSCs) that are currently investigated as potential target for GBM therapy. Here, we used GSCs isolated from three different GBM surgical specimens to examine the antitumor
  • PMID 25976165
  • Suppressing RNA silencing with small molecules and the viral suppressor of RNA silencing protein p19.
  • Danielson DC1, Filip R2, Powdrill MH2, O'Hara S3, Pezacki JP4.
  • Biochemical and biophysical research communications.Biochem Biophys Res Commun.2015 Aug 7;463(4):1135-40. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2015.06.071. Epub 2015 Jun 14.
  • RNA silencing is a gene regulatory and host defense mechanism whereby small RNA molecules are engaged by Argonaute (AGO) proteins, which facilitate gene knockdown of complementary mRNA targets. Small molecule inhibitors of AGO represent a convenient method for reversing this effect and have applicat
  • PMID 26079891


  • Transforming Growth Factor β1 Alters Calcium Mobilizing Properties and Endogenous ATP Release in A549 Cells: Possible Implications for Cell Migration
  • Miki Kenji,Tanaka Hiromitsu,Nagai Yoko,Kimura Chiwaka,Oike Masahiro
  • Journal of Pharmacological Sciences advpub(0), 1007220420, 2010
  • … ATPγS-induced migration of TGFβ1-treated A549 cells was reversed by the P2 antagonist suramin. …
  • NAID 130000301216
  • Modulation of the activity of two pacemakers by transmural nerve stimulation in circular smooth muscle preparations isolated from the rat proximal colon
  • KATO Takashi,NAKAMURA Eri,IMAEDA Kenro,SUZUKI Hikaru
  • Journal of smooth muscle research = 日本平滑筋学会機関誌 45(6), 249-268, 2009-12-01
  • … The former were not antagonized by apamin, guanethidine or suramin, while the latter were antagonized by capsaicin, suggesting an innervation by non-adrenergic non-cholinergic non-nitrergic (NANCNN) inhibitory and peptidergic excitatory nerves, respectively. …
  • NAID 10025993957


Suramin is a drug developed by Oskar Dressel and Richard Kothe of Bayer, Germany in 1916, and is still sold by Bayer ... Suramin contains 8 benzene rings, 4 of which are fused in pairs (naphthalene), 4 amide groups in addition to the one of ...
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Suramin - brand name list from Drugs.comSuramin Sodium CAS# 145-63-1, 129-46-4 API File:Suramin.pngSuraminSuramin, a well-known inhibitor of Suramin (Cytokines & Cells Encyclopedia

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anthelmintic, anthelmintics

antiplatyhelmintic agents Antitrematodals
binds tubulin benzimidazole (Triclabendazole#)
acetylcholinesterase inhibitor phosphonic acid (metrifonate)
Other/unknown quinoline (praziquantel#, oxamniquine#) · phenol (bithionol) · thiazole ([[niridazole]) · arylsulfonate (stibophen)
binds tubulin benzimidazole (albendazole#)
Other/unknown salicylanilide (niclosamide)# · aminoacridine (quinacrine) · butyrophenone (desaspidin) · chlorophenol (dichlorophen)
antinematodal agents
binds tubulin benzimidazole (mebendazole#, thiabendazole, albendazole#, fenbendazole, ciclobendazole, flubendazole)
chloride channel macrolide (ivermectin#)
NMDA tetrahydropyrimidine (pyrantel#, pyrantel pamoate, oxantel)
Other/unknown piperazine (piperazine · diethylcarbamazine#) · thiazole (levamisole#) · quinolinium (pyrvinium) · benzylammonium (bephenium) · naphthalenesulfonate (suramin#)  · tribendimidine




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