prednisolone farnesylate

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prednisoloneprednisolone acetateprednisolone sodium phosphateprednisolone sodium succinateprednisolone succinateprednisolone tebutateprednisolone valerate acetate

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  • Treatment of the chronic inflammation in peripheral target tissue improves the crushed nerve recovery in the rat: histopathological assessment of the nerve recovery.
  • Kato N1, Nemoto K, Arino H, Fujikawa K.
  • Journal of the neurological sciences.J Neurol Sci.2002 Oct 15;202(1-2):69-74.
  • An experimental study was performed to investigate the influence of subsidence of chronic inflammation in peripheral target tissue on the recovery of crushed nerve. Seventy-eight male Wistar rats weighing 300-370 g were used. The sciatic nerve was operatively crushed unilaterally with an aneurysm cl
  • PMID 12220695
  • Diffusion and metabolism of prednisolone farnesylate in viable skin of the hairless mouse.
  • Tojo K1, Yamada K, Hikima T.
  • Pharmaceutical research.Pharm Res.1994 Mar;11(3):393-7.
  • The diffusion and metabolism of prednisolone 21-farnesylate were investigated in viable skin of the hairless mouse in vitro. The prodrug ester was extensively metabolized in viable skin, while it was stable in the donor and receptor solutions. The rate of appearance of the prodrug and its metabolite
  • PMID 8008705
  • [A 52-week dermal toxicity study of prednisolone farnesylate (PNF) gel in rats with a recovery period of 8 weeks].
  • Okazaki S1, Nishimura S, Tamura K, Aikawa T, Hatayama K, Tanaka H, Tanaka G.
  • The Journal of toxicological sciences.J Toxicol Sci.1992 Nov;17 Suppl 3:91-122.
  • The toxicity of Prednisolone farnesylate (PNF) gel, a synthetic glucocorticoid, was investigated in the Sprague-Dawley rat. PNF gel was administered dermally to the rats at doses of 0.125, 0.5 and 2.0 mg/kg/day for 52 weeks, then the drug was withdrawn for 8 weeks to evaluate the reversibility. The
  • PMID 1293331


  • 内山 秀盛,田中 達徳,上原 信行,中村 優,辻 正義,四宮 充普,田中 英嗣
  • The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 17(Supplement III), 283-312, 1992-11-30
  • PNFゲルの安全性評価の一環としてウサギを用いて皮膚一次刺激性試験, 皮膚累積刺激性試験(Trypan blue test)および眼粘膜一次刺激性試験, モルモットを用いて光毒性試験, 皮膚感作性試験および光感作性試験を行い, 以下のような結果を得た。1. 皮膚一次刺激性試験および皮膚累積刺激性試験(Trypan blue test)では,0.8および1.6% PNFゲルに弱い刺激性が認められた。 …
  • NAID 110001805173
  • 大塚 雅則,安心院 祥三,梶原 美次,小椋 正造,柿本 敬次郎,稲井 恒彦,田中 英嗣,大内田 昭信
  • The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 17(Supplement III), 269-281, 1992-11-30
  • Prednisolone farnesylate (PNF) was tested for mutagenicity by Ames test using Salmonella typhimurium (TAl00, TA1535, TA98, TA1537) and Escherichia coli (WP2 uvrA), for clastogenic activity in vitro by the chromosomal aberration test in a Chinese hamster fibroblast cell line (CHL), and for induction of micronuclei by the micronucleus test in male ICR mice. …
  • NAID 110001805172
  • PREDNISOLONE FARNESYLATE (PNF)の生殖・発生毒性試験(第4報) : ラット皮下投与による周産期および授乳期投与試験
  • 谷口 英巳,荒木 栄喜,永井 元弘,真崎 克典,溝口 重光,中村 優,辻 正義,田中 英嗣,四宮 充普
  • The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 17(Supplement III), 251-267, 1992-11-30
  • PNFの0.05, 0.5および5 mg/kgをCrj: CD (SD)系ラットの周産期および授乳期に皮下投与し, 母獣ならびに出生児の成長・発達および生殖能力に及ぼす影響について検討し, 以下の結果を得た。1. 母獣(F_0)では, 0.5mg/kg以上の投与群で体重増加の抑制, 胸腺の萎縮, PNFの投与部への貯留を示唆する所見が認められた。しかし, いずれの投与群とも一般状態および摂餌量に異 …
  • NAID 110001805171




先読みprednisolone acetate
リンク元prednisolone sodium succinate」「prednisolone succinate」「ファルネシル酸プレドニゾロン

prednisolone acetate」

  [★] 酢酸プレドニゾロン

prednisolone sodium succinate」


predateprednisoloneprednisolone acetateprednisolone farnesylateprednisolone sodium phosphateprednisolone succinateprednisolone tebutateprednisolone valerate acetate

prednisolone succinate」


prednisoloneprednisolone acetateprednisolone farnesylateprednisolone sodium phosphateprednisolone sodium succinateprednisolone tebutateprednisolone valerate acetate



prednisolone farnesylate


  [★] プレドニゾロン

WordNet   license wordnet

「a glucocorticoid (trade names Pediapred or Prelone) used to treat inflammatory conditions」
Pediapred, Prelone



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